Success Stories


Rugby is anxious to find his forever home!

Here is what we have determined in our months with Rugby. We think he was a kennel dog at one time. Normal household noises, walking on linoleum, etc made him nervous. He still has some memories of something in his head, every now and then some noise or action will make him leave the room. We believe he was hunted, and think he enjoyed it a bunch...the sounds of a gunshot will get his nose quivering and his ears perk right up.

He has adapted wonderfully to being in the house. He is house trained, and calm in the house. We crated him at first, but now when we leave he gets the run of our family room, and does just fine - mostly sleeping on the couch! He walks well on a leash, and hasn't shown any inclination to jump or climb our fence- which he did do the first week we had him.

His favorite spot is to be on the couch sitting next to us...he loves to be rubbed, but is just as happy being close. At night he sleeps next to us on the dog bed...only wanting to be on the bed with us in the morning, when everyone is waking up. He has been great with other dogs, my own vizsla, and two foster vizslas, and my new pointer puppy. He isn't so fond of cats. He is good with kids- mine are 4, 7, and 10- and removes himself off to his "safe place" if he gets nervous- which isn't very often.

I got him home from the shelter and discovered he had a bad limp. We did some evaluations and determined that he had an old injury to his ACL, and made arrangements for surgery for him, with help from lots of people. He is on week 8 of his rehab and is doing great! His surgeon thought he might always have a limp, but from what I am seeing I think he might work through all of that. He has full range of the leg, and is redeveloping the muscle as we do his rehab with him.

Words are not enough to tell you about Rugby. He has the best personality of any dog I have ever been around. Every day something new happens with him that causes us to wonder why anyone would ever have dumped him. In this month of March, I have to believe that Rugby is someones Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow....he is definitely worth it!

SPRING UPDATE: Spring has sprung in Iowa, and Rugby is making the most of the longer days and warmer weather!!!

He loves to be outside sniffing the grass, following the rabbit trails and watching the birds overhead. The ground isn't quite warm enough for naps in the sun, but I am certain he will be doing that as soon as possible!

He and Maddie (my 6 month old pointer pup) love to play games of chase in the yard. It usually starts out with Rugby creeping up on her while she tries to entice him into running...and ends with both of them running big circles as fast as they can around the yard and all the trees and other obstacles. I still don't know how they do that without hitting something.

Rugby has recovered completely from his ACL surgery...his daily walks and frequent runs have brought his leg almost back to normal. He doesn't show any favoritism at all...a wonderful thing to see and a great change from his 3 legged run that he had when we first got him from the shelter.

We had him out in the field last week for his first adventure since surgery in January. He came alive out in the fence rows, nose in the air snuffling the wind, and creeping around just hoping to find a bird. He is a terriffic dog in the house, but to see him in the field is truly something amazing!!