Success Stories


Odin was scheduled for euthanasia at a dog pound in Ohio that was getting full. Odin is about 1-2 years old and was dumped there by his old owner. He has a cataract in his left eye due to some sort of trauma in his past- so he is blind in one eye. We at Illinois Birddog Rescue do not turn down pure bred dogs due to handi-caps or physical injuries- as a matter of fact is seems to be our specialty.

Odin is a pure bred Liver and White Field English Pointer. His current foster Mom- and adopter of Alex another gorgeous Field bred Pointer sent us this report on Odie: "Odin has the sweetest temperament and a curious, spirited, friendly outlook on life. Odie is a big sweetheart who has yet to be unsure of any situation. He seems to be a dog without a lot of issues. He is easily crated when we go to work each morning and has been accident free in the house. His worst vice so far seems to be a craving for socks!

Odin is naturally cuddly. Every evening at around 7ish, Odin finds his spot on the couch: usually with his head in your lap. It doesn’t matter if another dog might already have that spot, Odin squeezes his way in! Odin would be the perfect companion for someone who is active. Odin loves a run at the dog park, with or without a canine companion. He adores walks and when we walk on the leash, he hardly pulls at all. He seems highly trainable as he is very food motivated.

Odin is a “joiner.” Odie is always interested in what is going on and doesn’t want to miss one minute of the action…..”Going into the basement; me too!” He spent all of yesterday helping Ben fix the fence, trotting in and out of the garage, sticking his nose here and there. Odin is probably the gentlest “big” dog I have ever met. Despite his size and his puppy-like playfulness, Odin has a natural grace and gentleness. Sure, sometimes he is cloddy, but even when he is misbehaving, like jumping up to greet you, he is careful. The only time he gets rough is when he is wrestling with his buddies.

Odin still has things to learn: how not to jump hysterically for joy at dinner time, how not to use the couch as a launching pad, but he is a real sweetheart and deserves a wonderful home."

Odin will need a safe fenced in yard- no exceptions. This is a great pup and we are hopeful we can find him his forever family who will not mind a partially blind dog :O)