Remembering The Ones We've Lost


Danny was the poster child for Illinois Birddog Rescue. His story reminds us of why we love these dogs and why we give so much of ourselves to do rescue work.

Ann and Dan were brought into our rescue when they were approximately 6 months old. It was obvious they had suffered a lot in their young lives. They were yellow in color from lying in their own urine. Their toenails were so long that they had started to curl underneath their feet. But, by far the biggest problem was that they were undersocialized and absolutely petrified of people. When they were approached, they either froze into stone or retreated as fast as they could. Even trying to get them to go outside to potty was a huge ordeal as they would not follow us around. They spent the first week in foster care being pulled out from underneath the sofa and carried outside. Eventually with tremendous amount of patience (and a lot of coaxing with string cheese), they started to come around and trust us. Danny was much braver than his sister. Within 2-3 weeks he was beginning to behave like a normal well socialized dog. By far, our proudest moments were when he would jump up onto the co uch and snuggle with us. He was finally trusting people and wanting their companionship!

Danny, with his sister Ann, before they were brought into our rescue.

Once Ann and Dan became more confident, we decided to evaluate their hunting instincts. We do this by hiding planted pigeons in releasers and allow the dogs to point them by scent alone. Danny was absolutely awesome! He stiffened right up on point when he encountered the scent of that first pigeon! He was growing up into a handsome boy and he looked absolutely stunning on point!

Danny was such a special boy, we waited months to find him the perfect home. And, it was worth the wait. Jenni and Nick had already adopted a pointer named Buster from our organization. Buster, while he is a fabulous dog and the beloved first "child" of Jenni and Nick, he was not the hunting companion that Nick longed for. So, we introduced them to Danny. It was love at first sight. Buster and Danny bonded quickly. Jenni and Nick worked on fine tuning Danny's hunting skills. By early spring Danny was competing in hunt tests and earning his credits toward his junior hunter title. It was the perfect home for our once scared little Danny!

Danny and Jenni, pictured on the right, showing off their hunt test accomplishments!

We were thrilled that Danny was finally able to be loved and to love a family in return. He had a very rough start to life, but thanks to Jenni and Nick, he was able to experience all the joys of life a pointer is entitled to.

Danny's unfortunate and untimely death was felt by all of us at IBR. We miss him dearly. But, we take comfort in knowing that his life was a happy one!

Danny being tackled by Ann as they wrestle on the couch.

In true pointer style, here is handsome Danny lounging on the couch.

Danny with his adopted brother Buster hanging out in the car.

Two handsome boys!

One happy family!