Success Stories

Sugar, formerly Bethy Jo

Bethy Jo is now enjoying her new life as Sugar. She is living a very fun life with her adopted setter sister, Lady. Here is an update from Sugar's new Mom:

"She's getting use to seeing Lady's squirrel friends come in the morning for their breakfast. They hang around about 1/2 hr eating and Sugar sits and watches them. She's not too sure when they come a knockin' on the door or stands up on their hind feet and looks in through the door at her thou. Sugar definitely has to be under hand if she sees Lady getting attention. The slightest amount of attention you show Lady and no matter what Sugar is doing she will butt her head in between Lady and the giver. They are really good with sharing bones together and Sugar will sit (right in front of her) and wait for Lady to walk away then picks up where Lady left off. It's funny when Sugar gets to a certain point with the rawhide bone, she will go and "bury" it somewhere for later snacking. She has hidden it twice under a pillow on one of my beds and another time took it outside and pushed snow over it with her nose next to my A/C unit.

Sugar and Lady getting some lovin'.

Cuddling on a pillow!

Sugar is being taunted by the squirrels!

At Play!

Lounging by the fireplace.