Remembering The Ones We've Lost


Scooter wasn't exactly a birddog, but he was loved all the same! He was a comical guy, as you can see from the picture below. Scooter passed away this week rather suddenly due to complications with his lungs. We are deeply saddened by his loss.

In the days after his passing, Lenny, Scooter's dad, had these loving words to say about him:

"I loved him so very much....and he brought so much joy with him that it's tearing me apart that he is gone...Scooter LOVED rides in the truck...not only did he love putting his head out of the window....but most often Scooter looked Straight though he were making sure I was going the right way!! He loved rolling on his back in the grass....reminding me of snoopy...He loved his daily walks (3-4 a day)...And Scooter talked (kind of) least he did to me. He didn't "play" with toys...I think his idea of fun was to just be with me. He was very devoted to me - and I to him. Below is the last picture taken of him ..this is from just last week with the snow... Lenny"