Success Stories


Dawny is a beautiful 3 to 4 year old English Setter that is deaf. She is a very sweet and gentle dog. She enjoys having her head and belly rubbed. She runs for hours in the fenced in backyard chasing rabbits, squirrels, birds and even a few shadows here and there. After one of her good runs in the backyard she will wait patiently at the door to come in and will crawl up on her bed or the couch and take a snooze until it is time to run again. She also likes to chase cats- so no kitties please...The forever home MUST have a safe fenced in backyard for her to run in. Setter experience would be a plus.

UPDATE 01-15-05 Dawny was recently moved to a new amazing foster home and here is their report: " Dawny is doing well and has calmed down a lot. We slept on the couch together last night for about 1 1/2 hours and tonight she took over the love-seat. We walk her on a long lead at night when we can't wait hours for her to come back in, but let her run to her heart's content in the day time. We're doing reiki, an energy channeling, and it has the same calming effect on her as it does on our other two inside dogs. She sleeps more and appears very peaceful doing so. We're learning sign language for her and teaching her as well as our other two inside dogs. We're just using signals for come, no, and good, and keeping it simple for her as well as ourselves.

Dawny's responding well to my husband and he's learning to spend more time with her, so its been good for both of them. Yes, she still follows me a little more, but we expect that to even out :)"

Dawny was treated in October for a mild case of heartworm. This is a completely curable condition if caught early- and the dogs go on to live normal happy lives. Dawny is doing great now. The average cost to treat a Heartworm Positive dog can run from $200 to $400. Many rescues won't help a Heartworm positive dog due to the cost, and many shelters euthanize these dogs immediately once the parasite has been determined. Illinois Birddog Rescue will not turn away sick or injured animals- but our emergency funds have been depleated with all of the Heartworm treated dogs we have been bringing into the Rescue. Please click the button below to make a donation to our group, Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc.