Success Stories


Here is an update from Rusty's new Dad:

If dogs like Rusty can be found in dog pounds we definitely have a dog surplus in this country. I keep updating you on Rusty because I have to tell somebody and my friends have Labs and they don't get it. I know you do. Rusty became a birddog this weekend. He handles very well. He runs right on the edge of a foot hunters range. Perfect. He finds and points his birds (with style) and holds them until I get there. If the bird walks off point he will relocate. He can work a running rooster never losing his "cushion," he will follow, point, follow point until he pins it. And he does pin it. He relocates without me releasing him. Annie would wait for me to release her. She was probably more whoa broke. I know the relocating on your own thing can't be done in a field trial but many hunters prefer it. He retrieves. Not force broke. His mouth remains very soft despite the fact that I rarely kill a bird cleanly and there is a considerable wrestling match going on out there. I need to improve my shooting as many are VERY alive and I would have to say Rusty is the Wisconsin State Pheasant Wrestling Champ. At this point, he's officially a meat dog. All he needs to do now is to continue working on becoming calmer in the house. He does this a little better every day but he still needs work in this area. Not bad though. Keep pulling dogs like Rusty out of shelters as it's worth the effort. Rusty is very happy and so am I. Cool about Wes' picture. I'll keep an eye open for that magazine. Thanks again, Rich P.S. When my uncle, a Lab guy, first met Rusty it was at the dog park. He asked me why I wanted to do this to myself and suggested that maybe I should train him up and sell him. After this weekend he no longer feels this way. He still thinks Rusty is unattractive because he's "just muscle and bone."