Illinois Birddog Rescue’s Fundraising Auctions on Ebay

IBR's Fundraising Auctions Click Here :O)

Buckwheat helping with inventory!

Thanks to a ginormous and generous donation from IBR volunteer Carol Malik (Louis the Leaner's foster mom) we will be having an ongoing Longaberger Collectible Fundraising Auction on Ebay. Besides Carol- we have four IBR volunteers helping with inventory and uploading onto our fundraising site.

100% of the proceeds of these auctions will help fund the vetting care of the dogs and puppies in our foster care program. Vetting costs may include the following: emergency medical procedures and surgery, mandatory blood testing including CBC/Chems, tick panels and heartworm testing and treatment, vaccinations, deworming, spaying and neutering, and microchipping. Funds are also used for heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention, medication and dog food. Additionally funds are used to buy dog collars and also gas money to help with vet visits and transporting of the dogs into the program or to their forever homes.

Baby Momma Nancy Nacogdoches-
nearly put to sleep with her unborn babies in Texas.
Nancy’s puppies- born on Sunday 8-7-11
at the Southtown Animal Hospital.

Nancy (pictured above) is one of our newest rescue dogs. She was found as a strayin an abandonded oil field in Nacogdoches, TX and was brought to an over crowed shelter in town. Upon arrival it was discovered that she was pregnant. As the shelter filled up, she and her unborn litter were going to be killed because of lack of space. We were only able to save her and her pups due to emergency fundraising and thankfully a volunteer moved her to a local Animal Hospital where she was safe and delivered her puppies 4 days later.

Nancy and her Triplets now named Rango, Lenora and Yazmina moved to Illinois via volunteer transporters on 8-21 and were in foster care until all the babies were adopted at 9 weeks old.

Nancy pointing pheasant on October 23rd.

Nancy is still in foster care but doing well and still undergoing treatment for her tick borne diseases Ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. She had the opportunity to work on pheasant at our family reunion the weekend of October 22nd and 23rd and showed that she has much potential to be a field companion as well as a spoiled rotten house pet.

Nora and her new mommy!
Rango and his new family!
Mina and her new daddy!

IBR's Fundraising Auctions Click Here :O)