Remembering The Ones We've Lost


Molly was the first of many IBR dogs to be rescued by Melanie Foster. Molly was a “pioneer” of the Southern Indiana Save A Pet Railroad. Through the process of bringing Molly up to Chicago from Southern Indiana, Lisa, president of IBR, learned of Melanie’s desperate situation. Too many dogs and puppies were being euthanized because the shelters were simply overrun with unwanted pets. Lisa and IBR have helped Melanie seek out other shelters and rescues that could help relieve Melanie’s burden. Molly sparked the beginning of a beautiful relationship between IBR and Southern Indiana Save a Pet that helped transport and rescue hundreds of dogs last year.

Now it is our turn to repay Molly for all of the inspiration she has given us. Molly was adopted out by a loving family in the Chicagoland area who adored her dearly. Over the summer Molly became very ill. When she started to loose weight, her parents took her to the vet where she underwent the first of four surgeries within a week. During that first surgery, it was discovered that Molly had a 4 inch hole in her intestine. Molly was allowed to return home, but her condition did not improve. She was not eating and was very lethargic. The vets were forced to undergo another surgery at which point she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. It was recommended that Molly see a specialist at Purdue University Veterinary School. There she underwent another surgery which included massive resection of her bowel. Molly spent the weekend in the hospital with a feeding tube in place to help her remain strong. She seemed to be improving by Monday. But Molly needed one last surgery Tuesday morning to aher condition. However, there was a stumbling block…Purdue had run out of plasma. Molly’s parents, desperate to save their beloved companion, loaded up the car with friend’s dogs that could serve as donors and drove down to Purdue one last time. Unfortunately Molly needed more than just plasma to repair her intestines. Her parents had to make the loving yet heartbreaking decision to let Molly go peacefully to a place where she would no longer be in pain.

While Molly’s parents are grieving the loss of their beloved companion, their medical bills are rapidly pilling up. Their bills are estimated at $8000.00