Success Stories


Nikki is a pure bred Orange and White Field English Pointer and our new featured pet.

UPDATE 02-04-05 from her foster mom: "I know Nikki has a huge Petfinder description already, but I just have to tell you about her recent trips to our local dog park. (just in case someone is interested in her) :) Pat took her this weekend and she stayed pretty close to him and was a little unsure of herself at first. Then, her curiosity got the better of her and she started meeting and playing with other dogs. We took her tonight and she had a blast. Everyone was talking about what an adorable, fun girl she is. She ran around at full speed and played with a bunch of different dogs and would go up to groups of people to be admired. Her tail was wagging the whole time (as opposed to in between her legs the first time she was there). We'll continue taking her there-- it's really helping build her confidence and lets her blow off some nervous energy in the process. She is really blossoming and will make someone a really good pet!"

UPDATE 01-20-05 from Nikki's new foster family: Nikki has been in her new foster home for almost a week and already we're seeing a more of her playful, sweet personality every day! She took the first several days to get acclimated to a new house, new people, and new pets. Although very sweet, she was very timid and unsure of herself. She spent a lot of time in our bedroom, and would rarely venture out without encouragement from us. Then, she began to realize that she likes hanging out where the people are and has become MUCH more confident. In the just the past 2 evenings, she is noticably more sociable, and her tail is wagging non-stop. She is very playful and funny but also quiet and easy in the house. She loves--and I mean loves--to snuggle up with you on the couch.

Nikki gets along great with our adopted Pointer, Deputy , and our two cats. She has met several friends of ours and she is is initally apprehensive, but eventually loves all the attention and petting that people give her! As far as her issue with men go, she seems to have gotten over it. She and my husband hang out on the couch together all the time. She will lay on his lap when we're watching TV, and when it's time for bed, she'll sleep right next to him with no problem. I do think she would love to have a younger dog to play with."

UPDATE 1-03-05 From Nikki's foster Mom: " Nikki is enjoying her new life in the new year! She is getting much bolder in the house and can now walk on the wood floor and wag her tail at the same time :)

I took her out running with my girls and a couple of friends over the weekend. The first day she was a little afraid of my friends, but the second day she seemed completely comfortable with them. The dogs ran for nearly two hours at Argonne National Laboratory on Saturday, and she went to sleep in the back seat as soon as we got in the car.

I had a couple of friends over on New Years Eve, and again, she was a bit timid at first, but as soon as she figures out that you are going to pet her, you are in! She LOVES to cuddle on the couch and in bed. She gets along great with Lucy, Aimae and Hayley."

Nikki was just pulled from the Yorkville pound where she was dumped with her brother- Joey- who was adopted. She is a pure bred Orange and White Field English Pointer. She is very timid- was most likely just used for breeding and probably spent her whole life in an outdoor kennel with not much attention or socialization. Her new foster Mom is giving her lots of TLC and she writes, "Nikki is doing GREAT!!! I think she is afraid of the wood floors, but she is definitely not afraid of me. In fact, she is one of the sweetest, cuddliest dogs I have ever met. She cuddled on the couch with Lucy, ( Pointer ), Aimae, ( Setter ),Hayley , ( Kitten ), and me last night, and slept in bed. She jumped around the bed like a nut playing with a treat that I gave her this morning. She also had her first hiking advernture and stayed close to my dogs and had a wonderful time.

She will also need a safe fenced in yard.