Success Stories


Bugsy is a very handsome Lemon and White Field English Pointer we pulled from the Joliet area. He was a stray due to be euthanized until some kind folks got a hold of him.

He is currently in foster care with a Vizsla and a GSP. Here is a quick note from his foster Mom: "I picked up the handsome little lemon head this morning!! I'm tempted to call him Braveheart b/c if this dog could talk, the first words out of his mouth as he got off leash in the yard would have been an explosive "FREEDOM!!"

Anyway, he's doing great. Bathtime happened as soon as we got home and he really is a beauty such a gorgeous guy! What a fun, bouncy dog and a happy snuggler. More updates as we get to know him a little more. :0)"

Bugsy's latest update 09/01/04: "Mr. Bugsy keeps us laughing and laughing with his hilarious puppy moves. His most famous move so far is running in complete circles over and over as soon as there is a hint of breakfast or dinner in the make! Bugsy is enjoying his yard and bird-chasing freedom like no other. He is keeping his older foster brothers, ( A Vizsla and GSP ), in shape by chasing them in complete laps around the yard while they take the short cuts through the middle--he still hasn't caught on to the fact that they're cheating!! :0) He makes up for their sneakiness by stealing their bones when they look away for only a second. A completely funny dog!! He always has been very affectionate with us humans, and it seems like he gives more and more doggy kisses each day. He really is a little love muffin!

Bugsy has learned to sit and stay, especially if he knows there are treats to be worked for. He's doing great on housebreaking and crate training, and he's great with anyone who steps foot in the house. This little guy just seems to be happy with life, especially as it involves chasing lots of birdies!"