Success Stories

Butch Cassidy

Here is an update from Butch's mom:

"Butch is a trip!! He had no trouble making himself at home. He is leader of the pack for sure. Bailey and Butch get along great though. They love to play in the backyard, on the bed, in the living name it. Butchy has also picked up a lot of Bailey's bad habits, like counter cruising, but we still love him. You were right that he thinks he's starving ALL the time. I think he would eat 24/7. He also doesn't really care to take baths, which I thought he would actually enjoy? We haven't really worked on any agility or bird training. We take him for daily walks, but I truly believe he enjoys the life of a family pet! Since we got snow yesterday, he barely wants to go outside! So I just wanted to let you know how much we love him and how spoiled rotten he is.......Butch and Bailey got more Christmas presents than Justin and I :o)

Enjoy the pictures,


Butch and his mom, Melissa

Butch and his doggie brother, Bailey