Success Stories

Chester - Adopted!

Chester is currently in foster care in St. Louis, MO. We rescued him along with Stanley out of a kill shelter in Southern IL. Chester suffered a terrible injury to his rear leg most likely due from being hit by a car before he was brought to the pound. He had terrible lacerations on his leg and due to some nerve damage- Chester has lost some movement in that leg and he drags it behind him when he walks. We NEED to find him foster care in the Chicago area so that we can have him fixed by our local doggie chiropractor. We are convinced we can give him a better quality of life with Chiro care, massage therapy and perhaps some swimming therapy.

Chester's current foster mom says he is a WONDERFUL dog and has the best temperament. He is great with other dogs and is content to be a couch potato. He is completely house-broken and was most likely someone's pet as he is comfortable in a home setting.