The Mendota Big Dog Walker is the ideal way to humanely take your pet for an outing. For years, Illinois Birddog Rescue has been providing the 6 foot leash with every adoption. Now we have them available in 10 foot lengths for even easier walking or running with your pet. In the modified half hitch position, your dog will not strain with anything around their neck. As a rescue and leader in dog training, we feel the Dog Walker is a kinder method of walking your dog rather than the cruel pinch or choker collar methods. Also because it is not attached to the collar, there is no danger of the collar slipping over your dog’s head.


Thelmalou Demonstrating the English Slip Lead

Petey, Rosa & Jules with the 10 foot lengths

Pointer, Setter, Lab Decals


Barley-Great Dane/Australian Cattle Dog mix and Ranger-foster Pointer

THANKS for the great walker leads I rec'd this week, don't regret ordering them one bit, they are GREAT!! I've now tried these on all 3 resident dogs (75# GSP, 43# Weim/Husky mix, and my huge Great Dane mix) as well as the scrawny 10 month old Pointer pup foster we had as well as the big male foster Pointer we just got in today. The foster Pointer in my picture cannot use commercial no-pull harnesses as they rub him raw in the armpits. The Great Dane mix is an in-between size on the commercially available no-pull harnesses and I was constantly having to tighten the buckles/mess with it. I LOVE how I can so easily go from dog to dog with them with no adjusting. I'm going to LOVE having these around for transports and dogs here. I often take my fosters to my local dog walking group and often have someone else walk my fosters for me, this is such a great walking method with no worries about a long training session for the user. THANK YOU, I do not think these will be the last ones we will get! Brooke Colley

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Designed and illustrated by IBR Founder and President, these Pointer and Setter shirts are fun and say it all! Took me a while to figure out Adobe and Cafe Press--but glad I found some time to get some new designs out for the IBR fans!! Enjoy--Lisa

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Is your dog cold? We have some new dogs coats to help keep your dog warm in the colder months.

Fleece Snuggler – The Snuggler Coat is a lined plush fleece that is soft and snuggly. The front is sewn closed to make it easy to put on and take off. Contoured haunches give a custom fit. The fleece belly flap secures on one side with Velcro®. It’s simple and functional design make this such a great coat for the dog on the go! These coats retail at $67 or more but ours are listed to fundraise at $55.

Nylon Turn Out – The Plaid Turnout comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, many imported from Italy. Same quality three-layer construction as the Nylon Turnout but with a soft, non-water repellent outer shell, suitable for the most active dog. Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the tail for coat size in either 22" or 24". These coats retail for $87 or but ours are listed to fundraise at $70.


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