Success Stories

Sofie and Lucky Larry

Larry is very stinkin' cute!

Sofie is a beautiful pointer!

The Kelly family adopted Sofie first. Sofie was surrendered to an animal shelter when she was no longer any use for hunting or for breeding. She is one of the sweetest pointers we have known. After some time, the Kelly's started fostering little Lucky Larry. They quickly fell in love with him and decided they could not part with him. In addition to Sofie and Larry, they Kelly's also have Mazy, a lovely mix breed they rescued years ago! Here are a few words from their mom when they decided to adopt Larry:

"Larry is fitting in wonderfully! He is so great for Mazy and Sofie. Mazy gets to run around until she can't and Sofie has shown us a new side of her. I've never seen her become aggressive before, but when she's on my lap, she will not allow Larry to come near. She has actually snapped at him. He, of course, is smart enough to steer clear when she is in control. Then later on she'll get playful with him and play mouth and he'll jump up at her and they'll run and frolic for quite awhile. He has only had two accidents in the house. I've been working part-time and am out of the house for no longer than 5 hours at a time. He seems to do well while I'm away. There's been a little couch chewing, but nothing that hasn't been corrected. He's very smart. He also got the doggie door figured out. He loves our neighbors' dogs. They play through the fence with him and Mazy. Sofie is just not interested in the neighbors' dogs. There are toys everywhere. It reminds me of when the kids were little. He does well with good and his sisters. No aggression. I've given him a chew and petted him at the same time. No problem what so ever. He wasn't eating much at first, but now is eating a bit more. I'm sure as he gets more comfortable, he'll get an appetite. Patrick and I and the kids just adore Larry!"

Sofie and Larry enjoying their usual morning rest after sleeping all night.

Mazy & sofie relax by the back door.

Cuddling up together. Best friends.