Success Stories

Gramps - Adopted!

Gramps needs lots of TLC because he has suffered from neglect- poor 'ol guy... When Gramps arrived in our rescue, he was covered in flea dirt and suffered from flea dirt dermatitis with patches of hair missing from his body.

On July 5th we took Gramps to the vet and were saddened to hear he is Heartworm positive. We are now looking for long term foster care so that he can be treated slowly as the usual Heartworm treatment could be fatal to a dog of his age. We are currently treating him for other external and internal parasites- and trying to get him to eat to build up his strength. Despite all of his hardships, Gramps is very happy in his current foster home and was even able to jump up on the bed and snuggle with the other dogs. Here is an update from his current foster mom: "Well, Gramps has gone from not eating at all, to howling at me this morning because I wasn't fixing his breakfast fast enough! I really do think he has put on some weight already. He will eat treats too, but only if I put them on the ground or in his bowl. He will sniff, but not take anything out of my hand.

Aimae is in love with Gramps! She usually does not like the foster dogs near "her" bed, but when put his face on the bed this morning, she licked him. She also does the funny licking/tail wagging thing to him that annoys Lucy so much. Gramps didn't seem to mind at all that she was beating him with her tail."