Our Featured Pet

Estelle - ADOPTED

Estelle is a pure bred Liver and White American Field English Pointer. She is a petite little girl weighing under 40lbs. Estelle was found running along the road with an injured front leg and was almost put to sleep for lack of room at the Animal Control she was in.

Since in foster care, Estelle is HILARIOUS!! She is the happiest Pointer and was dancing and play-bowing with every new dog she met. She is under weight and needs to gain at least 5-10 lbs. Estelle has just a sparkling personality and would make a fantastic family pet. She already knows how to make herself comfortable on the couch :O) She is also cage trained. We are so happy to have her as part of our rescue.

Estelle foster Mom writes: "Estelle's canine foster siblings are teaching her to be housebroken. She is also learning to sleep throughout the night in her crate. She is very playful and loveable. Her two favorite things are to play with her foster sibs and cuddle on the couch with her foster mom. She likes to eat and is slowly gaining the weight she needs to be healthy."

Estelle will need a safe fenced in yard and another dog buddy to play with would also be very nice.

Estelle attended the Chicagoland Family Pet Show in March. To see more of Estelle, check out the pet show pictures.