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Our dedicated volunteers have been busy blogging about their dogs. Please check in on your favorite IBR dog to see what they are up to!


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Annie - This english setter girl is full of life!

Kirby is Kewl - fun loving German Shorthair Pointer /English Pointer.

Serafina the Ballerina - Boat Mountain Survivor!

Olina - Olina means JOYOUS in Hawaiian

Summer - Our Senior Pointer Girl

Hopkins - A lovely Pointer!

Reece - A pointer with lots of GO!

Sir Dutch - A noble pointer!

Dudley - He's a bud!

Wills Jr - a beautiful Tri-color Setter

Frannie - laid back and affectionate

Scarborough - our three-legged Setter

Mabel - Sweet, sweet English Setter

Humphrey - a darling English Setter boy

Maizy - a cute birddog/herding dog blend!

caleigh - adorable English Setter!

Mazie, An "Amazing Grace" - our special needs English Setter.

Willow - Tri-color English Setter

Hattie - Cattle dog/Jack Russell mix.

Gimli, aka Jesse James - Boat Mountain Survivor.

Susie Q - English Setter.

Sweet Adeline - English Setter momma and her pups.

Ella, formerly Gladys - Boat Mountain Survivor.

Hannah Bannah - Spunky English Setter

Lucia - a lovely senior English Pointer

Miggse - a lovely tricolor English Setter

Inez - Boat Mountain Survivor

Zsa Zsa - Spunky English Setter

Casper - Boat Mountain Survivor

Lexi - Boat Mountain Survivor

Daphne - Our first Deaf Pointer Puppy

Maxie - Boat Mountain Survivor

Agnes of God - Boat Mountain Survivor

Mike and Patty - Two lovely English Setters

Libby - living the good life

N'Nameh - English Pointer

Lord Paxton - a distinguished senior setter

Tina Fabulous - English Pointer

Pete - A nice pointer boy

Louis - Boat Mountain survivor

Mallory - Beautiful Setter

Ashley - Boat Mountain Survivor and her pups!

Maxisaurus - A fun, fun pointer boy!

Carmen - Mutts Rule!

Peaches - Living the good life!

Fala - Also living the good life!

Socrates - Honorary IBR Weimie

Apple Cinnamon - Adorable little pointer girl

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Linus - Boat Mountain Survivor

Doreen - Boat Mountain Survivor!

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