Success Stories

Uncle Bud - ADOPTED!!!

Poor old Uncle Bud...His owner passed away and his family didn't want to keep him anymore and decided to have him put to sleep. Thankfully the good hearted Vet was unable to do it as he is such a handsome and personable dog. We were told Bud is 9 years old- although he has no greying around his face and he has good energy. Bud is a pure bred Liver and White Field English Pointer. He was probably not socialized enough in his life and would prefer to be an only dog- although he is doing GREAT with his new foster brothers and sisters- and they all run around the yard hunting for squirrels and tweetie birds together. He is unsure around new dogs but would adjust to a new home with other dogs who are well socialized and friendly. Recently we tested Uncle Bud on birds and not only did he POINT but he was not even the least bit gun-shy. He was probably his old owners hunting buddy. Bud is very comfortable in his crate, and we are working on his house-breaking. Bud loves to ride in the passenger seat of a car. He also REALLY enjoys to be petted all over especially around his ears and head. He is very good with children.

Here is an update from his foster mom: "Love Uncle Bud he continues to dazzle me!! He got to go to the BIG 65 acre fenced in dog park and run with the rest of my Pointsettier crew. He had a GREAT time and ignored all the other dogs there and hunted his heart out. He even came when he was called. I may just get an AKC limited registry and enter him into a few Hunt tests this fall if he is not adopted. What a GOOD BOY!!

Bud is NOT a senior by any means and outruns my 6 year old Pointer when given the opportunity to exercise in the yard. He is quite the character and has started to show his true personality- and a good word to describe Uncle Bud is he's a GOOFBALL!! He can be VERY SILLY and will play bow at me. He is quite comfortable with all my dogs now and my smallest most obnoxious dog will bark and jump on his head when they all run outside.

Bud also LOVES squeaky toys and was running around the yard with an old blanket the other day. He also decided it would be fun to shred the fluff from the comforter in his cage today. He does not get much snuggling time in the house due to him wanting to chase the cats- but he is really doing well. Uncle Bud will make a great pet for someone who still wants to have an active dog as a companion. Bud will need a safe fenced in yard- NO EXCEPTIONS!!! He has way too much fun pointing tweeties and chasing squirrels.