Past Events and News

Fundraising Raffle for Precious and Madison- Ends June 9th

We have a "Precious" new little senior pocket English Setter in need of a lot of specialized vetting to help her to feel better and also to help her get ready for her forever home. Precious was found as a stray and was reportedly eating out of garbage cans before she was moved to Animal Control in Missouri. We lined up a foster home in Minnesota in February and she started on proactive meds to help with her Lyme disease, and kennel cough. Precious moved to foster care in the Chicago area in early May and is now getting ready for her spay and a much-needed dental. We also found a small suspicious lump in one of her mammaries and we are also consulting with our vet to see if it would be beneficial to remove her oversized nipples from the countless litters she has nursed. With blood work and surgery, Precious' medical bills could go over $1,000. Madison is a senior Pointer that has also suffered neglect and he came in fighting heartworms, anemia and will need some dental surgery. His vet bills over the long run will be over $1,000 with our Heartworm Slow Kill program. This raffle will go through June 9th. The winners will be announced by 1pm. Arrangements will have to be made to pick up the dog bed, but the rest of the items can be shipped. Ticket prices are $5 each and we hope we have a great fundraiser!



Three Beautiful English Setters Need Some Support

For over 10 years we have been doing better IFA Serology for tick borne screening to look for at least Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Most rescues - if they do any tick borne screening- use a 3DX or 4DX snap test or Accuplex screening which we have found so unreliable due to different strains of disease across the country. Even more troubling than that is none of those tests look for Rocky Mountain spotted fever- the most common co-infection we find and the most misunderstood disease that tends to linger and hide in the dog's body for years causing all kinds of health issues including vision and hearing problems, allergy issues, and if left untreated- liver, kidney and spleen issues including cancer. The IBR dogs have a step up from most dogs coming into rescue and especially most Setters that find their way to rescue. Our hope is because we do the IFA Serology combined with a Complete Blood Count and Chemistry by our licensed vet/adopter, that our dogs will not suffer from terrible chronic health conditions- later in life. We are lucky that we can get discounted services- but even with that, medications and the rest of the vetting needed to help a dog get ready to find their forever home can be costly- especially if there is an additional issue of heartworm disease. Here are 3 English Setters that we can really use some extra support for.

Lord Palmerston- Our First Heartworm Positive Dog of 2019

Lord Palmerston is our first heartworm positive rescue dog for 2019. He is a tri-color and white American Field bred English Setter. Thanks to Pilots N Paws volunteer Kerry, and Anne and Sissy in Kentucky, he was flown into the Chicago area on 2-18-2019. We can assume he also has tick borne disease and we are raising money to help get his blood work done to confirm. He has already started treatment in our heartworm slow kill program and so far is starting to feel better in foster care. Palmer came in about 7lbs underweight so he has also suffered from additional neglect but we are hopeful now that he will put on weight slowly now that he is being cared for properly. With our new heartworm slow kill program --he may be clear of adult heartworms in 6-8 months but surely under a year. If he has tick borne disease, he will need an educated committed adopter as that is a lifelong issue.

He is such a beautiful dog with so much potential and we are very hopeful he will make a great recovery. Here is his Facebook Album that we will update while he is in foster care. We hope we can raise some much needed $$ for his care.

Lord Palmerston's GoFundMe

Wyatt and Sadey- 2 Special Pointer Rescues

Wyatt is an 18 month old Pointer that was surrendered to the rescue from an owner in New Hampshire where he was left in a kennel with only a barrel full of straw as his only shelter from the cold. He wasn't working out as a guide dog and as he came into the program very thin and frightened, he also seemed a little off- even perhaps showing some autistic symptoms. He would run in smaller circles in my yard and seemed a little in La La Land. I had seen similar behavior in a few other infected rescue dogs including my own adopted IBR Setter Gavin, assuming he had some underlying tick borne disease, started on medication. Wyatt started on doxycycline and amoxicillin and immediately his behavior started to change. In foster care - he was a dream houseguest and never had an accident, and learned to love the indoors and played beautifully with his foster sister and also did well with the children of the home. We did his blood work, a CBC/Chem and 371 tick panel at 3 weeks into treatment and while his blood work showed a few issues, his tick panel was negative. We continued treatment and 2 weeks later when he was scheduled for his neuter, I reran the 371 tick panel. At this time- Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever antibodies did show up. Sometimes the pathogens hide in the body and the immune system is unaware until antibiotics shake things up. Wyatt moved to Iowa a week later for adoption.

Sadey came into IBR's program the end of summer 2018. She was a frightened 9 month old Pointer pup that was breaking with terrible mange. As we have linked mange and immuno compromised issues with tick borne disease, she also started on a course of antibiotics. Her first set of blood work showed a few issues but her tick panel was also negative. We continued mange treatment and also treatment for suspected tick borne disease and when she was spayed in December, I had a new 371 tick panel done and Lyme disease did show up. At this time, Sadey's skin had cleared up and she was the picture of health. She moved to Iowa in early February to keep Wyatt company and she was adopted a few days later. YAY!

Two Special Lemon Girls from Tennessee

10-03-2018: In early October, we were contacted about a pretty little Lemon and White Pointer that was in an over- crowded shelter in Western, Tennessee. Apparently there is a Pointer breeder that routinely dumps his dogs at this rural shelter. While I was working on getting Debbie's vetting scheduled so that she could travel, the shelter volunteer called me and said the breeder just dropped off another. Morwenna aka Winnie, is the name is from the Poldark series on PBS Masterpiece (also on several streaming services). Morwenna is a Welsh name meaning "waves of the sea". We discovered a 71 tattooed into Debbie's ear and have to wonder was she the 71st puppy borne to this breeder? She has suffered some abuse, and you can see every rib and hip bone and was very timid upon arrival but her first and second foster moms are doing their best to help build her confidence. She LOVES other dogs and when she is not afraid is hilarious when she plays. Like Debbie, Morwenna aka Winnie has a tattoo in her ear that reads M71. Both girls have suffered neglect and I am sure some very cruel training. Winnie was very timid the short time I had her and she is doing better building her confidence in foster care in Wisconsin. Both girls do so much better with other dogs than people but we are working hard to build their trust.

Our vet was happy to do blood work on both girls and as we proactively treat every incoming dog for suspicion of tick borne disease, Debbie tested positive for Lyme disease and Morwenna tested positive for Rocky Mountain spotted fever. We can assume both girls have the same diseases and their Complete Blood Counts and Chemistries did show some irregularities consistent with tick borne infections. Thankfully Dr. John understands how to treat these dogs long term- having an adopted infected Pointer himself. Both girls will need adopters that will repeat their blood work annually so that they can live well into their teens. We can sure use some help with their vetting bills.

Debbie and Winnie's Facebook Album

Sweet Senior Sadie

Sadie is our recent Kentucky Beagle rescue from death row. She is so sweet but has a lot of complicated health issues including rotten teeth and some mammary masses. Sadie also came in with a double ear infection and an eye tearing issue with her right eye that she is being treated for. Her obligatory blood work shows low thyroid and she is also infected with Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. We will build her up for many weeks and get her ready for surgery in mid to late September, but we'll need a lot of donations to help her get better.

Sadie's Recovery Facebook Album

Gloriosa- A Very Special Setterador Needs Your Help

Gloriosa is a Setter/Labrador mix that was in danger of being put to sleep in an over- crowded shelter in North Carolina. She was covered in ticks upon arrival and had some infected skin from fleas. She also has heartworms and I am sure once we get blood work done we will find several tick borne diseases. As she had some walking difficulty- initial x-rays show a shattered hip and it looks like there could also be bullet fragments in her arm pit area. Glori has lived a neglected life and also has broken teeth and missing teeth and is at least 10lbs underweight. Thankfully we found a wonderful foster home with Lauren and Eric who also promote Lyme Warriors as both -- like me and most of the IBR dogs have struggled with Lyme disease infections. They are doing their best to build Miss Glori up to get her ready for hip surgery in a couple of months. She looks very happy and is getting stronger every day. We hope you can see how special she is and help us help her get better. She has so much going on and such a long way to go- but we are hopeful that we can help her live a great quality of life filled with love and compassion and pain free!! Any size donation no matter what size would be appreciated.

Glori's Recovery Facebook Album

Seasonal Fleece Dog Coats From Foggy Mountain

Is your dog cold? We have some new dogs coats to help keep your dog warm in the colder months.

Fleece Snuggler: The Snuggler Coat is a lined plush fleece that is soft and snuggly. The front is sewn closed to make it easy to put on and take off. Contoured haunches give a custom fit. The fleece belly flap secures on one side with Velcro. It's simple and functional design make this such a great coat for the dog on the go!

Nylon Turn Out : The Plaid Turnout comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, many imported from Italy. Same quality three-layer construction as the Nylon Turnout but with a soft, non-water repellent outer shell, suitable for the most active dog. Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the tail for coat size in either 22" or 24".


Pucks & Paws- Rockford IceHogs Meet and Greet

We've always enjoyed our meet and greets at the BMO Harris Bank Center with the Rockford IceHogs. This year we were invited to their Pucks & Paws event on Saturday night- March 30th from 6-8pm. This event is especially fun as folks can bring their dog to the game. A few other pet rescues will be in attendance and we will have a pair of dogs to meet and pet, plus we will bring our special leashes, dog coats and will also have a few fundraising raffles. If you want to come to the game- you can preorder specially priced $15 tickets by calling Ryan at 815-847-6383 and for $2 more if you want to bring your dog. The rescue receives $5 per ticket so please spread the word! We are hopeful to see some of our adopters, volunteers and some of our special furry friends.

Print Out Pucks & Paws Flyer

Chicago Blackhawks Fundraising Ticket Raffle


If you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan- this season has been an emotional roller coaster for sure. The Hawks are fighting to get into the playoffs and there are only a handful of games left and the tickets we are raffling off are for a must win game for sure with 2 to play until the season ends. The 2 donated tickets we are raffling off are for April 1st at the United Center in Section 221 and we also have a parking pass. This is a $300- $500 value. In addition to our ticket raffle we are also selling tickets for an adorable Patrick Kane custom stitched Foggy Mountain Snuggler dog coat size 20, and we also have a comfy small sized Orvis washable dog bed and custom Blackhawks fleece cover. We also have a men's size XL old style Blackhawks Reebok jersey and a Patrick Kane 100% cotton XL T-shirt. Lastly we have a 3 piece Blackhawks set including a bottle opener and 2 ornaments. Funds raised from the ticket sales will help the vetting costs for Genevieve and Sebastian. The raffle goes through March 31st with the winners being pulled at 2pm. Game tickets will be emailed to the winner and the additional winners will be notified on IBR Facebook and via email. Thanks so much to the Wasielewski Family for the ticket donation. GOOD LUCK!!


Buckwheat's Memorial Raffle

Buckwheat was a huge part of IBR's program and was my little rock for almost 17 years. As he got older, I would have a raffle celebrating his birthday which I guessed was around Valentine's Day 2002. I had to say good bye to him on New Year's Eve but in his memory, I have taken a few wonderful donated items in the hopes that this raffle can help some of our new dogs and especially some of our senior dogs including Sadie the beagle, Bernie the Lab mix, Glori the Setter mix that is having hip surgery soon and Thelma and Louise- an auntie and niece pair of beagles aged 11 and 13. Senior dogs need a lot of extra care but Buckwheat was longer lived because of my diligence doing his annual blood work and treating his tick borne disease long term. I hope you like some of our raffle prizes and tickets run $5- $10 each. As my birthday is on Valentine's day too- I will pull the winners at that time to help make some folks happy.

Winners will be announced on Facebook and will also be notified by email. Unless noted, many prizes can be picked up at IBR HQ or shipping can be arranged. Any alcohol winners must provide proof that they are over 21. GOOD LUCK and Thanks for your support!!





Have A Heart 3- IBR's Biggest Fundraiser of the Year! EXTENDED Through 12-8

Welcome to Illinois Birddog Rescue's Have A Heart 3 Calendar contest. This contest is dedicated to all the dogs we bring into the program that are struggling with heartworms and also tick-borne disease. Each year we bring in many dogs that need extra care due to neglect and this year was no exception. As I was working on the 2018 calendars last December- we were working hard to bring in 3 Lemon Pointers from Kentucky-Holly, Eddie and Queen Victoria - a mother and her older pups all heartworm positive and fighting tick borne disease. We thought we were going to lose Victoria this spring, but she rallied and is a fighter and doing much better even though she lost most of her teeth and has cancer besides. In January we brought in handsome Kyle from southern Illinois and he was so sickly and then came February when I saw photos of Olivia, an English Setter struggling with mange besides her heartworms on death row in North Carolina. Adorable Pointer Tucker and German Shorthair Pointer Dewberry came in a few months later- both from southern Illinois- both so thin and also fighting heartworms and tick-borne disease. In July, we heard about Gloriosa - a Pointer mix that was covered in ticks when she came to the shelter in North Carolina. Further X-rays revealed that she has a shattered hip bone, a possible bullet in her arm pit and will need surgery once she is strong enough.

Funds raised from Have A Heart 3 will help us with the continued care of these dogs and many of the dogs in our program fighting tick borne disease. Cost to help any of these dogs can be in the hundreds and hip surgery will be close to $1,000 besides. In the past few contests- we have had many amazing photo submissions and are so grateful for the support. As this is our 15th year as an official 501c3 Charity- I set our goal at $15,000 with the hopes that we can reach that amount and help so many more dogs. We’ve come close to our $10,000 goal the last 2 years- so we will need as much help as we can get to reach this lofty new goal.


Kyle & Olivia- 2018 Heartworm Slow Kill Alumni

Skye Needs Hip Surgery

Skye is a beautiful Orange and White Field Bred Pointer that was surrendered to us because of her hip dysplasia. Her father is a Field Trial Champion but while Skye has inherited his hunting skills, she must have gotten her bad hips from her mom. The older she got- the more pain she was in after working in the field on birds. Illinois Birddog Rescue has a lot of experience with hip surgery and we are hopeful that once she has her procedure she will be pain free and get back into the field. Skye is in temporary foster care in Minnesota. We'll be bringing her to Chicago for surgery in a month as I still need to fundraise quite a bit to raise the $1500 we'll need. We are not sure if both hips are being done- but she'll need to get her CBC/Chem and tick panel done as well. She is precious and we hope you think so too!

TRUE LOVE- Shirt Fundraiser/ Ends 8-19

Want to help IBR and promote the bestest rescue ever? Take a look at our newest shirt fundraiser. I am a huge tie dye enthusiast, but there are other great solid color options and some hoodies for the fall too. Buy your TRUE LOVE SHIRT HERE!!

Kelle & Endeavour- 2 New English Setter Rescues

Endeavour and Kelle's Professional Photo Shoot by Jenni Bidner

Kelle and Endeavour are two sweet English Setters that came into IBR's program in the late spring about 5 weeks apart. Kelle was found as a stray in Southern Illinois and Endeavour came in as a stray from a Chicago suburb. Both have something in common- Lyme disease. Kelle also has Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Both were sick campers until treatment started and became good buddies while in foster care. Both are going to make wonderful companion pets.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2018: Endeavour was adopted to a wonderful family in Wisconsin. Kelle is still waiting for his forever home. IBR prides itself in our better tick borne disease screening. We fundraise hard to make it possible to do a Complete Blood Count and Chemistry besides the all important Immuno Fluorescence Assay Tick Panel on each and every dog we bring into our program. This expense is added on top of the cost of vaccinations, heartworm testing, intestinal parasite screening, spays, neuters and microchipping. The average monthly expense for doxycycline to treat one dog in the United States is close to $200 and these dogs need to be treated for months and follow up care needs to continue the rest of their lives.

We are always in need of funding for this rescue and appreciate any support we can get.

Chicago Cubs/ Chicago White Sox Ticket Raffle


It's our third annual Chicago Cubs ticket raffle fundraiser and what a great way to celebrate the first day of Autumn. This year we are off to Guaranteed Rate Field- home of the Chicago White Sox for the Cross Town Classic! The Cubbies are in a hot pennant race and the White Sox are in a rebuild but they are playing some great baseball right now too. It should be a great game and I picked seats in Row 12 as I am a big Kyle Schwarber #12 Fan- but if the White Sox Left fielder La Marre is playing- he should put on great show too. The pair of tickets are for September 23rd with a 1:10pm start. FUN!!!!

We also had some jerseys donated and I picked up a few other things to make for a nice pet rescue fundraiser. Tickets are $10 each and the winners will be drawn on September 19th at 7pm. Winners will be announced on Facebook and will also be notified by email. Tickets can be picked up at IBR HQ or can be emailed to the winner. GOOD LUCK and Thanks for your support!!


RAFFLE #1: Pair of tickets for Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox September 23 @ 1:10 pm-- Guaranteed Rate Park- $200 value.
RAFFLE #2: Kyle Schwarber SZ XL Jersey and Cubs' hat- $100 value.
RAFFLE #3: Anthony Rizzo SZ XL Jersey and Buona Beef Hat- $100 value.
RAFFLE #4: Orvis Red Dog Bed and Chicago Cubs' collar. Best for a dog under 35lbs- $75 Value.
RAFFLE #5: Chicago Cubs 2016 World Champion Flag, SZ L Hoodie and SZ L T-shirt- $125 value.
RAFFLE #6: Chicago Cubs' SZ L dog jersey, and hand made Cubs' collar. This would fit a 60lb dog or larger- $35 value. RAFFLE #8: Chicago White Sox SZ L T-shirt and Adult sized hat- $40 value.
RAFFLE #9: Chicago White Sox SZ S or Kid's SZ XL T-shirt, Adult sized hat and Pez dispenser- $35 value.


TRUE LOVE- Shirt Fundraiser/ Ends 8-19

Want to help IBR and promote the bestest rescue ever? Take a look at our newest shirt fundraiser. I am a huge tie dye enthusiast, but there are other great solid color options and some hoodies for the fall too. Buy your TRUE LOVE SHIRT HERE!!

Our Sweet Seniors Need Your Help!!

Get to the Point!

Lani and Bella. Photo by Jenni Bidner

As IBR celebrates our 13th year of dog rescue- I want to show off our new adoption event banner featuring rescue Pointer Lani and rescue Setter Bella. I had wanted a great backing photo of one of our talented rescue Pointers and rescue Setters for a long time and this image really epitomizes what IBR is all about. Lani was pulled from a high kill shelter in Kentucky in 2007 and UNTIL we discovered his Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever infections via the IDEXX 371 tick panel in 2009 (low titers that would have been missed via 4DX Snap testing and Lyme Quant C6 testing), and started long term treatment, Lani had no hunting instincts, could not scent point anything and suffered from terrible separation anxiety, was very destructive and was a fence jumper. Lani finished his AKC Junior Hunter title in the Spring of 2012, has competed in American Field US Complete Walking Field trials and is the most reliable handling rescue I have ever worked with and has free run of my home now. He is a couch potato! Sadly Lani still relapses on occasion and is most likely incurable. Lani is the dog that really helped me understand most how tick borne diseases can affect the natural hunting abilities and drive of these magnificent dogs. What I have learned from him the past 5 years has helped so many other Pointers and Setters that were dumped for non performance through no fault of their own due to tick borne disease infections.

Bella was an owner surrender and was also an escape artist. Her foster dad- who eventually adopted her- worked very hard to help her overcome her issues and she is a working hunter every fall. Nothing makes her daddy John happier than bragging about his IBR rescue Setters- Bella especially.

We have many success stories like this and hope we can continue to help save more and educate hunters, field trialers but more importantly-- lovers of the American Field Bred English Pointers and Setters in the United States. There is an epidemic of tick borne disease affecting these dogs (most infected from birth) and we have such a long road ahead of us to try and educate veterinarians to better testing, longer treatment regemines and the warning signs of tick borne disease beyond traditional thinking.

Some of Our Very Special Sweet Seniors- So Much Neglect

Please follow Olivia's progress here.

Please follow Queen Victoria's progress here.

Please follow Matthews's progress here.

IBR Family Picnic & Dog Romp

The fall of 2005, Illinois Birddog Rescue received the great news that we were an official 501(c)3 charity. We had been saving dogs since 2001, but it took some fundraising to become a legal entity. Over 1300 dogs and puppies, cats and kittens have been saved and so many more as we do our best to share as many as we can via social media if we can't bring them in. It's always fun to let our dogs run and play and this year Jenni Bidner has offered to host our Family Picnic and Dog Romp at her home in McHenry, IL. Jenni adopted a beautiful German Shorthair Pointer rescue named Libchen that she has trained and that works with Illinois Wisconsin Search and Rescue. Jenni is also a professional photographer and with the help of our other wonderful adopter/photographer Peggy Morsch, we should get some amazing images of some of our very special rescue dogs. Many images are used for promotions and in our fundraising calendars. It is also just such a feel good to see so many former abandoned, neglected, tick borne disease infected dogs doing so well with their adoptive families. The yard area is over 2 acres with very safe fencing. We plan to cook out and we welcome any food donations from participants. If you can't attend the event, we welcome sponsor donations to help off set the cost of the event and also for general fundraising. The $50 - 1 dog donation includes lunch, and a flash drive with 5+ images of your adopted dog shipped. Jenni and Peggy also do amazing portraits of you and your pet. We will also be having a fundraising raffle- donations welcome.

Please use the PayPal link to sign up for the event and I will provide directions and other details closer to the event.

IBR Family Picnic & Dog Romp

Talk To The Paw!!

May is Lyme disease awareness month- but Lyme disease is a year long danger to our pets and families. I was infected over 20 years ago in a walk in the woods in April. My Setter Thelmalou and Pointer mix Buckwheat who turned 16 in February, were infected on a 30 degree February day in 2008. We test and treat nearly 100% of our incoming dogs for tick borne disease and if you follow me on Facebook, I post all our struggles and successes on every incoming dog we rescue. Talk to the Paw is a way for me to express my own personal contempt with the CDC and their denial of chronic Lyme disease and also to tell the veterinary community, that their poor education and ignorance in diagnosing and treating our infected pets- is not acceptable!!! Please support IBR and all our hard work with the purchase of this whimsy shirt. Please click on Talk to the Paw to order yours and share for more help!!

Buckwheat's Sweet 16 Raffle & Fundraiser

How lucky am I to have my best dog buddy with me for 16 years? Buckwheat has been a huge part of Illinois Birddog Rescue's success having helped at so many dog meet and greets, garage sales but more importantly, helping so many rescue dogs feel comfortable in the car after a scary transport or in my home in foster care. He is my rock and I am hoping you can join me in raising some much needed funds for the dogs and puppies in IBR's program by buying a raffle ticket.

Cost of each ticket is $16 and my goal is 100 tickets sold to help our 4 new heartworm positive dogs. We will be selling tickets through most of February and will be pulling the winners Sunday February 25th at 7pm. Winners will be announced on IBR Facebook and via email by Monday February 26th. Winners are responsible for the pick up of the larger pieces if they can't be shipped. Large items are only available in the Chicagoland area and that will be noted on the ticket description.

​Thanks to those that helped donate so many nice items and good luck to all!


URGENT!! Lemon-Aid For Three Lemon Pointers

I got word of these 3 Lemon Field Bred Pointers in September of 2017 and I tried so hard to line up foster homes but it took me a few months. All 3 were dumped near a river in Kentucky 2 months before in July and the shelter had no luck finding them homes when they contacted me. Finally, in December I was able to bring up Holly and sadly she was positive for Heartworms, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Next I brought in Eddie the Eagle in early January, 2018 and again he was positive for Heartworms, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Due to some weather issues, it took me a couple more weeks to bring up Queen Victoria and I broke into tears when I saw the condition she was in. We knew she had heartworms, but her teeth were in the worst condition, inflamed and she was in obvious pain. She also had yeasty wax filled ears and it looks like she is losing her eye sight. The oldest of the 3, she really needed to come in so much sooner.

We guess that Eddie is the youngest at maybe 2-4 years old. Holly is maybe 5-7 years old but Queen Victoria is more than likely 10-12 or older. Check out a recent video of this special lady. All of them are so sweet but to take in 3 heartworm positive dogs with tick borne complications will be a huge expense to our rescue at easily $1200 a piece during the course of treatment and Victoria's dental will be another $400 besides. We really need a lot of support and any donation - no matter what size would be appreciated.

Please follow Victoria's progress here.

Please follow Holly's progress here.

Please follow Eddie's progress here.

Here are their original shelter photos from 2017.

Apolo- Our Fourth Heartworm Positive Pointer for 2018

Isn't he so handsome? Apolo (Anton Ohno) was found running at large in southern Illinois with a 20' telephone cable wrapped around his neck. He was lucky he didn't strangle. He was brought to an animal control on 12-22-2017. Sadly he has heartworms and we are sure he also has at least Lyme disease. He has started the IBR Heartworm Slow Kill program and is doing well in foster care. He has a little bit of a cough running outside and as you can see from his photos, he is a bit thin and has a sway back. With a lot of TLC, he is going to recover and make the best companion. We are looking for a Foster to Adopt home to help him recover but in the mean time, we would appreciate any donations for his care. Here is our Foster Care Application if you can help out.

Please follow Apolo's progress here.

Gunner the Senior German Wirehair Pointer Needs Your Help

Gunner is 12 years old. His owner passed away and while in his care he had suffered neglect that includes heartworms and Lyme disease. He is currently with a caretaker and has started the Heartworm Slow Kill program. We need a long term foster care home for him going forward and donations for his care. Here is our Foster Care Application if you can help out. We would sure appreciate it.

Dustin- Another English Setter Rescue With Heartworms

Dustin is a very handsome Tri-color and White Field bred English Setter that was rescued from a Chicago shelter. Blood work has revealed that he has Heartworms, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. He has started the Heartworm Slow Kill program but we'll need help with the cost of supplies. We would appreciate any donations for his care.

Three Beagles Need Our Help

WE LOVE OUR BEAGLES!! We also have a new beagle loving foster mom that helped bring Chauncey, Missy and Sophie into our program.

Chauncey is a sweetheart but did test positive for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. He is an Ohio neglect case. He is also dealing with double ear infections and an eye infection. We want to get him better before we work on getting him neutered. So far we have $300 into Chauncey's care and his foster family is donating his food expenses.

Missy is a sweet senior partially blind and partially deaf beagle. She was pulled from a Northern Illinois shelter and also tested positive for Lyme disease. She also has some serious eye inflammation we are treating. She has the worst periodontal disease and we were quoted about $250 for her dental and tooth extractions. We already have $300+ into her care so really need some thoughtful donations.

Sophie was an Illinois Craig's list rescue. She is 8-9 months old and cute as a button. We just had her blood work done awaiting her results and will be doing her spay soon. Our expenses are close to $300 for her care and we would appreciate any donations - no matter what size to help her get ready to find her forever home.

Five English Setters in Deplorable Conditions

We were contacted to help 7 - 8 English Setters with a breeder that was a little bit over her head and dealing with some health issues. All were covered in fleas and their own filth and in need of shampoos. Two foster moms drove to Kentucky to pick them up and gave them much needed shampoos and started them on deworming meds. Here are the first photos we got of them and here they are individually in their foster homes: Nutmeg is the oldest at maybe 4-5 and she might be pregnant. Kathy was the thinnest and was loaded with worms. She is feeling a lot better now and gaining weight. Tyrion and Jon Snow are year old brothers and also both had worms and other parasites. Kathy's daughter Daenerys was underweight and loaded with round worms. ALL have been started on proactive antibiotics and will need blood work to check their overall health and to look for hiding tick borne disease. Their additional vetting expenses will include heartworm testing, vaccinations, and spays and neuters when they are healthy enough. Cost for each dog will be close to $400 each and more if there is tick borne disease. I have sent all kinds of supplies including flea and tick topical, food, dewormer and other supplements to their foster homes.

With all the new rescue dogs in our program-- we really need some help to help these dogs get ready to find their forever homes. Most will move to Foster to Adopt so that we can get their blood work and the rest of their vetting done.

PUPDATE December 2017: So far we have found homes for all of the Setters except for beautiful Nutmeg the Liver Tri-color and White. We still need donations to help with her blood work and spay. Here is Kentucky Setter Rescue Facebook Photo Album.

Ross Poldark- A Sweet Sickly Setter

Ross' blood work is in and he has a raging case of Lyme disease which has surely caused some of the soreness and the start of arthritis in his front end. A fecal has also showed coccidia protozoa which probably contributed to his anorexic look. He is doing well in foster care in Minnesota but we will need a very special loving home for him. 9-27: What a handsome boy!!! I'll be adding to this album as photos come through from his road trip. Ross Salem was surrendered because he was losing his endurance in the field. He is skin and bones and we'll deworm and then get him on some antibiotics as he surely has at least Lyme disease coming in from New Hampshire. He sure is handsome!! Here is Ross' Facebook Photo Album.

Have A Heart 2- Our Most Important Fundraiser of the Year

It's here-- IBR's fundraising calendar contest! Last year we raised over $8,000 which helped so many in our rescue program. As IBR never turns down any dogs with heartworm disease, we are always in need of extra funding especially since all these dogs also have tick borne complications. Thanks to Peggy and Kathy, we have a 7-10 stay at their Florida Condo for May 2018 as our big prize besides the winning pet as our calendar cover and insert. We hope to have many wonderful entries and this contest will run through November 30th at midnight. My photo collage shows many of the sweet dogs this fundraiser will help throughout their treatment.




How Many Miles Would You Drive for Homeless Pets?

The IBR-Mobile Needs Some Repairs!!

UPDATE: since this original photo 3 of these dogs have passed away. Dantes, the blonde Setter in front passed away from heart complications at about 13 years old. Lani, the lemon Pointer was let go from complications from an enlarged heart in early February 2017 at about 14 years old. Clancy, my liver and white Pointer permanent had to be let go from her sinus cancer. She was maybe 11 and I cared for her over 2 years. I lost 3 dogs in less than a year and my heart is broken. My Saturn took them to every appointment and sadly to the vet when it was time to let them go. My Saturn has helped many more dogs come into the program and off to their new forever homes in 2017. I am still trying to pay off old maintenance bills- so any help would be appreciated.My 5 speed plastic Saturn Vue has over 230,000 miles on it. It makes me smile that my dogmobile is a collector's item but as you can imagine-- I have moved A LOT of pets- mostly dogs on rescue transports, to the dog park, to agility trials, to hunt tests and field trials but to many vetting appointments. How many cars or SUV's make this kind of a milestone. I'm still waiting for a new IBR car to just show up in my driveway as a donation- well a girl can dream anyway. My bumper sticker reads My Dog is my Co-Pilot and my beloved Pointer Westleigh had that honor for a long time followed by my beloved Setter Thelmalou and now my 14+ year old rescue Pointer mix Buckwheat rides next to me on every trip. Gosh so many dogs, so many weekends on the road trying to make a difference-- 1 mile at a time. IBR'S SATURN GO FUND ME

Dear Santa, All I Want For Christmas...Is a Setter and BEER!!

It's BACK- my whimsy Setter Christmas fundraiser-- just in time for your ugly Christmas Sweater party! This year we have added 3 more designs sure to bring delight to every holiday occasion. This fundraiser ends on November 30th- and we need to reach a minimum to make sure the shirts print. Hope you like it!


Robert Abbett Pheasant Framed Print & Dog Bed Raffle

We are hosting our annual Pheasant Photo Shoot in November which showcases many of our English Setter and Pointer rescues. So many of these dogs find themselves dumped into over crowded high kill shelters because they are not hunting or are not winning in field trials. Some are seniors. Because of our research into tick borne disease the last 10 years, we are finding that nearly 100% of these dogs are infected with at least Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountian spotted fever. With diagnosis and treatment, many of these dogs regain their natural hunting drive. We work a lot of these dogs on pheasant and shoot with cameras to help promote our cause.

​To help support the cost of the event and for those that can't attend the event, we are having a fundraising raffle.

​RAFFLE #1: Robert Abbett framed print, "On the Edge of a Cornfield" triple matted with archieval materials. Frame measures 28" X 36.5" This piece retails for $450.

​RAFFLE #2: Orvis Chocolate Couch Dog Bed. This bed measures 40" X 26.5" and is for dogs 40-60 lbs. This retails for $200.

​RAFFLE#3: Quail Forever English Setter XL T-shirt and Cap. This retails for $25.

​Ticket prices are $5- $7 each. This raffle will go through November 19th at 9pm. Winners will be announced on IBR Facebook and will be contacted by email. Shipping cost will have to be paid for by the winner unless transportation can be arranged.



Congratulations to the Fall Raffle Winners!! Robert Abbett Framed Print: Tina Neeley Orvis Dog Bed: Christine Holton Quail Forever shirt and hat: Nicole Badeau

Jody-- A Very Special Pup Needs a Very Special Adopter

Photos by Jenni Bidner

Jody came into IBR's program in June of 2016 from the Memphis, Tennessee area. He was always a sensitive, frightened little puppy but did well in foster care as long as he had confident companions. He moved to foster to adopt at about 3 months old, but sadly the family didn't continue his possible tick borne disease treatment and after he was loose in the house as a young puppy, he had some destructive behaviors. We he came back to our program in January of 2017, we did find that he was infected with Lyme disease and started treatment. He did pretty well with his new foster family, even with all the kids, but never got comfortable with the father who traveled a lot and he moved to a new foster home which was his 2nd original foster home. He did well there but needed to move once again and he is now being fostered with some younger dogs and his health is being cared for better.

Jody can be a very affectionate dog and he is so food motivated. He has the potential to be a very good working dog, maybe even in obedience or dog agility with an adopter that uses food and praise as rewards. He still can suffer from some fear issues and anxiety, but with a very dog savvy intelligent adopter, he is going to thrive. He is currently learning some agility obstacles now. Sadly, he is never going to be a dog park candidate, but I can absolutely see him being a hiking companion and best friend. He needs time to adjust to new situations and he would do well with an alpha male or female playful companion. If you are interested in meeting Jody, please message me privately.

2017 Pheasant Training & Photo Shoot

Join us at our annual Fall pheasant training and professional photo shoot. This year, IBR German Shorthair Pointer adopter Jenni Bidner has offered to host in McHenry, IL. Action and pointing photos will be held in a 2 acre fully fenced and safe area with lovely objectives which will make for some amazing photos of our rescue dogs. Not only is Jenni offering her photo services, but IBR GSP/Pointer adopter Peggy Morsch is also going to donate her photography skills.

DETAILS When: November 11th
Where: Jenni Bidner's- McHenry, IL
Yard Romp Photos: 10am to 11:30am, cook out lunch to follow
Pheasant Photos: 1pm to 4pm-- 25 dog maximum

Yard Romp Photo Details

The photos in the above collage were taken on Jenni's property and many have helped so many of these dogs find their forever homes. The yard romp is to help the pointing dogs warm up and also to help so many dogs that don't get an opportunity to run off leash in a safe area to play and meet new friends. The $75 per dog package includes 5 high resolution jpegs. Packages are also discounted for multiple dogs. Peggy and Jenni would also be willing to do a family portrait for potential greeting cards.

Pheasant Photo Shoot Details

The Pheasant Photo Shoot has been a fall tradition for Illinois Birddog Rescue. The photos in the above collage were taken by Peggy at our photo shoot in 2016. All of these dogs have been diagnosed with tick borne disease and 2 are also being treated for heartworms. To see so many of these rescue dogs that were saved from being killed in over crowded shelters-- many dumped for not hunting or competing in field trials-- regain their natural abilities due to IBR's thoughtful tick borne disease screening and treatment protocols, is such a feel good for me. The amount of work by the volunteers and foster homes to help so many of these dogs, many also infected with heartworms, recover while working so hard to fund raise for their care is also heartwarming.

The pheasant photo shoot will include a first walk through with 4 cage planted birds for extra scenting. This also helps us evaluate some of the new dogs on birds. The rest of the afternoon we will work each dog on 2 walk throughs with a bird released for a good point. The only shooting we do will be with a camera. Jenni's property has a lot of nice areas to hide our birds and let the dogs find them by their natural scenting abilities.

We welcome folks to bring a chair and watch these dogs do what they were bred to do. There are many goosebump moments watching some of these dogs point their first pheasants. Photos from this event help promote IBR's mission.

The $100 per dog package includes 2 pheasants (besides the walk through birds) and 5 high resolution jpegs. Packages are also discounted for multiple dogs.

THERE IS A 25 DOG MAXIMUM for the pheasant photos- and sign up will end Thursday November 2nd as I will need to place my bird order.

Yard Romp and Pheasant Shoot Packages

This package is the best deal and includes 12 .jpegs per dog that would be the best photos from the yard romp and the pheasant work.

Pheasant & Yard Romp Paypal Ordering Details

Yard Romp
Pheasant Shoot
Yard Romp & Pheasant Photo Shoot

The IBR Saturn

This fundraiser is dedicated to the IBRmobile, my 2005 Saturn Vue and the repairs to keep it going. This car has transported so many dogs from rescue transports, to and from the vet, to new foster homes and new families over the years. Old Faithful has also made so many trips out to the game farm to pick up birds. This photo was taken by Peggy when I was unloading birds at last years event. Until the rescue gets a vehicle donated or raises enough funds to lease a vehicle, annual repairs can be expensive. I hope we have a successful event.

Puppy Socks Needs Your Help!!

September 6: GOOD NEWS!! Socks is doing so much better. The fungal infection is under control and the swelling in his nose and lungs is going down. He is also getting his energy back and thankfully eating well. Thanks so much for all that prayed for his recovery.

August 12, 2017: We have an emergency- our 8 month old Lexington, KY rescue puppy Socks is fighting Blastomycosis.� This is a very serious fungal infection and it is in his chest and in his nose and he is having difficulty breathing.� He is starting treatment but his ER bills is close to $1,000 and could be more if we have to rush him back if he goes into respiratory distress. He has started on his antifungal treatment and the weekly cost of that is $62 although we are looking for alternatives.� Every day he goes to his foster mom's vet so they can monitor his care. There are no guarantees treatment will save him but we have to try, he is such a sweet little puppy.� He was actually going move to foster to adopt on the 13th :(.

We would appreciate any help for his care as we just don't have available funds for these kinds of emergencies.

A Forever Home Needed For Our Beautiful Pointer Sisters-ADOPTED!!

Photos by Peggy Morsch

Lady Monica and Ruby Eleanor were found abandoned in a hotel room with a few other dogs in June of 2016. We found a foster to adopt home quickly for the German Shorthair Pointer Maggie and the other dogs also found rescue. These two beautiful girls were left and as time was running out at the shelter they found themselves at, we found temporary foster care. The photos of the girls are from working on pheasant last November and at that time we thought we had a forever home. They are a bonded pair-- they love each other. They play together, they groom each other, they need to be placed in a home together. If you would like to adopt these amazing dogs, please submit an online Foster Care application. We also offer Foster to Adopt for any of these dogs. As usual we will need some donations to help with their care and we welcome any help via our donation pages.

Chicago Cubs Fundraising Raffle

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016 and we'd like to continue the celebration while helping the dogs and puppies in IBR's program with our latest fundraising Raffle. We have some amazing donations to help us raise some much needed funds for many or our new dogs in need including 5 new Setterador puppies coming in from Kansas.

Tickets may run $5 to $10 each and the bleacher seat raffle will go through September 12th at 7pm. Raffles #2- #21 will go through September 18th. Winners will be contacted by email or announced on Facebook. Smaller items will ship unless arrangements can be made to pick up at IBR HQ. Let the pennant race begin!! Fundraising goal is $1500.



Lani Lou- Beagle Senior Dog Fight Victim

We would appreciate any support with Lani Lou's Giving Grid to help with her continued care.

SAVE THE DATE- Pizza N Paws @ California Pizza Kitchen

Join us on Father's Day, June 18th to meet some of our new rescue dogs and when you bring in this flyer, IBR gets 20% of the tab. The meet and greet is mid day but you can dine all day to help IBR. Here are the printable flyers for the event.

Spring Cleaning? The IBR Fundraising Garage Sale is Coming!!

Are you spring cleaning? Got a lot of kids' toys or clothes or other junk laying around the house? WELL- we want it!! We've had a few fundraising garage sales the past 10 years and folks actually come by to shop to help the rescue. If you have anything shoot me an email or give me a call at 630-694-1359. Garage sale will be in Wood Dale at IBR HQ.

Yankee Candles Spring Fundraiser

Yankee Candle is always a great way to fundraise with. Now until June 16th you can shop for wonderful spring and summer candles, and other wonderful household and garden items. Here is their full Spring/Summer Catalog, and you can order directly from this LINK and use IBR's Group #990076963.

Talk To The Paw!!

May is Lyme disease awareness month- but Lyme disease is a year long danger to our pets and families. I was infected over 19 years ago in a walk in the woods in April. My Setter Thelmalou and Pointer mix Buckwheat who turned 15 in February, were infected on a 30 degree February day in 2008. We test and treat nearly 100% of our incoming dogs for tick borne disease and if you follow me on Facebook, I post all our struggles and successes on every incoming dog we rescue. Talk to the Paw is a way for me to express my own personal contempt with the CDC and their denial of chronic Lyme disease and also to tell the veterinary community, that their poor education and ignorance in diagnosing and treating our infected pets- is not acceptable!!! Please support IBR and all our hard work with the purchase of this whimsy shirt. Please click on Talk to the Paw to order yours and share for more help!!

Daisies For Daisy

The end of February we were contacted about a senior English Setter that had one day to find rescue before the shelter was going to have to put her to sleep due to lack of space.� Daisy is approximately 13 years old and lived most of her life tied to the end of a chain is what we are told. She has also suffered neglect and is full of heartworms.� Our slow kill program is the only way we can treat her so that she has an easy time.� Our goal is to get her medicated for the next month, and start killing the heartworm larvae so that she isn't contagious once mosquito season starts.� In a month we will do her blood work to see how her overall health is and to look for any tick borne co infections. We hope to give Miss Daisy some TLC in foster care and hope she learns about unconditional love. Daisy would be very happy if you supported her Flower Power Fundraiser. Her goal is to help raise $500 to purchase heartworm supplies and medications for the rest of the heartworm positive dogs in IBR's program.

Spring Raffle

Thanks to some nice donations we have some really great items up for raffle on the page including 2 nice dog beds, and some great IBR shirts, and some Sara England Framed art to help support our precious Beagle rescue Charlotte. Take a look here.

Chicago Blackhawks/ St. Patrick's Day Ticket Raffle --Thru March 11th


It's time for our annual Chicago Blackhawks ticket and prizes raffle.� This time we are also celebrating our Irish roots and St. Patrick Kane/Day!� FUN.� We have a lot of lovely things that have been donated to help us raise some much needed vetting funding for some of our lucky dogs. You can view all the photos of each raffle HERE ON FACEBOOK .

Raffle #1: Chicago Blackhawks VS Minnesota Wild pair of tickets for March 12th at the United Center.� Game time is 6pm and the Seats are in section 323, section 13, seats 5 & 6.� These seats are near the bar- fun!!! This is a $300 value. It does not include parking. Raffle ticket price $25 each.

Raffle #2: Patrick Kane #88 St. Patrick's Day Jersey size 48 which is a like a Woman's size L or Men's size M.� This is brand new with tags and is a $100 value.� Raflle ticket price $10 each.

Raffle #3: Chicago Blackhawks Kids 2T, Teddy bear to snuggle during games, Chicago Blackhawks toothbrush holder, toothbrush and toothpaste.� This is a $50 value. Raffle ticket price $10 each.

Raffle #4: Chicago Blackhawks cap, and Heart Clover Necklace.� This is a $95 value. Raffle ticket price $10 each.

Raffle #5: Guinness pair of pint glasses and Alex and Ani Prints of Love bracelet.� This is a $50 value.� Raffle ticket price $5 each.

Raffle #6: Shamrock stained glass and Bailey's Irish Cream.� This is a $35 value.� Raffle ticket price $5 each.

​This raffle will go through Saturday March 11th and ticket winners will be notified by email or by phone call. Items will be shipped and Blackhawk tickets will be emailed unless arrangements can be made to pick up in person.� GOOD LUCK!!


Buckwheat's 15th Birthday Fundraiser

Click here to donate $15 to help IBR and make Buckwheat's 15th the best ever!!

How blessed am I to have the companionship of my beloved rescue pup Buckwheat the past 14+ years.� Buckwheat and his litter of 9 puppies were left at the door of a rescue near Kansas City in 2002.� As 3 puppies were adopted, I was asked to take the other 6 pups into IBR's program.� Back then we were about a year old and we were new to puppy rescues.� As some of the pups had some upper respiratory issues, Buckwheat became gravely ill with Parvo virus at about 9 weeks old.� It was touch and go for several days and when he recovered I knew I was a failed foster and my other Pointer Westleigh and Setter Thelmalou didn't mind making room in the bed for him.�

Buckwheat followed in his sibling's footsteps and learned all about dog agility and as a Pointer/bully mix, showed some pointing skills in the field.� For fun, I got him registered with the AKC and put a hunting title on him.� On many occasions, Buckwheat's desire to work and hunt and point in the field bettered his pure bred bracemates.�

Over the years BW has been a huge part of IBR's success as he helped with so many foster dogs and also helped at so many adoption events. When Wes passed away in 2007, BW became my petsittng partner and has helped walk dogs and help with vacation clients�for the past 10 years.

In February of 2008, Buckwheat was bit by a tick.� I didn't used to worry about tick bites in February, and he did have a flea and tick shampoo after our walk in the woods, but when he became feverish and not himself, I found the engorged hitch hiker under his collar a week later.� I know about many symptoms of tick borne disease having struggled with Lyme disease myself for many years and got Buckwheat started on proactive antibiotics and for the past 7 years I have done blood work annually, watched his health very carefully and treated on and off as is the protocol of many Lyme Literate DVM's and LLMD's as I know Lyme disease especially is incurable.� I also know that ticks in Illinois can carry many diseases including Babesia, Bartonella, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Mycoplasma�and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.� We can only test for Ehrlichia, Lyme and RMSF accurately with the IDEXX 371 so I assume based on human evidence of disease in Illinois that my pup was at risk for so much more.

Since� Buckwheat was infected with Parvo Virus, I only tested for antibodies through his life and never revaccinated him.� He has also never had any additional vaccines, no Lepto, no Bordetella, and absolutely no Lyme vaccine.� He has been exposed to so many different strains of kennel cough from so many sickly foster dogs and because his immune system is strong, thankfully he's never come down with it. Aside from slightly elevated liver enzymes in 2016, which meant he started on a good liver detox called Denamarin, he is still in great health.� He has good vision, good hearing and no arthritis.� He is still walking with a few pet sitting clients daily too.� He has been on a partially raw diet and has only been given human grade kibble and treats.

I tell adopters all the time what I have learned in this rescue and having also consulted with some very thoughtful DVM's who have followed some of IBR's successes, my goal for each and every adopter is that they have a dog as healthy and happy as my Buckwheat. ​Buckwheat has been my best buddy for nearly a third of my adult life.� The past few years I have celebrated his life with his annual fundraiser.� This year I am asking for a $15 donation for the 15 wonderful years Buckwheat has been on this planet helping me in good times and bad -trying to do my best to help a few homeless pets go on to live long and happy lives. My goal is to get 100 caring folks to help me raise another $1500 for the care of Mercedes, another Pointer mix�and the other 3 liver and white Pointer boys waiting to come into our program.�

As best I can determine, Buckwheat's birthday was in early February so we both celebrate it on Valentine's day. I am going to have this fundraiser through February and put the names of the folks that contributed in�a bowl and send out some of Buckwheat's favorite treats to some random winners in his honor.� Thanks for reading, thanks for helping and let's hope we do this again next year.

Mary Lynn's Hip Surgery Fundraiser

Mary Lynn is a 5 month old English Setter puppy that has a serious hip problem. I was contacted by her breeder in December and he stated she was favoring her back leg after playing with siblings and wanted to give her to my rescue. We were very concerned and lined up a foster quickly and got her to the vet for an exam and x-rays. We are not sure if the hip was dislocated, but it could just be a terrible birth defect, but this sweet baby needs surgery. The FHO is scheduled for January 17th and we have a bit of fundraising to do. Here is a list of surgery and vetting expenses: $230 initial exam, x-rays and pain meds, $800 hip surgery, $300 post surgery�chiropractic care, CBC/ chem, tick panel, $155, spay $100. Total vetting $1585. Please consider a small donation to help our precious Setter baby.

Calendars Calendars & More Calendars!!

How beautiful are our rescue Pointers JD and Brady on point? BOTH these boys were pulled from certain death in over crowded shelters in Illinois. BOTH are fighting at least Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and BOTH are alumni of IBR's Tick Borne Disease successful testing and treatment program. Neither of these dogs would have pointed pheasant had their illnesses not been discovered and treated. Tick borne disease in our birddog population is epidemic and too many dogs get dumped for non-performance in the field- through no fault of their own. Many dogs are infected from neglectful owners not using any flea and tick protection but many are infected from infected mothers. That was probably the case with both of these handsome Lemonheads. We hope you see the value of the work we do here at IBR and help us continue to save dogs like JD and Brady. What a tragedy if they had been killed and dumped in a land fill somewhere in Illinois.

Eighteen Calendars to Choose From

Here they are-- so many wonderful rescue dogs and images taken by our pro photographer adopter Peggy Morsch too. There are 2 sizes to choose from and the mark up is only $10. This company does a great job getting them printed and shipped quickly too.

Click here to order our calendars!!

The Last IBR Fundraiser for 2016- a 75/25 $$$ Pot Raffle

For many years my balance at the Animal Hospital of Gurnee where we do most of our vetting and specialized care has be problematic. I try to make a New Year's Resolution to pay it off but there is always an emergency here and an emergency there. At one point it was above $12,000 but right now it is just under $3,000 and I would love to get it to ZERO to start 2017. As the rescue moves into the new year we are slowing down a bit as the key players take a step back, but it would be so nice to have that bill paid off so that we can use our good credit for dogs that do need our help as far as emergency boarding or surgery or sadly end of life care.

My last fundraiser for 2016 is a 75/25 raffle that starts Wednesday, December 28th and goes through January 1st until 5pm when I will pull the winner. The winner of the ticket pulled gets 25% of the $$$ raised in the next 4+ days AND the Limited Edition Bird Dog Whiskey Set plus their choice of an IBR Blaze orange hat with either an English Setter, Pointer or German Shorthair Pointer. All of these breeds came into IBR's program in 2016 and too many came with heartworm and tick borne complications. The trend will surely continue in 2017 so please buy a ticket for $10 each and help us get ready for the next year of rescues. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!

Click here to order your tickets!!

A Special Hound Dog and Pilots N Paws

In early October I got word of a Treeing Walker Coonhound that needed a rescue outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Miss Demelza was going to be killed in a matter of days- such is the tragedy of so many dogs in over-crowded shelters across our country. I found a foster home locally and Pilot Matt a volunteer with Pilots N Paws flew down to TN and picked her up, overnighted her for a few days and then flew her to the Chicago burbs from his home base of Springfield,IL. Matt's wife took some amazing photos and his kids had a good time while Demelza stayed with them. A few weeks later I heard from Matt and he sent me his son's school project about Pet Abandonment with Demelza featured prominently. Matt also asked if Demelza was still available for adoption as his family could not stop thinking about her. How wonderful that this throwaway dog will have a wonderful new home soon.


Release the Hounds!!!

While IBR's focus for many years has been American Field bred English Pointer and Setters, we have saved and rehomed many beagles, and hounds including Redbone Coonhounds and Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Hounds just are the most wonderful special dogs but like our beloved Pointers and Setters-- are just at risk for tick borne disease and to date we are 100% for at least Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Because we know the 4DX snap test is not reliable, we do the better IFA Serology and combine a Complete Blood Count and Chemistry for each dog. The following dogs need the blood work: Demelza, Trina, Petunia (who is also heartworm positive) and puppies Flash and Wrigley. As Honey has been in the program over a year, she just had all her blood work redone plus her heartworm testing and rabies vaccination. The cost for the blood work per dog can run from $150- $200 with our discounts. Demelza will also need her spay in a month and if any are positive the cost to treat can run $50-$75 per month and treatment can last several months. As we often need to retest-- that also adds to our huge veterinary bills. If you would like to help our hound dogs out-- please consider a donation via our You Caring 7 Hounds Fundraising Page. We would really appreciate it.

Another Heartworm Positive Setter Needs Your Help!

Cost to treat a heartworm positive dog in our slow kill program can be upwards of $800 or more if there are tick borne disease complications. We would love it if you bought one of these fun whimsy Setter T's and we welcome any additional donations as well.

Click here to support Kayla with our ChristmasSetter Shirt Fundraiser.

IBR's Facebook Silent Auction/ Ends 12-12/ Extended and NEW Items added!!

Click here to get to the auction.

Clancy's Surgery- I Need To Raise $800 By Friday- Can You Help?

Just Click on a Paw Print to Donate!

IBR's Facebook Silent Auction/ Ends 12-3

Click here to get to the auction.

Anne Marie Giardina Custom Pencil Drawing Raffle/ Ends 12-4

Click here to buy tickets.


Release the Hounds!!!

While IBR's focus for many years has been American Field bred English Pointer and Setters, we have saved and rehomed many beagles, and hounds including Redbone Coonhounds and Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Hounds just are the most wonderful special dogs but like our beloved Pointers and Setters-- are just at risk for tick borne disease and to date we are 100% for at least Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Because we know the 4DX snap test is not reliable, we do the better IFA Serology and combine a Complete Blood Count and Chemistry for each dog. The following dogs need the blood work: Demelza, Trina, Petunia (who is also heartworm positive) and puppies Flash and Wrigley. As Honey has been in the program over a year, she just had all her blood work redone plus her heartworm testing and rabies vaccination. The cost for the blood work per dog can run from $150- $200 with our discounts. Demelza will also need her spay in a month and if any are positive the cost to treat can run $50-$75 per month and treatment can last several months. As we often need to retest-- that also adds to our huge veterinary bills. If you would like to help our hound dogs out-- please consider a donation via our You Caring 7 Hounds Fundraising Page. We would really appreciate it.

Howliday Hounds/Release the Hounds Shirt Fundraiser ENDS November 27th

How about helping our houndies with a whimsy howliday shirt? We also have this great image on some t-shirts, hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts. This is a 4 color silk screen and you can donate along with your shirt purchase. The quality of these shirts is really nice and shirts ship in about 2 weeks after the promotion ends. You can order your shirts at the following links.



Rockford IceHogs Meet & Greet

WE LOVE THE ROCKFORD ICEHOGS and why not-- they are the Chicago Blackhawks farm team. We have had 2 events at the BMO Bank Center in Rockford and they have been so much fun!!! Thankfully Buckwheat can come along again to promote our senior dog program and we will have some nice Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs dog related items for sale. We will also be having 2 raffles for the Artemi Panarin and Patrick Kane custom made dog coats. We will also have some festive Christmas wreaths made by IBR's Founder and President for sale. Come on out-- tickets are only $15 and you must pre order and send your payment to Curtis at the address provided.

Here is the ORDER FORM. Hope to see you there!!

SAVE THE DATE-- Pizza & Paws September 25th

Come join us for Pizza & Paws at Perry's Pizza Joint for a casual good time with the IBR Village People. Nancy's been working hard getting donations for the silent auction and a $25 Donation includes a buffet. There is also a Cash Bar.

We are very excited to have donations for the silent auction from the following businesses:

Pizza & Paws Tickets

Clancy Update-- GOOD NEWS!! FINALLY!!!

In early August I noticed some swelling above Clancy's left eye that also extended down across her nose. She was also having some pussy discharge coming out of both eyes. I thought to myself- DAMN IT-- it's a bad tooth- probably this whole time. I have been caring for Clancy for 19 months at this point. So I made an appointment with my favorite trusted vet of over 10 years, and Dr. Hanover of the Animal Hospital of Gurnee and I discussed a dental and surgery to remove 2 very suspicious bad back upper molars. This was on August 6th and surgery was scheduled for the 11th. Cost was estimated to be close to $1,000 with the presurgical blood work. For grins I redid her heartworm test and God love the heartworm slow kill program-- she was negative!!

On Monday the 8th, I created My Precious Clancy You Caring fundraiser and God love the IBR family, we raised close to the amount needed to help her surgery expenses in 4 days. The day of surgery, I was a complete wreck of course as Clancy had all that nasal and chest congestion but my girl with such a strong heart- made it through and was completely alert a half hour after the procedure was done. The next few days were rough as there was so much draining coming through the hole of the right sinus and I had to do saline washes several times a day to help clean out the bloody mucous. On Saturday the 13th- Clancy was smiling. Perhaps the constant pain and pressure in her head was better, surely the pain meds were helping too.

I have had some incredible challenging foster dogs the past 14 years and I volleyed back and forth about considering letting Clancy go. I didn't want her to suffer and I knew after the swelling happened in early August, I had to do something. Thank goodness it looks like we made the right decision for her and I can't thank all the folks that helped her the past 2 years enough. I am over whelmed some days at the thoughtfulness and kindness -- often from complete strangers that help some of these poor homeless, neglected dogs with so many health complications. How this poor dog kept wagging her tail with all the pain she must have been in is amazing.

LIMITED TIME-- I LOVE POINTERS Baseball T featuring sweet Clancy.

Clancy has been in Illinois Birddog Rescue's program 21 months now- with IBR Founder and President 17 months since the vets that saw her last gave up and suggested her best option was euthanasia. The dogs we bring into IBR's program face so many health challenges and while Clancy has had her ups and downs, she always wags her tail. She is always a trooper when I do a sinus cleaning on her twice a day to try and remove the bloody discharge.

Thankfully- she eats very well on her own, and the bulk of the worms in her heart are dead. The tick borne diseases are not curable so boosting her immune system and trying to detox and rid her of the over growth of yeast has been a daily project with good food and supplements. She is clearly not adoptable and we still need to bring in funds to help with her care and many of the other special needs dogs in IBR's program.

We heard about a starving Pointer in Southern Illinois in August of 2014. Clancy was found as a stray and her incoming photos were heart breaking. A snap test revealed she was also heartworm positive and I imagine she had quite a load. I was also sure she was also fighting several tick borne diseases as is the case with all our heartworm positive dogs. Sadly a short stint at the local shelter that contacted me and poor immuno compromised Clancy caught Kennel Cough. That developed into full blown pneumonia and nearly killed her. The virus she contracted at the shelter also spread through the foster's home causing many dogs to also become very ill. The following weeks-- Clancy struggled and then started to have nasal discharge that included blood. In December of 2014, Clancy spent 3 weeks at my local vet where they tried to diagnose the cause of the sinus infection-- but after chatting with an infection disease specialist-- it was determined that due to Clancy being so immuno compromised from her heartworm infestation and tick borne diseases-- there wasn't much they could do. So after spending nearly $1800 there-- I had the decision to euthanize or bring her home in hopes of giving her some quality of life. It hasn't been an easy job-- for months Clancy didn't eat well and the sinus issue persisted accompanied by daily chest congestion that still plagues her today. She seems happy otherwise and will gallop in my yard and thankfully is eating better again. At 17 months she is still heartworm positive and her latest tick panel shows at least Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. My vets agree that the immiticide would have killed her early on in her treatment and she is still not well enough for her spay. Clancy rests under my computer everyday and I can only hope when the last worm dies, that her body can still fight the tick borne diseases and we can make some progress with her sinus and chest issues.

To date her medical bills are at $2400. Her food and antibiotics, twice a month heartworm meds, saline sinus wash, kleenex, expectorant cough syrup, anti yeast and immune system boosters is nearly $2000 more. Should I have let her go over a year ago as one vet suggested when they gave up-- I don't think I could have lived with myself if I did. She has lived longer than some of the boys that had the immiticide treatment-- Wally (6 months), Lauren (8 months) Ollie (13 months) and Maks (8 months) so I know the slow kill was the only option for her. Her rage aggression she had when she first came in is gone and I do find her snuggling with some of my other dogs on the dog bed under my computer. She loves my home made pumpkin pie and she loves a McDonald's burger on occasion too. We could sure use some donations for her monthly expenses. I have created a $25 PayPal link dedicated to Clancy below. Please say a prayer for her and me. Lisa

Click here for Clancy's Facebook Foster Care Album.

Clancy's Lab Work

Clancy's Medical Bills

Let's GOGO Calendar Photo Contest

To say we need your support now more than ever-- would be an understatement for sure but with your help- we can make this the biggest best fundraiser ever!!! I have been making calendars for the rescue for many years now and hope to make the Have A Heart calendar extra special. The Florida condo prize is so nice especially since it can be used for a limited time next year. I can only dream that we could raise $10,000 in just a matter of weeks- but I never would have dreamed that I could have helped so many dogs the past 14+ years. I hope you enter our contest and promote your special pet to all your friends and family for votes and much needed donations. Click here for the Have a Heart Calendar Contest.

WOO HOO Thanks to all that participated- over $8,000 in much needed funds raised!!



A Pitiful Pitbull Fundraiser


Clancy's 75/25 Raffle Fundraiser Through June 11th


Clancy has been in Illinois Birddog Rescue's program 21 months now- with IBR Founder and President 17 months since the vets that saw her last gave up and suggested her best option was euthanasia. The dogs we bring into IBR's program face so many health challenges and while Clancy has had her ups and downs, she always wags her tail. She is always a trooper when I do a sinus cleaning on her twice a day to try and remove the bloody discharge.

Thankfully- she eats very well on her own, and the bulk of the worms in her heart are dead. The tick borne diseases are not curable so boosting her immune system and trying to detox and rid her of the over growth of yeast has been a daily project with good food and supplements. She is clearly not adoptable and we still need to bring in funds to help with her care and many of the other special needs dogs in IBR's program.

Time to bring back the 75/25 $$$ raffle. This raffle will run through Saturday June 11th and my hope is we can raise at least $2,000 to help me buy supplies for Clancy and Gretel. The more tickets that are sold-- the bigger the pot grows. The winner will get 25% of the $$$ raised PLUS the beautiful Peggy Morsch framed photo of Brady's Vindication and also the Bird Dog Whiskey set- YUMMAY!!! Runner up winner will win the Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Carpet Cleaner $99 value.

First prize winner needs to show that they are 21 or older and all items will be shipped via UPS. The framed print will have plexi glass installed for safety. Items can also be picked up at IBR HQ if the winner is local. Winning tickets will be drawn at 7pm, June 11th. Tickets are only $10 each so good luck!!

New Illinois Rescued English Setters Need Your Help!!

Afield Setter Style Shirt Fundraiser- Limited Time

Since 2002, Illinois Birddog Rescue has been trying to make a difference in the rescue, rehab and rehoming of Field Bred English Setters in Illinois and around the Midwest. We have 3 rescue Setters that are currently in our slow kill heartworm program and we rescued 3 more beautiful Setters in 2016 already. We hope you you will support this little rescue with the purchase of one of our Afield Setter Style shirts- and like me-- will wear it proudly. Click here to support the IBR Setters Afield Setter Style (click here) fundraising campaign.


YUP-- it's time for our annual Flower Power BUDS FOR BIRDDOGS (click here) fundraising campaign. The Setter in the above photo is my very special deaf rescue Gavin and in the back ground, my pride and joy garden. I have ashes of many IBR dogs and puppies that didn't make it buried under a few perennials that help me remember them each year they come up and bloom. I will be burying Setter Dantes and puppy Tommy's ashes in the flower bed this spring. Please help the dogs and puppies in the IBR program with some beautiful flowers.

Special Seniors Need Your Help

This fundraiser is dedicated to Buster, Devonshire and Zsa Zsa, and their care takers Kathy in Michigan, Randy and Diana in Wisconsin and Susan and Bob in Iowa. These very special seniors were diagnoised and treated too late for their tick borne diseases. Their care takers loved them and ended their suffering when it was time to let them go.

We at Illinois Birddog Rescue have always had a soft spot for senior dogs in need. We currently have 13 special seniors in our program and 11 are pictured in my collage. Until we can find forever homes if that is at all possible, these dogs all need annual bloodwork, heartworm testing, medication and food. We will also need end of life funds when it is time to let them go. Please consider a small donation to help one our our special seniors.

Please click on this link to help donate to Special Seniors

Chicago Blackhawks Raffles--END March 21st

We have four more Chicago Blackhawks Raffles featuring d-man Niklas Hjalmarsson #4, goalie Corey Crawford #50, and forwards and a blessing to Chicago Jonathon Toews #19 and Patrick Kane #88. Things are pretty intense if you are a hockey fan with teams fighting for a playoff spot. We are lucky to have a few adopters that donate to the rescue and this makes for some really pawsome fundraising raffles. Order your tickets HERE and GOOD LUCK!!

RAFFLE #1: Thanks to adopted Pointer Cobb's adoptive momma Susan and her season ticket co op, we have a pair of Chicago Blackhawks tickets for Monday, March 14th against the Los Angeles Kings. Should be a PAWSOME game as both teams are the tops in their division and the playoffs are just around the corner. Also in this raffle is the official 2015 Chicago Blackhawks XL T-shirt and hat- bought downtown the day after we won the Stanley Cup, plus an XL car magnet and custom dog collar. The winning ticket will be pulled on FRIDAY March 11th and the winner can pick up the prizes at IBR HQ.

Congratulations Diane Diaz of Bolingbrook, IL for winning the Ticket Raffle #1.


Download the ICEHOGS FLIER

We had such a great time in Rockford with the Ice Hogs on Valentine's day, that we are heading back for one more fundraiser the first day of spring. The Valentine's event was so fun and the Rockford Ice Hog/Chicago Blackhawks fans were so kind and generous. Here is the Facebook Album from the event.

This game is even more special as the IceHogs are hosting a Star Wars themed Special Olympics Jersey Auction. May the FORCE be with us!! More details HERE.

By purchasing a $15 Upper Bowl ticket, $5 will be directly donated to IBR and help us continue our rescue and research efforts. The direct link to the ticket order is HERE. Tickets orders may also be submitted via email to Vicki, or phone at 815-847-6388 and mentioning Illinois Birddog Rescue Benefit Tickets. Tickets must be purchased in advance of the game for IBR to get the $5 donation. Vicki's contact information is also at the bottom of the flier.

Puppy Harley Needs Your Help!!!

Harley was originally Miguel from the 11 Boys & 2 Girls of Summer Litters from July and August of 2015. His momma Matilda and his litter were in danger of being put to sleep in an over crowded shelter in Alabama with another new Momma and her 6 puppies. We paid a driver to bring both litters to foster care in Ohio and this was his original photo album from the fall. Matilda it was discovered was infected with heartworms, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. You can see in the photo above how thin she was and we can only imagine with those serious health issues, Harley may have had some growth issues while he was in the womb as his momma was malnourished.

When we were dealing with Tommy's terrible health crisis, Carol offered to take Harley in and here I posted a new Facebook album in November. He was so sweet to his brother as sick as Tommy was.In January Harley's foster to adopt momma noticed him not playing so much and he seemed to be in pain. We had X-rays done and sadly he has terrible hip dysplasia. All he wants to do is play but it is so painful for him as the hips are slipping out of their sockets.

There is a procedure called FHO Femoral Hip Ostectomy and we are consulting with Dr. Jacobsen in Oswego about this procedure on Harley. He has done orhtopedic procedures on 2 IBR dogs and is a very good surgeon. We know based on past surgeries we are looking at a $3000 procedure, but Harley will need follow up chriopractic care, swimming therapy and he still needs his tick borne disease blood work and neuter besides. We hope in Tommy's memory that we can raise funds for his brother.

Please click on this link to help donate to Harley's surgery

PUPDATE: Harley is doing GREAT! The surgery was a complete success!

Clancy- Terrible Heartbreaking Neglect

Clancy came into our program in September of 2014. She was severely malnourished at least 15lbs underweight and she was also infected with heartworm, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. As she was first delivered to a local shelter, she caught kennel cough there that turned into terrible pneumonia in foster care. Because she is so immuno compromised- her infections have really caused her to struggle including a terrible sinus and chest infection. While she spent 4 weeks in the care of our local vet, she still struggled and we felt it was best to put her back in home care where she has her ups and downs. We could surely use donation for her previous vet bills which were in the thousands and also to help with her current vet bills, medications and food.

Click here for Clancy's Facebook Foster Care Album.

Buckwheat's 14th Birthday Fundraiser!!

Buckwheat came into IBR's program with 5 of his litter mates from outside of Kansas City, MO in April of 2002. He became very ill and nearly died from parvo virus but thankfully made it through. Buckwheat is the pride and joy and best doggie buddy to IBR Founder and President Lisa- me. I dragged him all over when he was a puppy as I was competing in dog agility with my Pointer Wubs and my Setter Thelmalou. Thelmalou helped raise him and they had such a fun relationship. I am sure Buckwheat actually thinks he is an English Setter.

When he was younger and being a bully/pointer mix that did scent point and hunt, I did put an AKC limited registration on him and did get a Junior Hunter title. At 4 month old Buckwheat also trained in dog agility and competed to the excellent level in AKC. His true talent was being his charming self as dog adoption events and he has been my pet sitting partner for Lucky Pets for many Years.

Buckwheat was infected with tick borne disease in 2009 when we went out to the woods on a cold February 2nd day and I learned the hard lesson that ticks can still be out in 30 degree weather. While I did a proactive flea and tick shampoo when we got home-- I found an engorged one on him hiding under his collar 5 days later as Buckwheat was not acting like himself and was feverish. I also had some strange symptoms and missed one on myself and developed hot and cold flashes and my joints started to ache badly. Back on doxycycline my symptoms improved within 24 hours. Buckwheat was treated for 4 months with doxycycline-- but that wasn't enough as he developed rage symptoms and his behavior was so out of his character. So he was treated with dual meds for another 6 months and then he has been treated on and off since then.

Thankfully he continues to do well and at nearly 14 years old has no arthritis, and can still jump into the back of my SUV. He has more energy than so many dogs younger than him and I have to contribute that to his 7 year tick borne disease treatment plan, good human grade food and thoughtful supplements. Buckwheat has his share of lumps and bumps but I worry more about the things that hide inside--rather than fatty tumors on the outside. We know with this rescue and all of our research that tick borne disease is often not curable but manageable and as I am a 17 year Lyme disease survivor/ WARRIOR, that is so true with our pets. One of the best chats I ever had with Dr. Mary Felt of DuPage Animal Hospital in Villa Park came after she went to a tick borne disease seminar and she validated everything we have been seeing and reiterated that the best treatment for tick borne disease is long term treatment with thoughtful blood work and annual tick borne disease screening-- IFA if at all possible.

Buckwheat and I would love it if you and your sweetie would join us for the Ice Hogs Hockey game on Valentine's day-- his honorary birthday. He has special permission to be at the game as he is a BIG hockey fan. Ticket info below!

The Buckwheat Challenge Fundraiser!!

If you can't make the Ice Hogs Fundraiser-- consider a $14 donation in the Buckwheat Challenge! I am blessed to have Buckwheat in my life these past 13+ years. He came into IBR's program in April of 2002 with his 5 other siblings and also 2 lemon Pointer puppies. Buckwheat broke with parvo virus after his arrival and nearly died. Thankfully he recovered and became my first failed foster dog. For many years he, my Pointer Westleigh and my Setter Thelmalou had so much fun together in the field and at agility trials. Buckwheat became my full time petsitting partner after the death of Wes in 2007 and has been a delight at any adoption event we have had for IBR as well.

With Buckwheat's 14th honorary birthday coming on Valentine's day, I am asking for a $14 donation to help with the homeless pets in IBR's program. We do have many unadoptable seniors and so many with complicated health issues that a donation of $14 would really be helpful. Anyone that buys a $14 ticket will get a signed thank you card from Buckwheat and I will throw all the tickets into a pot to win Buckwheat's favorite treats.

Winner will be pulled on 2-14-2016 at 9pm. Thank you and good luck!!!

I've been running this rescue for more than 14 years now. They say time flies when you are having fun, but pet rescue is never fun. It is so stressful, heartbreaking and as hard as you work, all the hours you dedicate trying to save these poor homeless animals-- sometimes that is never enough. Volunteers come and go, some burn out-- some don't have the stomach for the day after day drama and disappointment that comes when no matter how hard you work- animals still die needlessly, sadly, tragically. The feeling of sadness and helplessness that I deal with on a daily basis because we don't have the funds or the foster homes to try and save one more is often over whelming. This year especially has been so hard-- so many litters of puppies and then to have one foster to adopt home so negligently nearly kill one of my babies-- that just knocked the wind out of my sails. My poor defensiveness puppy-- DAMN DAMN DAMN. Please if you can send a happy thought or prayer to Tommy- he needs as much positive energy as possible. We are doing our best to help him recover but at this point we may need a miracle.

We have so many pets in our program that need medical care and no funds to pay for it. I listed all of our needs in the Find Out More section of Tommy's GivingGrid. I hope that if you happen upon this website, that you take a look and think about giving us some support. We/I would really appreciate it. To those that have thoughtfully, generously helped support this rescue this past year, we are so grateful. For your added words of encouragement, and those that have given so much of their time to help, I can't thank you enough. We really do amazing work here in this rescue, especially the tick borne disease education that has now expanded to wonderful addition of two new Veterinarians that fully support IBR's testing protocols.

UPDATE 1-1-2016: I had hoped to do my usual thank you to all that helped support IBR last year via financial support, giving our dogs and puppies wonderful homes and to some of the greatest volunteers- an atta girl when they knew I was really stressed and emotionally worn out. In between my New Years romps with dogs and friends yesterday, I got a call from Dr. Hanover that Tommy was declining rapidly and had to make that awful decision to let a sweet 5 month old puppy go. I had to call Carol who had hoped to give him a forever home- the news that he would not be coming back to her. The IBR volunteers are in a rage about how his health declined at the hands of a negligent foster to adopter that if only had contacted me as she was contractually obligated to- Tommy may have had a chance. I volley between anger and complete helplessness as I held him in my arms in October and also the days that led to us bringing him up to Dr. Hanover to see if there was anything he could do. The family that has his brother Rizzo has offered to pay for his euthanasia and cremation expenses and I will bury him along side sweet 5 month old puppy Bethie that also had a short life affected by neglect and illness. We lost many wonderful dogs in foster care last year from illness as much as we tried to help them- all affected by tick borne disease too. I think I'll leave Tommy's GivingGrid up one more week and then pull it down-- it is just too sad of a reminder of a tragedy that didn't need to happen. Here it is if you want to help some of the rest of his surviving litter-mates, his heartworm positive momma Matilda and other dogs in IBR's program. Lisa

Tommy is one of our very special puppies that was rescued from Alabama along with his littermates and Thelma and her litter in August. Both families were at risk of being killed in over crowded shelters and thankfully we raised some funds to pay a driver to bring them to foster care in Ohio. At 9 weeks old he moved to foster to adopt with a girl we entrusted with his care. Sadly his care went terribly wrong and he nearly died. Click on Tommy's Video to see how this poor baby is struggling. Only time will tell if the damage and terrible decision making will cause permanent damage to this little guy-- but his new foster momma is doing her best to help him recover while we work with our local vet/adopter to deal with his medical issues. We will also be contacting some canine chiropractors to see if they can also offer some help. We welcome your prayers and donations to help with his care.

BOTH Jake and Bertram had their Complete Blood Counts, Chemistries and 371 tick panels done no Saturday by Dr. John. We know Jake has at least Ehrlichia and Lyme disease and the longer he is treated- the less fearful he is. Click on Jake's video in NC to see how pathetic he was and in foster care in Illinois. Bertram is gaining weight quickly while he is being treated proactively for his tick borne disease. PAWSIES crossed-- we may have a new foster to adopt home for him. Click here for Bert's happy howling video. When you support IBR-- you help doggies like Jake and Bertram.

New rescue Pointers means more expensive vetting bills. To date we have been able to do blood work on Jilly, Champ and Dudley, and they are all positive for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. We fundraised to bring Jilly, Champ and Paw Paw to town from Alabama but that cost was $700. All still need to be spayed and neutered and Dudley needs his neuter besides extra surgery to remove some creepy nipples. Please consider a thoughtful donation to help the Pointers in our program. Here are their Facebook albums Dudley , Jilly , Champ and Paw Paw.

Booster Fundraising Shirts-- Limited Time!!

With the help of shirt fundraising company Booster, we have 4 new designs available to help the dogs and puppies in our adoption program. These are high quality silk screened designs in 5 different T-shirt and Sweatshirt or Hoodie options. Click on the highlighted links to get to each fundraiser: MUTTS RULE/Tommy's--Pointer University--Setter University--Beagle University.

IBR on EBAY!!!

Afield Winery- The Perfect Holiday Fundraiser!!!

Click on the Afield WINERY link to order our wine. UPDATE: New wine added- the ordering link will be working shortly.

Field of Dreams Scented Candles

Click on the Field of Dreams link to order our candles.


Date of Birth February 28th, 10 puppies-- 9 survivors. Kimmie's Facebook Album Kimmie is positive for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and is a rescue from Ohio.

Date of Birth April 23 & 24, 9 puppies. Trudy's Facebook Album Trudy is positive for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and is a rescue from Mercer County Kentucky. Tester puppy Hudson positive for Lyme disease at 9 weeks old.

Approximate Date of Birth April 14. The Endearing Litter Facebook Album This litter was born under a porch where we pulled Trudy from and the rescue is still trying to catch their momma. There were engorged ticks on many of the beagle and dog population pulled from this property in Mercer County, Kentucky.

Approximate Date of Birth June 26th, 7 puppies--4 survivors. Rainbow Plus 4's Facebook Album and Rainbow's Fundraiser Rainbow is suffering with heartworm disease and was pulled from an over crowded shelter near Birmingham, Alabama with terrible mange. Once we got her started on antibiotics, no more puppies died and once we got her puppies on amoxicillin, their mange started to clear up. We will be testing Rainbow soon.

Rainbow's puppies are now ready to move to foster to adopt. Their are healthy and they are so cuddly and so loving. These pups are going to make the greatest of companions and wonderful family pets. Please click on the Foster to Adopt link to the left to submit your application to bring one of these precious babies home!

Date of Birth July 16th, 8 puppies. Ellie's Country Bumpkins Facebook Album Ellie was pulled from Hazard County in Kentucky and was covered in engorged ticks. While her 4DX snap test only revealed Ehrlichia, a better IDEXX 371 IFA serology showed is infected with Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. She was very ill and many of her puppies were also ill and were on sub Q fluids to get them hydrated. When their vet started them on oral amoxicillin, the puppies started to nurse better. All are doing well now with oral meds.

Date of Birth: Matilda's July 26th, 7 puppies. Date of Birth: Thelma's puppies, August 4, 9 puppies, 6 survivors. Matilda & Thelma's Facebook page . Both Matilda and Thelma Sue were in over crowded shelters in Alabama, pregnant and in line to be put to sleep with her unborn puppies. Thankfully a temporary foster was found and the mommies started to co parent when brought together in foster care in Ohio.


GRAND PRIZE $25,000 and RUNNER UPS CAN WIN $5,000-- and that would help me get a lot of vetting done for our 7 rescue litters!!! Through September 25th-- PLEASE vote everyday for REGAL!!! CLICK HERE TO VOTE ! The link will take you directly to the voting page for REGAL. EVERY vote counts as IBR will get $1 for every vote!! You can vote from different devices and email addresses, too. Please keep voting DAILY! Regal is what IBR is all about-- so many health issues-- no rescue was stepping up to help him-- but we did and look at him now!!

Pedaling for Paws- Bicycling Fundraiser

Maybe you've been bicycling all summer long or perhaps you need an excuse to get back on your bike- like me!! In an effort to raise funds for many of the dogs and puppies in our rescue program, we are hoping that many folks will sign up to ride a few miles or a lot of miles from Monday August 31st thru Sunday October 4th. Hopefully we'll have some decent weather during this 5 week period and I hope like me, you'll push yourself to get in shape while also helping some very special dogs and puppies. I will be posting some flyers that you can post on your Facebook timelines or to bring to work or school to get some sponsors for ever mile you ride.

A little about me Lisa, IBR's Founder and President in the photo below-- So I turned 50 on Valentine's day- how did that happen??? LOL!! I have been fighting Lyme disease for 17 years now- since my tick bite at Purina Farms after an Agility trial in April, 1998. I have sure had my ups and downs and when I was chatting with a friend on a recent training ride, I told her I was so sick in my 30's that I didn't think I was going to make it to 40- seriously. The only reason I am doing so well is I take care of my own medicating with antibiotics when needed-- usually in June after the onslaught of mosquito bites wreak havoc with my immune system and the Lyme symptoms start to show up. Too many MD's have let me down-- especially the one that looked at my borderline = 1:64 titer for Lyme disease and decided I wasn't infected turning my life upside down the years that followed. Unless you find a Lyme Literate MD -- the likelihood that you will be tested correctly or treated based on symptoms (that finally helped me recover) is slim to none. I also take a lot of good vitamins and a lot of immune system supplements. I am luckier than most -- I don't have the migraines, my joints are feeling pretty damn good right now, and avoiding gluten and sugars has really helped. I don't drink ANY pop or diet pop. My goal is to hopefully lose 10-15lbs, and I hope to ride 75- 100 miles per week during the 5 week promotion-- so my friends over 50 better sponsor me!!! I am one of Clancy's Red Warriors!!!

SIGN UP HERE to Volunteer or to Sponsor!

Our Team Riders!

We are so very proud of our 12 team riders and couples!! They are pedaling hard and we hope you will support them with a sponsorship donation per mile or per event!!

IBR�s Pedaling for Paws- Sponsor Application

Please enter your name:
Please enter your Email Address:
Address: City: State: Zip Code: For Thank You notes!

I want to sponsor:

I would like to sponsor : per mile OR per week/ 5 weeks total.

Need a Bike, Gear or Bike Repair? Please Patronize Otto's Cyclery!

The Selfless Selfie Contest- YAY!

The Selfless Selfie Contest (click here) This contest is dedicated to the adopters/ volunteers/ families and friends of those afflicted with tick borne disease or those dealing with tick borne disease in their beloved family pets. The issue of Lyme disease and co infections afflicting our pets and rescue population is becoming epidemic across the country and Illinois Birddog Rescue strives to help educate the pet loving public and veterinarians willing to listen based on all our testing and treatment successes. The likelihood that any dog or cat in our adoption program has tested positive for tick borne disease is nearly 100%. We are blessed with amazing caring foster families that help us with these throw away pets and also with thoughtful caring adopters that look beyond what could be chronic disease and give our furbabies forever homes.

Please Vote for Fred from KISS FM 103.5!!

Please VOTE for Fred from KISS FM. Listen to Fred and Angi on I HEART Radio 103.5. Fred is quickly becoming a Chicago treasure and volunteer for Pilots N Paws rescue transports. He helped fly our precious Nellie the Pointer from the Chicago burbs to her new foster to adopt momma in St. Louis on August 1st. He flew in Rainbow's puppies from Ohio to Illinois on August 22nd. A vote for him helps dogs and puppies like Rainbow fighting some serious health issues. WE LOVE UNCLE FRED!!

IBR's Annual Fundraising Garage Sale

IBR's Spring Fling Facebook Pet Supply Auction Fundraiser

Thanks to a wonderful donation of supplies donated to foster mommy Suzanne in Ohio, we are having a Spring Fling Pet Supply Facebook Auction Fundraiser. Many of our fans and volunteers know how this works but for the newbies, I will post a description and starting bid and use the comments section to place a bid or increase a bid. I will add an estimated shipping cost to the things that are shippable and will note when items must be picked up or put on a volunteer transport when we move doggies :). The first phase of this auction will run through April 11th. Click here to get to IBR's Spring Fling Facebook Pet Supply Silent Auction Fundraising.

Yankee Candle Spring/Summer Fundraiser

Help Illinois Birddog Rescue with our bi-annual Yankee Candle Fundraiser! Now you can order on line and have items shipped directly. Here's how, click here Yankee Candle Fundraising, and in the Start Shopping Box, insert IBR's group number 990076963. Then a percentage of your sale helps support IBR and the pets in our program.

Here is the printable flyer for snail mail or phone orders.

McKay's Nursery Company Gift Certificate Fundraiser

Gift Certificate #1 is Design Fees for Residential/Commercial Design, 3- Champlain Roses -- a $350 to $500 Value. Raffle tickets are $25 each.

Gift Certificate #2 is 5 - Champlain Roses and Delivery a $230 Value. Raffle Tickets are $15 each.

Gift Certificate #3 is The Shade Perennial Package includes 3- Visions in Pink Astilbe, 3- Lady's Mantle, and 3- Variegated Lamium. This is a $190 value. Raffle Tickets are $10 each.

This raffle will go through the end of April and the winners will be picked at IBR HQ on May 1st at 5pm. Winners will be announced via Facebook and by email. With IBR's great transport team, we should be able to move the winning flowers in any direction of Chicago. McKay's also covers Wisconsin and Northern Illinois south to about Interstate 80. Each Gift Certificate expires 7-1-2015 so get your flowers quickly!

Click HERE to enter to win one of these amazing Gift Certificates!

ALL PLANTS ARE PET SAFE!!! Thanks and good luck!!

IBR's Pupperware Fundraiser

May is Lyme disease awareness month- but everyday is Lyme disease and co infections testing, treatment and education in IBRland. With nearly 100% of our incoming rescues being diagnosed and needing much needed medications, we are having a Pupperware Party Fundraiser to help with the vetting expenses of these sweet homeless pets. When you click on IBR's Pupperware Party you can see how much your purchase will help our program.

Sponsor a pet in our program.

SIX Lucky Pups That Need Foster Care

We have the BESTEST temporary foster home near Cincinnati, Ohio. Suzanne had opened her home for many IBR dogs and puppies and so many have found wonderful home the past few years. Here are 8 more adorable sweet dogs that would have died in over crowded shelter, had Sue not opened up her home. Some of these babies have waited a while to find their forever homes- and to help them get ready, we need loving caring compassionate foster homes. Click here for more information about how you can help at our Pets for Adoption Link.

UPDATE: Austell is safe in foster care, click here for her updates via her Facebook Photo Album.

Kimmie's Puppy Shower!!!

Click here for puppy updates at Kimmie's Family Facebook Page.

We are having a Puppy Shower to raise funds for Kimmie's puppies. What we will need most for the first 6 weeks is the Earthborn Meadowfeast dog food. You can donated $50 for that or send a bag directly to Kimmie via our Wish List. We'll need help with some of the other items soon!!!

Kimmie's Puppy Shower

MacKimmie Puppy Naming Auction Fundraiser!!!

Welcome to Kimmie's Puppy Naming Right Auction!! (click here) . Rescue Herding dog mix Kimmie gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies on February 28th, 2015. Sadly one passed. The remaining 9 are doing very well. In an effort to raise funds for their food and vetting and pre adoption care--we are having a naming rights auction.

Here are the rules:
We are going with a Scottish Clan Theme for this litter in honor of their foster mom!! What that means is if you win your puppy naming auction- the name you choose must be from a Scottish Clan/hertiage AND you will need to provide a link to the family crest. Here's an example, we named a beautiful Tri color and White Setter Aberdeen- and here is her family crest/coat of arms!! (click here) Good luck and we can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!

Huckleberry's GUESS THE BREED Game

Huckleberry was in an over crowded shelter near Atlanta Georgia in August of 2014. He was very sick- had coccida, ringworm, hookworms and wolfworm. He was also treated proactively for tick borne disease. Follow up testing when he was 7 months old showed he was also infected with Ehrlichia and Lyme disease. Thankfully we found a loving home for him in Iowa and his new momma did a DNA test on him to try and determine what his mix could be. The Wisdom panel came up with 4 breeds in his geneology. We thought it would be fun to have a fundraiser for folks to try and guess what he is. In the chart below, one number matches all of his 4 breeds. Each guess/donation is $10.

In the comments section- please put the numbered square, or squares you think best fits Huckleberry's 4 possible breeds- for example if you pick square #229, you think he is Dachshund, Bloodhound, Airdale Terrier and Keeshonden. Our goal is to raise $1,000 in much needed vetting funding. Prizes include a new BISSELL LIFT OFF 2-In-1 Cyclonic Cordless Stick Vacuum ($120 value), and a $50 Wildtree Gift Certificate.

The winner will be announced February 28th. IF more than one person picks the winning square- those numbers will be put in a pot and the winner will be drawn randomly.

Click HERE TO PLAY!! Click here for a Printable Larger Chart
CONGRATULATION to Kristy Zelewsky for picking #88 which means Huckleberry's DNA shows American Bulldog, Great Dane, Beagle and Bull Mastiff. Talk about a designer breed!!

Addison is a very special Irish Setter that we rescued over 10 years ago. He was found abandoned in a car in Chicago and was brought to the local animal control. He was adopted quickly but over the years he developed terrible skin allergy issues and some aggression issues. His adopted momma Sonya contacted me for help in 2009 and as we were learning about better testing options for tick borne disease. Addison had the IDEXX 371 IFA Serology done and it was discovered he had a low titer for Lyme disease. Dr. Hanover assisted with his treatment but long term antibiotics were not prescribed for chronic troubling infections. So Sonya treated and then once he was off his meds, Addison would relapse. Sadly one of the health issues we have found in many of our long term infected dogs is spleen cancer. Too many of our adopters have lost their dogs when these aggressive tumors rupture causing the dog to bleed out or metastasize through the dog's body and when it is found it is often too late.

Addison has been having some digestive issues for a few months and a proactive x-ray and ultrasound has revealed a mass on his spleen. We know too well how serious this is but at the same time, Sonya is having some major surgery herself and may be put on disability and was considering putting Addison down. Thankfully my vet has offered us a rescue discount for his surgery and we are going to document his procedure with photos and video and while a sample of the spleen with be biopsied to see if it is in fact cancer--hemangiosarcoma or hopefully just hemangioma, but we are also sending samples to Texas A & M to have it DNA tested for several tick borne diseases. If we do find Lyme disease DNA in Addison's spleen- that will help us continue to get the word out why better testing is so important. Please consider helping Addison and IBR with a thoughtful donation. Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, February 4th.


UPDATE: Addison's surgery went well. A very large tumor was found attached to his spleen and thank goodness we got it out in time. Click here for his Facebook Surgery Photos. Thanks to all that have donated for his surgery expenses so far.

The Buckwheat Challenge- Make a $13 donation!!

The year after I started Illinois Birddog Rescue, I was contacted by a lady in Missouri that had 9 little Pointer mix puppies left at her door. She contacted me to see if I could help and after she placed 3, the remaining 6 came to town in April 2002. Buckwheat was one of those puppies. He became gravely ill with suspicion of parvo and after many days at the vet, he survived and I decided I could not part with him. He was the Yang to my Setter Thelmalou's Ying and she taught him how to be a proper Setter-- even though he was a little Pointer mix. I gave Buckwheat Valentine's day as his official birthday and this year he is now 13. Where did the time go?

Buckwheat has been a HUGE part of IBR's foster care program as he has helped socialize many dogs and puppies that came into our program. As a youngster- I kept him busy with dog agility and I even put a hunting title on him- HA! He is such a crowd pleaser at dog adoption meet and greets but his most important job the past 8 years has been my co pilot and walking buddy for Luckypets Pet sitting. He is so confident and well socialized that he is a great walking buddy for many dogs that may be fearful on leash. He has been such a joy to me and my rock when I lost my Pointer Westleigh and also when we lost Thelmalou in 2013.

My goal with this fundraiser is to see if I can get 100 wonderful people to contribute $13 to the rescue through the end of February in honor of every year he has helped me save so many with Illinois Birddog Rescue. We love our senior dogs and these donations will help with the care of so many that weren't as lucky as Buckwheat to have a best friend and champion all of their lives.

Use the Button below to make your $13 donation!
UPDATE-- 31 donations as of 2-18-2015, 69 TO GO!!!!!

Chicago Blackhawks VS Boston Bruins Ticket Raffle!! WOO HOO!

OH YEA- the Chicago Blackhawks ticket raffle is back!! This time the game is against the Boston Bruins and on Sunday February 22nd at 2pm. We were able to pick the game and after their game a few weeks ago where the Hawks won 3-2, what a great rematch!!! Those who remember the Blackhawks beating the Bruins on their home ice in Boston for the Stanley cup in 2011 know that this is a great rivalry and this will be a very fun game for sure!!!

The raffle also includes one of our handmade tissue box covers, a car flag, a kick ass baseball cap, a bottle sweater and last but not least a Kaner #88 Cost per ticket is $25 and the winning ticket will be pulled Monday February 16th, 2015 at 5pm. Winner will be notified via Facebook or by email. Items will be shipped priority mail to the winner with a USPS tracking number. GOOD LUCK!!

Special thanks to Kristy Zelewsky for the ticket donation and Elea Ament Owen for the dog coat construction.


CONGRATS to new Beagle adopter Debbe Ricchio for winning the big prize!!!

MORE REASONS Why We Need Your Help More Than Ever!

It has been an incredibly busy and difficult 2014 for the dogs and puppies in IBR's program. EVERY DOG we have brought in is dealing with tick borne disease. ALL the heartworm positive dogs are also infected and that makes their care and treatment much more complicated but thankfully- we have found many foster to adopt families that are continuing the Slow Kill Treatment Program. Puppies Chamber, Chaps and ROOsevelt have also recovered from their mange infestations and Huckleberry has recovered from FOUR serious parasite issues but all of them plus Darlyn our deaf puppy and Mellie will need the life saving blood work and tick panels to help them live longer happier lives. We have a few new senior dogs in the program and Clancy the starving Pointer from this fall is still fighting a serious sinus infection. In the next 2 months we need to raise at least $4000 to help cover the vetting expenses of these new dogs, the returned dogs that need follow up blood work and also newbies Niklas and Johnny. In an effort to fundraise- we have many folks working hard to help the pets in our program. Please scroll down and look at all our fundraisers- 4 Shirt designs, Dove Chocolate, Funpasta, Wildtree, Tupperware, Santa Paws and Peggy's Poochie Portraits. We also have our Afield Winery and Buckwheat's Wish List and if you order via Amazon Smile- we get an additional percentage of your purchase. If you have an old car, boat, motorcycle- please consider our vehicle donation program. Of course any monetary donations are always welcome via our Donate/Paypal link or HelpIBR.

Please check out my interview on The Busy Guy with Vincent LoCascio. It was a wonderful opportunity to chat about IBR and all the good work we do!


Pre Adoption Supplies or Vetting- One dog

Pre Adoption Supplies or Vetting- One dog

Pre Adoption Supplies or Vetting- One dog

Pre Adoption Supplies or Vetting- One dog

In an effort to raise funds for the pets in our program we have brought back FUN PASTA and have added DOVE LOVE, WILDTREE & TUPPERWARE. Please click on the links and share on your Facebook pages as the more you share the more successful these events will be to help us by pet food and medications for the foster dogs and cats in our program.

IBR's PETS ARE BEAUTIFUL Calendar Contest!! Ends December 14th!

Click here for IBR's PETS ARE BEAUTIFUL Calendar Contest!

We wanted to have our last year end fundraiser to include all the pets from all our friends across the country and the WORLD!! This contest will allow the highest vote getters to have their beloved pet inserted into a beautiful oversized calendar created in IBR's Cafe Press Store. It is FREE to enter any photos and we encourage you to enter as many as you like and then SHARE your pet's link on Social media to get your votes and much needed donations. It is only $1 to vote with a $5 minimum. This is SO FUN!!!


Pointers (All Pointing Breeds- GSP, English Pointer, Vizsla, Weim, etc.)
Setters (English, Irish, Gordon, Munster lander, etc)
Seniors (Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rabbits, Pigs, Birds- pets!!)
Mutts & Friends (All Dog Breeds)
Kitty Kats
Puppies and Kittens
Peggy Morsch Life Photography Images

#1 Vote Getter for all contest categories wins:

$100 in Peggy Morsch Life Photography Photo Credits or for our winner that may not be close to the Milwaukee area- a case of IBR's Afield Varietals.($120 value)

Illinois Birddog Rescue Logo T-shirt or Sweatshirt ($25- 45 value)

A 10� Mendota Dog Walker Slip Lead ($25 value)

Calendar created in IBR�s Caf� Press store- overall size 11� X 17� or 17� 11 depending on winning images ($28 value) that includes the winning pet as the cover and insert.

Examples of current IBR Calendars:

For the Love of POINTERS!

Top vote getters for each additional category win:

A 10� Mendota Dog Walker Slip Lead

A Calendar featuring each winning dog as the cover and insert.

Top 12 pets per category:

Will be featured in each calendar created in IBR�s Caf� Press store- overall size 11� X 17� or 17� X 11" depending on winning images ($28 value)

Winners will be notified by email. Calendars will be created the week of December 15th and will ship thereafter along with any additional prizes. Goal is to arrive before the end of the year.


Buckwheat helping out!

Thanks to all that donated, baked, shopped and hosted- we were able to raise over $1,000 to help the dogs in IBR's program.

IBR's Fall T-shirt/Sweatshirt Fundraiser-- Limited Time!

UPDATE!! This shirt fundraiser is ending November 30th and all 3 designs are in danger of not meeting the 20 shirt per design minimum. We need 3 more Setters shirt sold, 7 more Pointer shirts sold and 14 more Beagle shirts to sell to get this design to print.

If we sell 100 shirts per design, we can raise over $1,000. Folks have been waiting for a new English Setter design and I hope you like it as much as I do especially since it features my very special deaf rescue Gavin. Time is limited on these shirts as it takes 2 weeks from the end of the promotion for shirts to ship to be in time for Christmas sales. has been wonderful to work with!!

Click on the links for Trend Setter--GET TO THE POINT!--Time to walk the BEAGLE!!.


HOORAY- Hockey Season is just around the corner. To celebrate and to also help the dogs in Illinois Birddog Rescue's adoption program, we have a great Chicago Blackhawks Fundraising Raffle. This Fundraising raffle includes the following: TWO Preseason Chicago Blackhawks VS the New York Rangers for Friday night, September 26th at 7:30pm at the Madhouse on Madison, a dog statue with a Chicago Blackhawks bandana, an IBR 10' custom Mendota dog walker, a Chicago Blackhawks car magnet and license plate cover. This prize is worth over $200.

Tickets are $10 each and the winner will be picked on Wednesday. September 24th. Winner will be notified by email and winner is responsible for picking up his prizes at IBR HQ in Wood Dale, IL. Good Luck!!!

Click here to get to buy tickets for the official BLACKHAWKS RAFFLE!

CONGRATULATIONS Christy Carrano- our winner!!

Four New Rescue Dogs Need Your Help!

Pre Adoption Supplies or Vetting- One dog

Molly UPDATE!!

Molly was adopted by her foster mommy in July and we look forward to new updates about her adventures in the field in the future!

May 2014: Molly has made an amazing transformation in just 5 weeks but she is still fighting some serious tick borne diseases. She needs follow up blood work and medications. You can contribute as little as $5 by using our HELP IBR .

Worthy has done very well post eye surgery but we need to get him out of boarding and into a loving caring foster or foster to adopt home for his heartworm and tick borne disease complications. Ideal candidate would have another playful dog for him to hang with and also a decent sized fenced in yard. He still needs follow up blood work and medications as well and you can contribute as little as $5 by using our HELP IBR . If you can help foster, please fill out our application HERE .

Two More Pointer Fundraising T-shirts- LIMITED TIME!!

Tfund has been a great way to make some fun T-shirts that you can wear to support Illinois Birddog Rescue while helping bring in funds. If we sell 25 of each style we can bring in $500 in much needed funding. Show your Pointer Pride by buying a $25 T-shirt!!! This fundraiser ends in ONE WEEK!!!



MACH 4 For Chris and Skeets!

In June of 2014 we lost our magnificent Skeets. He was almost 10 and lived a legendary life as the most celebrated rescue Agility Pointer. GODSPEED Skeets!!!

Follow Skeets On Line!!!

In June of 2013, I was contacted by a volunteer from Tazewell County Animal control about a Pointer that was in danger of being put to sleep. Brady was about 7 months old and had chronic diarrhea, and this volunteer stated if his owners brought him to the shelter, he would put him to sleep.

A follow up conversation with his family let me know that he was sold to them by a well known Illinois Pro trainer and breeder. He had flunked field trial training and was sold as pet quality. From the day they brought him home he had health issues and they could not afford his vet bills. I was familiar with this trainer, followed up with the breeder that didn�t care about his life being in danger, but we put him in foster care, found 3 tick borne diseases, immediately started treatment, changed his diet as he was allergic to the Pedigree dog food he was being fed and he recovered and all his natural instincts have returned. You can find out where Brady is competing HERE

Tiffanie Andrews-Rost
Leslie Flannagan
Kristy Zelewsky
Susan Ebey
Mark Appleby
Pam Szponer
Randy Folz

For $50 - sponsors will get this beautiful Large Mug featuring our special rescue Brady. Please go to the Donate! section and in the comments section please put Brady sponsorship. We will need several sponsors and addition funds raised will be used for his follow up blood work in May and monthly medication.

Pheasant Photo Shoot and Chocolate Paws

AMAZING adopter and professional life photographer Peggy Morsch is using her talents to help us fund raise once again with 2 wonderful events.



Some of Peggy's amazing images from last years event. Eddie, Regal, Chance, Max, Kayla and Aberdeen are all alumni of IBR's tick borne disease testing and treatment program.

Tickets are $10 each and the winners will be drawn Monday, March 17th. CONGRATS Allan Braun and Christy Carrano our big winners. We raised over $600 with this event :O).


I just made front page in the Daily Herald today!!! Buckwheat, Lani, Dantes, Boonie and Gavin could not have been more charming and better behaved except for Buckwheat jumping up on Bev the photographer and putting some muddy paw prints on her clothes- SORRY!!!! Thanks to all with your kind words of support. These are my babies.

UPDATE: 12-16-13 I am happy to report that the City of Wood Dale has decided to let me keep my 5 dogs including my seniors Buckwheat, Lani, Boonie and Dantes. They can live out their lives with me and I am overjoyed and relieved at the same time. No more court appearances either. I want to thank all that gave me so much support especially Carrie and Paula. I want to thank the Daily Herald and Bob Sanchez for your help too. I never gave up hope that this issue would be resolved and my stubborness is what has helped keep this rescue going the past 12 year. Well that and a lot of hard work and so many wonderful benefactors that believe in me and what we do here to make a little difference. YIPPEEEEEEEEEE Lisa


In an effort to raise funds for the new pups and also to raise funds to help buy medications for some of the pets in our program, we have a pre Christmas Pointer Lovers Raffle. Tickets can be bought HERE . Tickets are $5 each and winner will be pulled early Saturday and once the winner is notified, the set will ship out that day!!! Congrats adopter Eric Sandberg!


In an effort to raise funds for the pets in our program we have brought back an old favorite- Buds for Birddogs and a new fundraiser by FUN PASTA. Please take a look at the links and share on your Facebook pages as the more you share the more successful these events will be to help us by pet food and medications for the foster dogs and cats in our program.



IBR Xmas in July and Facebook Silent Auction- Ending Soon!

In an effort to raise funds for the pets in our program we have a very fun Facebook Silent Auction (click here) going on through August 21st. We've had some wonderful items donated and we hope to raise some critical funds for the pets in our program. Here are a few offerings and shortcut links to their auction pages.






UPDATE July 2013: Topaz is currently in a foster to adopt home! Three new little birddog babies need your help! Diamond, Ruby and Topaz were in an over crowded shelter near Tuscaloosa Alabama when we were alerted to their need for rescue. We believe they are Pointer, maybe German Shorthair Pointer, Brittany or Setter mixes and ADORABLE!! We love our Birddog Super Mutts!! Here are their new photos on IBR Facebook. Like every adult pet in our program- these 2 girls and boy will benefit from our mandatory Tick borne disease screening but we will need donations to help us with this life saving pre-adoption screening. Average cost per pup is about $160 for the IDEXX 371 and Complete Blood Count and Chemistry and if they are positive they will need many months of antibiotics and follow up testing. Some puppies recover quickly but some need months of medication. Thankfully we do find conscientious adopters that do follow up care but for now they are coming to foster care.

One time gifts can be made via our DONATE link (to the left of your screen) or via our HelpIBR site.

Sponsor a pet in our program.


Chloe tested positive for Ehrlichia and Lyme disease on May 15, 2013.

Sponsor a pet in our program.
Hi. If you are new to this site- welcome, if you have flown, driven, volunteered, fostered, adopted or donated, welcome back. My name is Lisa Spakowski and I have been trying to make a difference saving dogs (and a few kitties) destined for euthanasia either by lethal injection or suffocation from the gas chamber since 2001. To say this has been a difficult journey would be true and every day I question how long I and this rescue can continue. It comes down to this- we do amazing work here but we need monthly sponsors for the pets in our program because donations are down and funds are scary low. We have learned so much from these dogs and especially about tick borne disease and how to help these dogs and cats but that has been a journey in itself and it has been beyond expensive.

I have been fighting Lyme disease since 1999 and the ignorance of the first medical professional and lack of treatment means I am incurable but it also gives me a better perspective on how this disease feels and because of that I am much more sympathetic to how the animals also infected must suffer and do suffer and often die. I have helped many of the IBR volunteers and recently an adopter- get the correct human testing done based on what we have learned from the dog testing and because of my own struggles. That part of the rescue is gratifying but there are always skeptics and no good deed goes unpunished and because I don't have an MD or DVM behind my name- I have been accused of Practicing Veterinary Medicine simply for trying to spread the word about what we have learned here by suggesting better testing and treatment options but because of that- we have some very happy adoptable dogs and cats, many no longer suffering from their diseases due to long term treatment and follow up testing and many of our homeless hunters are now working back in the field. What we offer here is HOPE and while we know that many infected pets are incurable, with the support of a few open-minded caring vets, we are making a difference and giving these pets the long term help they need and finding the best adoptive homes that continue their care.

After 12 years of rescue- this continual fight to help these pets, and find funding to also pay for the testing, medication and food to continue has been exhausting. I WANT a Birddog Rehabilitation Plantation. I WANT all of IBR's discoveries to be taken seriously and to do that- we need a more serious trial. We need some serious influx of cash and as I thought after 12 years- a ginormous benefactor would have donated a few million to help me realize my dream- that has not happened. Is it possible we can work together to find ways to raise money-ABSOLUTELY- but I can't do it alone and I am very tired. With the summer months come summer mosquitoes and as I can't hide in a plastic bubble, my immune system always takes a major hit with all the new bites and allows the Lyme disease to rebound. I hate the summer.

Please consider a monthly gift to IBR to help us continue our good work! We do need caring foster homes for many of these pets, so please consider opening your home to help us get these pets better and on the road to adoption. The foster care application is on our menu to the left of your screen.

Sponsor a pet in our program.

Sponsor a pet in our program.

Everytime I listed our Hossa on IBR's Facebook page the day of a game against the Boston Bruins during the Stanley Cup Playoffs- the Chicago Blackhawks WON!! That is why he is our Lucky Charm Pointer- but our sweet Hossa has not had a charmed life at all. When he came into our program a few months ago- he was found as a stray in southern Illinois and was going to be put to sleep in an over crowded shelter in Shelbyville, IL. He was so sick when he came into foster care- about 10lbs underweight and as is typical with all the dogs we bring into our program- fighting several tick borne diseases.

Thankfully his foster family has worked hard to put weight on him but as he has suffered some terrible abuse, he will need a special family to help him with his confidence and socialization. I gave him a strong name and we hope he can be as strong and confident as Marian Hossa good old #81 of the Chicago Blackhawks.

A Special thank you to all that helped contribute to his recent dental procedure! Lisa

Wiconi Needs Your Help!

UPDATE July 2013: Coni's surgery was done on June 17th and he is ahead of schedule with his recovery. He has also moved to Kentucky and is in a loving foster to adopt home. If you follow IBR Facebook, you will see all his new photos! Thanks to all that contributed to his care.

Wiconi was rescued from a neglect situation in Missouri where he was left out in the heat last summer. When he was moved to the emergency vet it was discovered that he had a 106 temp and he nearly died. Follow up testing showed he was loaded with intestinal parasites and he also sadly is infected with several tick borne diseases. He was doing well in foster care until he jumped the fence and was hit by a car in February. He will need follow up FHO Femoral Head Ostectomy due to the scar tissue and arthritis. His ER bills ran nearly $1,200 and new estimates for the hip surgery are $1,000. We need your help once again and any donation would be most appreciated. One time gifts can be made via our DONATE link (to the left of your screen) or via our HelpIBR site.

Sponsor a pet in our program.

May is Lyme Disease and Co Infections Awareness Month

BUT this all year round with Illinois Birddog Rescue. Sheldon the Setter came into the rescue with Heartworm and Lyme disease. He was frightened and a little snarky. The IDEXX 371 serology found his low Lyme titer at 1:100 and we are certain he was dumped into a shelter because he lost his natural hunting instincts due to his health. Lani the Pointer came into the rescue with Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever- but was not diagnosed until after 6 foster home changes, 3 destroyed couches, OCD hole digging, OCD fence jumping and no hunting instincts. Three years prior to his positive IDEXX 371 tick panel he had one FALSE Neg Michigan State U tick panel and many NEG 4DX snap tests. FIVE WEEKS after he started on doxycycline he started POINTING birds in my yard!!!!!! Both boys are INCURABLE and Lani is on a maintenance daily dose of amoxi/doxy so that his OCD behaviors are kept in check.

These diseases are EPIDEMIC in our hunting population and sadly our testing shows most dogs are at risk and our cat population is 100% infected. This month I will diligently work on getting some of our data posted on the site.

We would like to thank JD and the organizers of the first Birddog Jamboree for inviting IBR to your event. I also personally want to thank the IBR volunteers that ran the IBR booth while I was home taking care of my senior Setter Thelmalou.

Chicago Cubs Bleacher Seats and Doggie Couture Fundraising Raffle!

Welcome to Illinois Birddog Rescue's Chicago Cubs Bleacher Seat and Doggie Cubs' Couture Fundraising Raffle. Bleacher seats are for Wednesday May 15th against the Colorado Rockies. Should be a very fun night of baseball! Doggie Couture is size XL but as soon as it arrives, I will dress up one of my dogs to get a better idea how it will fit! This raffle will go through May 10th so I can ship out in time for the goods to arrive to the winner. Tickets are $10 each so buy a bunch and good luck!! Click Here to Buy Tickets! .

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

IBR will be participating in a spring Yankee Candle fundraiser through May 14th and IBR will get 40% of all sales- WOO HOO :) Take a look at the Spring Catalog . Here is the online Order Form and Instructions. Please mail order form with check payable to IBR by May 14th to PO Box 364, Wood Dale, Il. 60191.

If you would like a catalog and order forms to help fund raise for IBR, please email Lisa . We would appreciate any additional help to make this a successful fundraiser!!


How about getting on your bike this summer and helping raise much needed funds for Illinois Birddog Rescue while also spreading awareness about Tick borne disease at the same time? IBR proudly announces our BIRDDOG BIKER WARRIORS TEAM. You can set goals for yourself and get friends to sponsor you per month with your accumulated mileage. Some of us will also be roading our dogs off of our bikes and will need sponsors per month for these Teams. We have a T- shirt sponsor ready to donate $500 for Team shirts but we have a limited time to raise funds and only have 5 days left. Here is the link to Mike's HARDER Lemonade Birddog Bikers Facebook Sponsorship .

Mileage Sponsorships

Double Mileage Sponsorship for Roading Dogs


The First Annual Birddog Jamboree!!

Click here to get to the official Birddog Jamboree site! We are honored to be picked as the first Birddog Rescue Group to benefit from proceeds of this exciting event. We'll need to fund raise and we'd like to come prepared with some new informational posters and we also want to have some of our success stories on a new Power Point Slide Show on a BIG Flat Screen TV! It would be great to get one donated too. We'd also like to be able to get the volunteers into some nice new logo T's and it would be great if I could reprint our fun "GOT BIRDS?" T's and Sweats featuring a Pointer, Setter, GSP and Lab. Please donate to help IBR have a successful showing at the first ever Birddog Jamboree!! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!! Email Lisa if you would like to help.

Silent Auction to help with the Birddog Jamboree!

WELCOME to Illinois Birddog Rescue's Birddog Jamboree Framed Art Fundraising Auction! The purpose of this fundraiser is to help us raise funds for the Birddog Jamboree coming up in March. We will need funds for the following reasons: to board some of the foster dogs while we are away, for the RV rental and gas expense, for the purchase of a PC compatible flat screen TV for our slide show, and most especially for NEW volunteer t-shirts!!! Thanks so much to Laurie at the Great Frame Up in Addison, IL for helping us get some of these pieces framed up at bargain pricing to help our cause! Thanks to Bob Bertram for four wonderful pieces and to Sara England for our new wholesale account! Additional photos can be seen in this Facebook Album . ALL pieces will be framed with plexi- glass for safe shipping and I have added estimated shipping cost into the starting bid.

Please go to IBR's Official Auction Site to see all our auctions to help with the expenses for the First Annual Birddog Jamboree. I will include as much information as I can on each auction. HAVE FUN- and thank you in advance for your support!! Lisa


How about an awesome Chicago Blackhawks ticket raffle to help raise some much needed funds for Illinois Birddog Rescue! This raffle includes the following: 36" X 27" Bagel dog bed and hand sewn red tie-dye coverall (sewn by IBR Founder & President Lisa), dog jersey, pair of tickets to the United Center on March 29th to see the Blackhawks take on the Anaheim Ducks and a donated autographed Patrick Kane official hockey stick!!! WOO HOO! This is a $500 value and raffle tickets will be sold for $25 each. Winner will be picked on March 17th- St. Patrick's day- HA!!! Good Luck!!

Click here to get to buy tickets for the official BLACKHAWKS RAFFLE !

CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff Barta- the BIG WINNER of the Blackhawks Raffle. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

2013 Fundraising Calendars on Cafe Press

Still plenty of time to order your 2012 IBR Fundraising calendar. There are now 15 to choose from featuring Pointers, Setters, Mutts & Friends. We have so many beautiful professional photos from volunter/adopter Jenni Bidner and so many more contributions by our foster families. Please check out all our products for the birddog lover at our Cafe Press site (click here).




Two Senior Birddogs Need Your Help!

On October 1st I was emailed the story of Bob a 14 year old English Pointer and Molly his 14 year old English Setter hunting buddy. Their owner was bringing in new dogs and the old dogs had to move out. We scrabbled to pull off a rescue and moved them to the West Rome Animal Hospital where sadly we were told both are heartworm positive. At their age the only safe course of treatment is monthly heartguard and doxycycline. I am sure they are infected with a few tick borne diseases or two but thanks to a good friend in St. Louis-they have a safe place to retire. We still need funds to help with their care as initial expenses and boarding in Georgia were very expensive. Please ChipIn if you can and thanks to all that have helped thus far! Here are Bob and Molly's heartbreaking shelter photos on IBR Facebook.

Please Help Millie's Book Get Published!

Mildred aka Millie is a sweet senior English Setter that came into IBR's program the Spring of 2011 after we saved her from being put to sleep in an over crowded shelter in Southern Illinois. She was is such poor shape- with large mammary tumors and blood work revealed that she was infected with Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. We were so blessed when the Gerry and Jay Hergott contacted me to help her along. Please help get Millie's illustrated book get published.

IBR's Pheasant Phundraiser/Silent Auction!

From now until November 30th, I will be listing items for folks to bid on using their comment button- over 100 so far!! I will give a description of the item as best I can and a starting bid which will include an estimated price to ship. Once bidding ends on November 30th, folks can use IBR's paypal address to pay for their winning item. I want to thank all that have donated and I really hope we have a great fundraiser! Click here to start BIDDING!!

Buds for Birddogs

Please Help IBR with the purchase of some bulbs that can be planted now so that you can have beautiful additions to your flower patch in the Spring. Click on BUDS FOR BIRDDOGS to get to the IBR Flower Power Fundraiser.


When: Saturday, October 20th, 11-2pm
Where: PETranek's Pharmacy
426 North Milwaukee Avenue
Libertyville, IL 60048
847-362-2005 Web site

IBR Celebrates 1000 Rescues!!

The Buckeye Five- All American cuties!!

Illinois Birddog Rescue is proud to announce our 1000th rescue- well technically the litter is #1000-#1004. In early July I was sent an email from a Perry County Ohio that they had a litter of mixed breed pups that were in danger of being put to sleep. Thankfully a wonderful foster family came on board and the Buckeye Five came to town. Here is their RESCUE BABY BLOG. The kids are nearly 9 weeks old and once they have their 2nd puppy vaccination, they can be adopted! Please go to How to Adopt for more details!

The Dayton Birddog Rescue 75/25 Fundraising Raffle!

Maddie in foster care!

While we have our ChipIn Fundraiser below for the 6 new Setter rescues- we are also doing a 75/25 Raffle to help generate funds for the 3 Dayton, Ohio dogs which include Setters Abby and Dixie (pictured below) and Maddie the Liver and White Pointer that was also saved from being abandoned on the fore closed property. Maddie was a frightened little girl the beginning of April but her foster dad, Archy is working hard to build her confidence. As she is also being treated for Rocky Mountain spotted fever, she is also feeling much better and her happy-go-lucky Pointer silliness is coming back. She did very well scent pointing a chukkar on April 15th :O).

The current vetting and boarding bill in Ohio and New York is over $1200. We are hopeful we can raise $2,000 and the winner of the 75/25 Fundraiser will win 25% of the pot and that is $500!!! Here is the link to the Dayton Birddog Raffle.

Thanks to those that participated in our latest fundraiser! We raised over $1100 and that has certainly helped with the Dayton, OH vetting bills!!

IBR Fundraising Calendars are READY!!!

The Proud Pointer

Trend Setter

Check out IBR's 2012 Fundraising calendars! We are so lucky to have two amazing photographers donate their time and photos to make these possible. IBR President- Lisa (who also contributed a few photos of past foster dogs) worked hours and hours editing to make these wonderful keepsakes. I decided to go with the 11 X 17 and 17 X 11 formats so that folks can save the pictures and maybe even frame them! We only make $10 on every sale- so I hope you find one you like and enjoy it throughout the year!

Ten Years of Compassion

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
Thank you Pat- for working so hard on this. Only a third of IBR's rescued dogs are represented here. Where's my tissues!!

ChipIn to Help Keep the IBR Dogs Warm!

Gavin looking stylish!

With the colder temps upon us- many of the dogs in IBR's foster care program could use a nice warm snuggly coat. Please help ChipIn so that we can buy a few to keep them warm! Average cost of the Foggy Mountain Dog Coats runs between $50 to $60 for a 30 to 50lbs dog. These coats are beautifully made and are also machine washable.

Raffle Fundraisers!!

Canine Couture Fundraiser

Check out our latest Raffle- Foggy Mountain Snuggler dog coats!! I got these at a discounted price from a friend of the rescue. These coats are the best I've found for Pointers that may need a bit of extra warmth in the winter months. Buckwheat wears his as soon as the temp outside dips below 30. I have also shipped adoptees out of O'Hare Cargo wearing their warmy snuggler coats :O).

These coats normally retail between $56 and $66 plus shipping.

Here are the raffle details: Raffle starts November 17th and tickets are $5 each per ticket per coat. Winners will be picked on December 18th so that I can ship in time for Xmas. You can buy tickets with a credit card via our Firstgiving link and in the comments section please let me know if your ticket purchase is for COAT #1, #2 or #3. You can also snail mail ticket purchases to IBR PO Box 364, Wood Dale, IL 60191.

Here is a SIZE CHART from the Foggy Mountain Web site.

Thanks and Good Luck!!

Foster Pointer Amaryllis

COAT #1- Derby Plaid size 20.

Adopted Pointer Lani.

COAT #2- Black Watch Plaid.

Adopted SUPER MUTT Sandy.

COAT #3- Dexter Plaid.

Lisa's Xmas Wreath EXTRAVAGANZA
Not So Silent Auction Fundraiser on FACEBOOK.


Here are the details:
All of these wreaths are listed in an album on IBR's Facebook page and also at this XMAS WREATH PAGE. They were designed and constructed by IBR Founder and Presidente Lisa Spakowski and I was surrounded by my adoring dogs and foster dogs during the creative process!! While I have a degree in Commercial Art and am an illustrator, I am also a crafter and one of my favorite things to do is make fun explosive holiday wreaths.

Auction will officially start Monday November 14th and end November 24th (Thanksgiving) at Midnight CST. 10 days for IBR's continued celebration of 10 Years of Compassion :O). I will have a description of the item under each photo and will have a minimun starting bid (which will include shipping costs). During the 10 day period, you may bid at any increment above my minimum listing using your comment button. That way you can watch what the high bid is at before the end of the Auction and sneak in a last bid to win!

Item must then be paid for using IBR's Paypal link which can be found at the IBR home page at or oyu can Paypal directly to no later than Sunday November 27th and wreaths will ship Monday the 28th unless they are paid for sooner.

Money raised at this auction will be used to help pay for the dog food and antibiotics we need for the dogs and puppies in our foster care program. I hope you enjoy this auction as much as I enjoyed putting the wreaths together.

Thanks and Happy Bidding!!!

Email Lisa if you are not on Facebook but would like to bid.


Santa Paws

Please join us for our annual photos with Santa and your little canine ELF! Photo sessions are by appointment only and last 15 minutes each. You can bring as many pets as you like too!

Buckwheat and Santa Paws :O)

WHEN: Saturday, December 10th.
WHERE: Pam's Humble abode in St. Charles, IL
otherwise known as the North Pole!
COST: $25 Please email Lisa to book your appointment!

Sondra's Scentsy Fundraiser

IBR Adopter Sondra Dewitt is having a Scentsy Fundraiser for IBR. Scentsy makes the perfect Christmas gift plus you help out the dogs of IBR at the same time! Just ask her adopted pup- Winston. He was saved by IBR with his family in 2009 from a shelter in Oklahoma. He loves IBR and Scentsy :). Just click on the SCENTSY LINK to shop. Everything ships direct and usually only takes a week to get.


Adopted Pointer mix -- Winston :O)


HELP IBR WIN $25,000

Chase Community Giving

Nancy- 4 days before giving birth.

Chase Community Giving is donating over $3 Million dollars to deserving charities that get enough votes via Facebook to be in their top 100. With your vote, IBR could win a part of that and maybe even $25,000!!! Please click on this LINK and VOTE!!! Please then share on your Facebook page and spread the word. This could be your opportunity to help save more English Pointers and Setters, Super Mutts and senior dogs abandoned in shelters across the Midwest.

In the next few days you can help us make a miracle happen and save a dog rescue that has been struggling to keep going. Illinois Birddog Rescue (IBR) just celebrated its 10th year in operation, but this past year we have had some major emergencies and sadly lost a few older dogs and puppies along the way. The testing and retesting of our tick borne disease infected foster dog and puppy program has been expensive but we have learned so much and because of that our special needs Pointer- Louis from Louisiana- is still with us after a year of battling Babesia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Puppies Kevin and Jimzie (the only 2 survivors out of a litter of 10) will also have long and happy lives because we found and treated their infections at 3 months old.

PLEASE take the time this week to contact each and every one of your friends on your Facebook page with this message for hope. With a $25,000 grant from the Chase Community Giving Campaign, IBR could pay off our existing debt (over $15,000), besides having funds available for the senior dogs in our hospice program including Pointer Mandi who is in desperate need of chemotherapy for her mast cell cancer. Heartworm positive pointer- Cypress in Texas also needs a partial mastectomy. As we have 3 other senior dogs in hospice care, besides a few other senior dogs in our program, a $25,000 grant would help us have money in the bank for any quality of life decisions.

Illinois Birddog Rescue headquarters (where a large percentage of our special needs foster dogs are homed) is also in need of fence repairs as a portion is falling apart and the estimate to replace it is over $1,000. We are also in desperate need of a new home base computer as the current one is over 6 years old. This is the computer that the IBR President uses for all web site updates and all daily operations.

All we need to be is in the top 100 by November 22nd 2011 to be guaranteed to win $25,000. The Chase link is safe and user friendly. We can�t do this without your help so please take a few hours out of your week and contact as many friends as you can and ask that they do the same. I have included a photo of Nancy our momma Pointer. She was found as a stray in an oil field in Texas this past summer. It was discovered as she was brought to the local shelter that she was also pregnant. Folks rallied and donated to save her and her unborn pups due to my Facebook pleas and thankfully she was pulled 4 days before she delivered her 3 little puppies in August. While Nancy is still in foster care, all of her puppies have been adopted to loving families in the Chicago area. While Nancy is struggling with two tick borne diseases, her pups will be tested when old enough and will benefit from IBR�s treatment protocols. Please attach her photo to your Facebook message as it really is a message of hope because her story is one of many happy endings that was only made possible by the caring folks that support this rescue.


Lisa Spakowski
IBR Founder & President

Thanks to all that voted.

Buds for Birddogs Fall Fundraiser!

Buckwheat loves to garden!

Here's a fun and easy way to brighen your home with some lovely flowers that will also brighten the life of a homeless birddog. From now through October 28th, 2011, Flower Power Fundraising is helping IBR raise much needed vetting funds. Please go to our Buds for Birddogs link and check out the beautiful flowers.

Thanks to all that participated in our Spring Fundraiser-we raised over $1100 :O). Thanks to all that bought some fall bulbs, we raised over $200 :O).

IBR's 10 year Anniversary NOT SO SILENT FB Auctions & Fundraiser
Auction #4 EXTENDED thru 10/22.

I am happy to report that our online Auction brought in close to $3,000!! WOW. Thanks to all that participated.

Bird Dog Blackberry Whiskey, T- shirt and Cap

Here are the details:
Facebook Auctions #1, Facebook Auctions#2 , Facebook Auctions #3, Facebook Auctions #4 & JUST ADDED LAST CHANCE Facebook Auctions , will officially start Monday October 10th and end October 19th at Midnight CST except for Auction #4 and the Last Chance Auction which will end 10-22. 10 days for 10 years :O) This auction is a way for those that can't attend our 10 year anniversary still help out the rescue with a feel good auction win.

I will have a description of the item under each photo and will have a minimun starting bid (which will include shipping costs). During the 10 day period, you may bid at any increment above my minimum listing using your comment button. That way you can watch what the high bid is at before the end of the Auction and sneak in a last bid to win!

Item must then be paid for using IBR's Paypal link no later than Thursday October 20th at Midnight. Anything not paid for will go into Sunday's Birddog Balooza Raffle.

Money raised at this auction will be used to pay down Glen Ellyn Animal Hospital's vetting bill so that we can continue the care of our newest Black and White Pointers- Frida, Rico and Cisco and also help pay for Louis' Babesia medication. Dig deep folks!!!

Facebook Auctions #1, Facebook Auctions #2 , Facebook Auctions #3, Facebook Auctions #4, LAST CHANCE Facebook Auctions

Thanks and Happy Bidding!!!

Dogtra 1900NCP Field Training Collar Raffle- ONE WEEK ONLY!!

Dogtra 1900NCP

Dogtra's donation has arrived!!

Thanks to Pete Fischer at Dogtra, we have a wonderful Electronic/Paging collar for our latest Fundraising Raffle. I have been training with Dogtra collars for years with my foster dogs especially since there is the humane vibrating function for training purposes. I have taught my foster dogs solid recalls with the vibration alone. This collar has also helped with nuisance fence jumping and on occasion chronic barking for cage training. I rarely have to use the electronic zap because the vibration is enough of a correction to get the dog's attention.

Here are more details on the collar: "The new Field Star Series Dogtra 1900NCP is Dogtra�s latest 100% waterproof electronic training collar. This new electronic collar is full of Dogtra features including a 1/2 mile range, three different stimulation types; Nick, Constant, and non-stimulating pager/vibration, and the same rheostat stimulation control that has made Dogtra a leader in the industry. In addition to these great features, the Dogtra 1900 NCP Field Star uses rechargeable, user-replaceable Ni-MH batteries. It's designed for entry level dog training, K-9 or sporting dog unit where a � mile range is needed. This collar is also available in a two dog system. The 1900 NCP is an excellent multi-purpose electronic collar for mild mannered or stubborn dogs.

The Dogtra 1900NCP Star Series transmitter is compact in shape and weighs just 4.8 oz. which makes it easy to carry in the field on either a lanyard or on your belt clip. All stimulation controls, �Nick, Constant, and Page�, have separate buttons on the single dog unit which makes it easy to the proper correction without the change of wrong stimulation. On the Dogtra 1902NCP Field Star, the two dog unit, the transmitter contains a toggle switch that switches from �Nick� and �Constant� stimulation, and color coded buttons for each of the collars (orange button for the orange collar, and black button for the black collar). Two buttons emit pager stimulation, and two buttons release either a �Nick� or �Constant� stimulation depending on what the toggle switch is set at. Each transmitter contains rechargeable, user-replaceable NiMH batteries, which will provide years of service if serviced with proper care. The transmitter LED indicator light will flash every four seconds when the transmitter is turned on. The color of the light indicates the status of the battery life. When the light flashes green the battery is fully charged, turns amber when the battery is at medium charge, and starts blinking red when the battery needs to be recharged.

The 1900NCP Field Star Series has been designed to fit dogs with up to a 28� neck and comes with a Biothane style collar. The collar weighs 7.9 oz. This fully rechargeable collar has NiMH batteries which should last 3-5 years of service with proper care. The LED light on the collar indicates the currant charge of the collar. When the light flashes green the battery is fully charged, turns amber when the battery is at medium charge, and starts blinking red when the battery needs to be recharged."

I am only about positive training methods with my dogs and foster dogs and my old Dogtra collar has literally saved some of my foster dogs lives when they needed a solid recall in the field. THANK YOU Dogtra for your kind donation!!!

Raffle Details: Mail with check payable to IBR with your ticket request/s to- PO Box 364, Wood Dale, IL 60191, or feel free to purchase tickets via our Firstgiving link. Click on the Blue Button and in the comments section denote how many tickets you are buying. Cost per ticket is $10 each and winner will be picked on Monday October 24th after the 10 year reunion festivities are over. Fund raising goal- $500 or more!!! This collar retails for $249.

COGRATS Keely Lineback our winner!!!

IBR's 10 Year Anniversary Birddog Balooza!!


WOW- 10 years rescuing Pointer, Setters, senior dogs, puppies, and Super Mutts!! What a journey it has been- such joy and sorrow. Please join us for our BIG 10 year family reunion and fund raiser. Kids and dogs are WELCOME as are any supporters, Facebook friends, etc- but this is invitation only. As in years past we will be having our 100 piece raffle and this year we are also having a 50/50 Raffle. This event will also be catered. We will probably have a pointing demo as well. The theme of the party is 10 YEARS- $10,000 as that is our fund raising goal.

Here are the details:
When: October 23rd, 2011
Where: Hammel Woods Forest Preserve- Crumby Pavilion and Dog Park, Shorewood, IL.
Cost: $100 per family- which includes lunch and 25 raffle tickets.
50/50 Raffle Cost: $100 and winner gets 50% of the pot!! Folks that can't make the event can still contribute to the raffle via our Firstgiving site!
Time: 11am- 4pm

SAVE THE DATE--IBR's 10 Year Anniversary Photo Shoot!!

Adopted Setter Bella and with a nice back by adopted Pointer Lani.

Bella was rescued 4 years ago.

Lani started pointing birds once we treated his Lyme disease.

We try to get together twice a year to take photos of our more talented rescue dogs. The photos of Lani and Bella were actually taken at Fermi lab the fall of 2010. The grounds are lovely and we bring pheasant for the dogs to scent point. Photos are used for the web site, for fund raising items and also for advertising. It is wonderful to see these once discarded dogs rehabbed and working on birds as they were bred to do. We welcome some of our past adopters and foster homes to join us for a pre Birddog Balooza gathering to have your dog work on birds.

Here are the details:
When: October 22nd, 2011
Where: Fermi Lab- Dog Training Area, Batavia IL.
Time: 11am- 4pm
Cost: $15 per bird. All birds will be released on the grounds.

Mandi's 75/25 Surgery Fundraising Raffle

IBR�s Help Save Mandilyn 75/25 Raffle Fundraiser. Mandi�s mast cell tumor on her leg has come back and is inoperable now as it completely surrounding her knee and causing her pain. Instead of putting her to sleep- we are trying to raise funds to have her leg amputated so that she can have a better quality of life. Here is Mandi's Old Blog.

Raffle tickets are $25 each and our goal is $2,000 with the Raffle winnings being 25% of that or $500!! $1,500 should cover her surgery expenses.

To participate- go to our Firstgiving Site Click on the blue DONATE button and follow the instructions to use your credit card. Please put MANDI in the comments section.

Wiinner will be picked on Sunday 9-4 at noon (CST). Date has been extended to get the word out to raise more funds! It is critical that we raise the much needed funs. The tumor is the size of a baseball wrapping around her knee.

Good Luck and Thank You!!!

Mandi this past Spring pointing a pheasant from 10 feet away. No sign of the tumor.

A view of the mast cell tumor.

Post surgery 9-1-11.

Here is some video of special sweet Mandi on You Tube. Surgery is scheduled for 8-30-11. The day of surgery, Mandi was play bowing with me and dancing around in Pointeresque fashion. I am glad she doesn't know what is ahead.

UPDATE 9-2-11: Mandi's leg was saved!! Dr. Hanover at the Animal Hospital of Gurnee did his best to save her leg. Thankfully the tumor had not invaded her bone- but he did have to remove some additional tissue and muscle- but she is doing fine. We will need to fundraise for her chemotherapy- but one step at a time. Here is some video of post surgery You Tube. If you can spare $25 to help us help Mandi- please give to one of our fundraisers.

UPDATE 9-6-11: Thanks to some wonderful folks- we were able to raise $1150 in Mandi's Raffle. Her surgery was $981 with our discount so we almost raised enough. Congrats to Stephanie Spurrier our amazing Pointer Angel out of Texas for winning the Raffle. Stephanie has donated thousands to IBR this past year to help us save more dogs and puppies. XOXO

Bass Pro Shops

Come on out to Bass Pro Shops Fall Hunting Classic at Gurnee Mills and meet some of the wonderful hard working IBR Volunteers and many of our adoptable pets. If you are thinking about fostering- we'd be happy to chat with you too. We could sure use new volunteers that can open their homes to some of our amazing dogs and puppies.

When: Saturday, August 6th, Sunday August 14th & Saturday August 20th / 11am-3pm

Where: Gurnee Mills Location
Email Lisa for more info.

Kristy and Lani

Buckwheat working hard.

More Facebook Highlights.

Fourth of July 75/25 Raffle

We have had several emergencies this past week and our vetting bills are escalating once again. When Loren needed to go back to the Doggie ER- I needed to come up with a quick idea to try and generate cash fast. I came up with the 75/25 Raffle. With a $25 donation via our Firstgiving page- you will be entered into the $$ money. On the 4th of July one winner will win 25% of the total amount raised since Friday the 1st. When you go to the link- hit the blue donate button, fill out the necessary information and use the easy credit card link to donate.

We were able to raise just over $2,000 in 4 days. Thank you all that participated!!!

Rub A Dub III-- Dog Wash & Fundraiser

Where: All Things Woof...and Meow, Too- Pet Market & Spa, 29 E Main St, Roselle, IL 60172-2076

RESCHEDULED!! When: Saturday, June 11th/ 11-5pm Funds raised $300

Call Kathy for any questions at (630) 529-9663

Previous Events and Helpful Volunteers.

Happy IBR volutneers, Anne, Dawn, Tina & John.

Cassandra getting a shampoo.

Check out a video montage of last years event by IBR volunteer Pat Malcor. Hope to see you there!!

Check out the fun from last years event in our Facebook photo album and our Youtube montage.

Thanks to everyone that helped- IBR raised $300 :O).

IBR Welcomes Rescue Dogs 900, 901 & 902!

#901- Lord Tennyson- Senior English Setter from Minnesota that is deaf and has Anaplasma, Lyme disease & Rocky Mountain spotted fever. NEWS! Tenny's foster home is going to adopt him- YAY!!

#900- Arlington- Senior English Pointer from Texas that is Heartworm positive with Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever was nearly killed on 4-12. Estimated expense- $1,000.
#902- Frankie Lee aka Tex- Pointerador (Pointer plus Labrador- SUPER MUTT) from Texas was nearly killed on 4-12.

WOW--April has been so busy! Thanks to many donations we were able to save a few more. We are proud to announce our latest rescues- a Pointer, a Setter and a Super Mutt! While Tex has youth on his side, both Arlington and Lord Tennyson have lived lives of neglect and will need lots of care to get better. Tenny is safe in foster care in Minnesota and has already started on antibiotics to help with his tick borne illnesses. He is very stiff and sore and we do hope that his arthritis will get better in time.

Tex is safe in foster care in Texas but we would like to bring him to the Chicago area with Arlington who also needs a safe foster home as he is currently in boarding in Texas. We still need to get blood work done on both of our Texas boys--but Arlie especially will need special care with his heartworm diagnosis. Please consider a donation to the Heartful of Love ChipIn to help Arlie, Morgana, Sophie, and Lord Byron.

We always need new foster homes especially for Arlie and Tex, and a few others waiting in the wings, so if you'd like to help, please fill out our foster home application.

Buds for Birddogs Spring Fundraiser!

Buckwheat loves to garden!

Here's a fun and easy way to brighen your home with some lovely flowers and also brighten the life of a homeless birddog. From now through April 29th 2011, Flower Power Fundraising is helping IBR raise much needed vetting funds. Please go to our Buds for Birddogs link and check out the beautful flowers.

Thanks to all that participated we raised over $1100 :O).

Nancy Whitehead Framed Print & Autographed Book

Raffle #1: To help the senior Setter polulation in foster care with IBR, we are offering this wonderful raffle prize- Nancy Whitehead's framed print My Turn.

Raffle #2: To help the senior Pointer population we are raffling her autographed Coffe Table book In The Field .

Nancy has been capturing the beauty of American Field Bred Pointers and Setter for years and we became acquaintences a few years ago. The print is framed with plexi glass so it can be shipped anywhere across the country. Please visit Nancy's amazing Web page.

Raffle #1, My Turn framed print.

Original photo.

Raffle #2, In The Field- autographed photo book.

Congratulations winners Carol Malik and Brett Schulze!


Mega Adopt-A-Thon

Firework's puppy- Cobalt.

Come meet the Fireworks litter on Sunday, March 20th at the Mega Adopt-a-thon Event at the South Suburban Humane Society in Chicago Heights.

Spring Photo Shoot

IBR Adoptee- Ginger.

Please join us for our bi-annual scent point training gathering of some of our newest foster dogs and adopted dogs. Photographer/Volunteer and foster mom, Yukiko McFarling, will be taking digital images of the IBR dogs. This is an opportunity to let the dogs scent point pheasant for the first time while also assessing their progress if they are fighting a tick borne infection. Many hunting dogs are abandonded by their owners because they can't smell birds or have no natural hunting instints. IBR has found that many dogs can't smell the birds because their scenting abilities are compromised most often by Lyme disease. Often times dogs with Rocky Mountain spotted fever can't concentrate and have no hunting focus. Post treatment or while undergoing treatment, their natural instincts return as the brain damage caused by the tick borne illness subsides.

When: Saturday, March 19th--starting around 10am.
Where: Fermi Lab Dog Training Grounds, Batavia, IL MAP and DIRECTIONS.

Happy Birthday My Precious Buckwheat!

My little baby.

Buckwheat came in with 5 of his siblings in early April 2002 from Missouri. He was about 8 weeks old and cute as could be. A week after he arrived he became gravely ill with Parvo- a nasty virus that attacks the lining of the intestinal tract. While he had been vaccinated for Parvo in Missouri, he must have been exposed to the virus and contracted it in less than a week in Illinois. It was touch and go for several days and we weren't sure he was going to make it. As the rescue was only a little over a year old--we did'nt have much experience with Parvo. Thankfully he survived and I couldn't part with him after that.

Valentine's Day is his official birthday and as much as I can figure--pretty close to his birthdate. Nine years goes by very quickly--and he's starting to look a bit like a raccoon, but little Weeters is my third arm and my contant shadow. Buckwheat took over petsitting duties when his big brother Wes passed in 2007 he and also took over his spot under the covers sleeping next to my chest after we all got through the shock of his passing. Happy Birthday my little boy!

Dear Santa-
Over a year ago I was in an over crowded shelter near Ardmore, Oklahoma. There was no hope that I would make it out alive until Illinois Birddog Rescue came to my rescue. Thanks to some wonderful volunteers, I was driven to Illinois where my health was assessed. Due to some terrible neglect, I was found to have Heartworm disease and I also had two co infections of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF) from tick bites. I was in a lot of pain and to add to my suffering, I also had a bad case of mastitis because I was never spayed.

The good folks at IBR really worked hard to raise money to help me get over my issues and so far I am heartworm negative and RMSF negative, but I am still struggling with Lyme disease and that made for a complicated partial mastectomy the end of November. Due to IBR's research, I am now on new medication and I will hopefully kick this awful disease since I need another partial mastectomy in a few months to get rid of more tumors.

Santa--IBR works so hard to save homeless hunters like me and I am hoping with your vast network of friends and contacts that you can put the word out that they still need thousands of dollars to stay afloat and help more dogs in dire need like myself. I am one of the lucky ones but without folks like IBR, so many dogs are going to die. I hope you can help!

Sincerely, Sasparilla aka Sassy

P.S. Please visit my new Barking for a Cure Blog for Doggie Breast Cancer Awareness.

Sassy- Jan/10 upon arrival.

Sassy with Santa- Dec/10.

Sassy's mastectomy recover went well after we switched her from Doxycycline to Ceftin for her Lyme disease infection. Thanks to the outpouring of support, we were able to pay off her first surgery. She will have her follow up partial mastectomy the end of February 2011. We welcome any donations to off set her care.

Marcus of Umbria, Fido Fleece and Therabed Raffle

Marcus of Umbria

Marcus and Justine

We are happy to announce our latest fundraising raffle-- Justine van der Leun's autographed paperback memoir Marcus of Umbria. Justine contacted me back in April about donating two of her books when they came into publication in June. She is a true Pointer rescue hero. We are grateful for her kind donation.

As Marcus lives the good life now (Dolce Vita), we are also raffling two other nice donated Pointer/Setter must haves thanks to With the winter season approaching- we are also raffling off a beautiful Fido Fleece, Flower Power dog coat. Winners can choose from size 18, 24 or 26. Also from we are raffling a must have for any dog that needs to keep warm in the winter, a Therabed Heated Pet Bed size 30 X 26 X 8.

We do hope Marcus would approve!!!

Funds will be used to help offset some of our high vetting bills for the dogs and puppies in our foster care program.

Fido Fleece, Flower Power .

Thelmalou modeling the coat in size 24.

Therabed Heated Pet Bed, Dolce Vita indeed!! size 30 X 26 X 8

All 3 pieces are included in this fun raffle!!

Congrats to Christy Carrano--our big winner!

Blackhawks Ticket Fundraising Raffle!

Adopted GSP -Sage.

OK here it is--the Blackhawks Fundraising Raffle-- thanks to Jason (Tyler's new daddy) for donating a night of fun at the Madhouse on Madison on January 5th, 2011. Should be a GREAT TIME!! I also picked up a fun dog jersey and sticker to add to the fun. The raffle is going to be used to help offset the surgery expenses for Mandi and Sassy--our Pointer girls. Raffle tickets are $20 each and you can buy via our Firstgiving link. Winner will be drawn on December 29th so I can ship to the winner via Priority mail in time for the game. Good Luck!!! OK here it is--the Blackhawks Fundraising Raffle-- thanks to Jason for donating a night of fun at the Madhouse on Madison on January 5th, 2011. Should be a GREAT TIME!! I also picked up a fun dog jersey and sticker to add to the fun. The raffle is going to be used to help offset the surgery expenses for Mandi and Sassy--our Pointer girls. Raffle tickets are $20 each and you can buy via our Firstgiving link.

Winner will be drawn on December 29th so I can ship to the winner via Priority mail in time for the game. Good Luck!!!

Tickets for 1-5-11.

Dog Jersey size XL.

Car sticker.

Congrats to Holly Hartley--our big winner!

Santa Paws Photo Shoot Fundraiser

Okie Pointer Winberie

Where: The North Pole/Carol Stream, IL
When: Sunday, December 5th from 9am-5pm
Cost: $25 per dog per 10 minute session.

Photo shoot will be held in the home of IBR Volunteers Paul and Yukiko McFarling. Yukiko is an amateur photographer and does an amazing holiday set up. This is a casual photo opportunity with Santa! Photos will be available for purchase via Yukiko's Smug Mug page. Here are last years hilarious photos.

Please email Lisa the Elf for reservations. Payment must be made prior to the appointment via our Firstgiving Link to reserve your slot.

Maui Vacation!!

Sera Hula

Ashley Hula

We are happy to announce our latest fundraising raffle-- a Maui, Hawaii condo package!!! WOO HOO!! Looking for the perfect place to wear your new grass skirt? Here is the opportunity to spend six nights/seven days in an ocean front condo on the Island of Maui. You will over look Po�olenalena Beach or you can stroll past the nearest pool to Paipu Beach �one of Maui�s largest white sand beaches., The condo is a two bedroom, two bath with a den that can be closed off into a third bedroom. Full kitchen, washer and dryer are in the unit. The property includes two swimming pools and tow sets of tennis courts. This is truly a dream vacation waiting to happen. Must use by March 31st, 2011.

Airfare is not included. This is a $2,700 value and was generously donated by adopted Setter Rory's daddy--Dennis Felton.

Congrats to Sue DePasquale for winning the Maui trip!!

Two Regal Birddogs in Illinois Need Your Help!

Leland- meaning Meadowland, was in danger of being put to sleep in an over crowded shelter near Peoria, IL. Windsor was in an over-crowded shelter in Centralia, IL. We had been trying to find foster homes for them for a while via Facebook and finally our efforts paid off. We will need to board them until arrangements can be made to move them to foster care, but we will need help with their food and initial vetting expenses. These expenses will include the mandatory tick panel for rule out Ehrlichia, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF). We also need to do heartworm testing and treat if necessary and also deworm. Depending on their health, we will also need to do CBC/Chem blood work. Vetting fees will add up quickly. Please help us if you can--even the smallest donation will help!! We always need foster homes--so if you can help, please fill out this online application.

Leland at the shelter
He is a Tri-color & White English Setter
Here are more photos from Facebook.

Lyme disease confirmed 9/30.

Windsor BEFORE
he is a Lemon & White Pointer

Ehrlichia and RMSF confirmed October 4th. Lyme disease confirmed 11-1-10.

UPDATE 10-30-10: While we are still on a quest to find a foster home for Leland, we did pull him out of boarding to see if his nose was working. Leland did test positive for Lyme disease and I suspect with his skin condition and hyper behavior upon arrival, he has Rocky Mountain spotted fever hiding. It may show up in further testing. In any case, he is doing so much better now that he is on better food and his antibiotics. He also did pretty darn well on his first outing on pheasant. We were pleasantly suprised. My guess is he was dumped because he was not training very well for his past owner due to his infections. After several months on antibiotics, Leland will be one top notch pet/hunting prospect. He is showing so much potential already. This is what IBR is all about. Please help continue support our efforts and ChipIn for his care.

The Ultimate Bears Fan/ Bears-Viking Ticket Raffle!

Thanks to two IBR adopters we have this wonderful Bears and NFL/NCAA Football Fundraiser. This is easily a $600 value.

Buckwheat Tailgate party!

Pair of tickets for November 14th. Map of Stadium

Riddell Official Bears Helmet
NFL Helmets

XBox Madden 10 & NCAA Football 10

All Football items are included in this fun raffle!! Buckwheat--however--is NOT included!!! :O)

$20 each and must be purchased via our FirstGiving Link.
Winner will be picked November 11th, 2010 so that items can be shipped in time for the game!!
Let's hope we have a great season!!

CONGRATS to Helen Braun for winning the Bears Raffle!!!

Pastel Portrait of your Furbaby

Maris Rose


We are happy to announce our latest fundraising raffle-- a realistic, single subject, head study portrait of the winner's dog by Charlotte, NC portrait artist Tina M. Morgan. Tina's portraits emphasize true likeness, expression, and vivid detail. She will be working from digital only, in focus, color photos provided by the winner. The portrait medium will be pastel on velour board, sized 16 x 20 or larger (large size dogs) or 10 x 13 up to 16 x 20 (toy, small, medium size dogs), as is appropriate for the dog's actual size, and will be shipped to the winner ready to frame. Allow 2-4 weeks for completion after a suitable "working" photo is agreed upon. To see more of Tina's work, and to compare her portraits to the photos she worked from. THANK YOU TINA for your generous contribution to help the dogs and puppies in IBR's program. We are truly grateful.

Congrats to new foster mom- Marissa for winning this great prize.

IBR Featured in Gun Dog Magazine

We are thrilled to be featured in Gun Dog Magazine's August issue with a few other birddog rescue groups. Writer M.J. Nelson did a great job reviewing a lot of IBR's tick borne illness research and did a thoughtful piece about some of our success stories including IBR's Sweet 17 aka Jules. It's nice to have some recognition for some of our hard work. We are moving mountains--one boulder at a time...--Lisa

You can purchase the August issue HERE.

Dyson Dog Vacuum Fundraiser

Dyson Ball Pet Vacuum

Old Dogs are the best dogs

We are happy to announce our latest fundraising raffle The Dyson Ball Pet Vacuum. Proceeds will be used to help with the vetting costs associated with the care of our special senior dogs fondly called Geezers & Grannies. The raffle also includes a brand new matching purple English Slip Lead and a Wonderful book called "Old Dogs are the Best Dogs". Here is a link to the photos of the raffle prizes on Facebook

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Brett Schulze of Minnetonka, MN!!!

Bass Pro Shops

Come Meet some of the IBR Volunteers and Pooches.

When: Sunday, August 22nd / 11am-5pm

Where: Gurnee Mills Location
Email Lisa for more info.

Kristy and Lani

Buckwheat working hard.

More Facebook Highlights.

Cabela's Pheasant/Pointing Scene Bench

Facebook Flyer
This gorgeous bench featuring a lovely hunting scene with Pointers and pheasant--was donated to the rescue to help us fundraise for the vetting care of our foster Pointers. This is a $200 value and assembly is required.

We have so many sick Pointers in the rescue right now--many dealing with heartworm disease, many with tick borne illnesses. The average cost to get one of these dogs healthy and ready for adoption is nearly $1,000 a piece.

This raffle is dedicated to our rescue Pointers that have been infected with terrible tick borne illnesses and are fighting valiently. I am hopeful that this will be a great fundraiser and will help offset some of their vetting bills.

$5 each, 10 for $35, 35 for $100
Winner will be picked July 31st, 2010

Congrats to winner and IBR adopter Christy Carrano for winning the Pointer bench!

The Infamous IBR Fundraising Garage Sale

Garage Sale Funds Raised to date- $3500. Thanks to all that have contributed!

Check out Buckwheat's 2009 Garage Sale Album

Check out Buckwheat's 2010 Garage Sale Highlights!

Springtime in Chicagoland

A view from Lake Michigan with Thelmalou.

AHHHHH buzzy bees, butterflies and petunias blooming everywhere; Spring has finally arrived in Chicagoland. Now is a good time to spring clean out all your old junk and help IBR raise some funds with our upcoming garage sale (details below). Perhaps we'll have to get an IBR group together for the doggie boat ride too. This was a lot of fun and the dogs loved it!!

Happy 11th Birthday Thelmalou!! Here are some highlights on IBR Facebook of her recent romp along side my bike. She did 6 miles!!! At 11!! YOU GO GIRL!!

2010 Spring Newsletter

Check out our Spring Newsletter!

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

IBR will be participating in a spring Yankee Candle fundraiser running from May 1st-May 21st. IBR will get 40% of all sales- WOO HOO :) Take a look at the Spring Catalog . If you are interested in any of the products please Email Keely . There will be product pick ups in Ohio and in the Chicago area. Shipping is also available if needed. Please feel free to cross post for more exposure. If you would like to assist with the sale in your area feel free to email Keely for order forms and catalogs to be sent to you.

As the chairperson of the event I ( Keely) will be offering a $50 Visa gift card to the person that brings in the most profit for the rescue:) Good Luck!!!

Well the total for the Yankee Candle Fundraiser is in and we sold $3000.00 that means that IBR will receive $1200.00:) Thanks to all of the sellers:) The top seller was Kristy Zelewsky at $912.00.. Congratulations on winning the $50.00 Visa gift card!--Keely

IBR Golf Raffle and Informational Event at the CBOE

Where: Chicago Board Options Exchange
When: Friday, June 11th/ 8-3pm
Details: Thanks to IBR Adopter and Foster mom Kristy, we will be able to have a Golfing Raffle Fundraiser and IBR informational event at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. We have a gift certificate for Greens fees for 4 players at Maple Meadows Golf Course in Wood Dale, and Greens fees for 2 players at St. Andrews Golf Course in West Chicago, to raffle that day too.

Congrats to the winners of the CBOE Raffles.
Ron Petzke: Maple Meadows Golf Greens Fees Package
Jeff Short: St. Andrews Golf Greens Fees Package
Ray Quirk: 3 Blackhawks T-Shirts; Toews, Kane, & Hossa ($90.00 Value)
Don Urbas: Callaway Golf Balls and Accessories ($60.00 Value)

Thanks so much to the folks that came out to support our cause. What a great time with the Blackhawks celebration going on all over the city too!! Here are some highlights from Kristy's Facebook page.

MARDI PAWS--Vacation Raffle Fundraiser

CONGRATS to Jim Mayer for winning this raffle. We raised $570!!

Facebook Flyer
IBR adopter, Greg Holden is donating a 1 week 1 bedroom TIME SHARE in the Big Easy (New Orleans) as a raffle prize to help us raise some much needed funds. SAWEET!!!

Greg states: "The 1 bedroom usually has an additional hide a bed in the unit. They typically sleep 4. I have always found it best to travel at off peak times to improve the chance of being able to select the resort that you want. The week will have to be booked by me and I will provide a guest certificate for the use of the week. This will be available for all of 2010 and 2011. That's nice, the winners will have 2 years to use the week."

We are hopeful we can raise a few thousand dollars to help with Sasparilla's surgery and Mandi's heartworm treatment.

Greg is on Facebook if you have any questions!!! Thanks Greg!!

$5 each, 10 for $35, 35 for $100

Winner will be picked May 5, 2010

Disclamer: Winner is responsible for transportation to the resort and being respectful of the accommodations.

Mandi & Ophelia-- Some Tough Ol Bird--dogs!!

Mandilyn and Ophelia

Ophelia Blooming!

Mandilyn and Ophelia have had a tough journey in foster care--but hopefully the worst will be over soon. Mandi was treated for Heartworm disease on March 25th and 26th and Ophie had the last of her mammary tumors removed. We are hopeful this will be her last surgery and that her body will finally also be able to fight off the two tick borne illnesses--Ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever that have caused her to struggle for months. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Check out Mandi and Ophelia at our recent fundraiser. Also check out Ophelia's new hair do--the shag is gone for the spring.

UPDATE 4-6-10 We've got some great news. Ophelia's biopsies were benign--so she is done with any more boob jobs!! She is bouncing back really well and constantly pawing me and wanting her ears rubbed anytime we snuggle. GOOD GIRL!! Mandi is also doing amazingly well 2 weeks post heartworm treatment. She hasn't missed a beat and is recovering beautifully. Hooray for our special senior girls.

We welcome any donations to off set the medical bills for Miss Mandilyn and Ophelia.

Boat Mountain Rescue Remembered

Serafina in Arkansas--overbred and sickly.

Serafina today--Life is GOOD!

In February of 2006, in one weekend, we brought in 20+ dogs from the Boat Mountain Tragedy. It's hard to believe this was 4 years ago--but I'll never forget all those frightened dogs and puppies arriving off of Erin's truck and running around my garage and backyard. Many are still living the good life--just like Miss Serafina Balerina--that lives 8 blocks from my home now :O).

As a side note--after 4 years of adoption, we realized that Serafina never had an official tick panel done. Over the years she always wore a little dog coat as she used to shiver and she also had some urinary incontinence issues. Lately her momma noticed she wasn't as perky as usual and slept most of the time. While much of this can be attributed to her getting older--Serology testing shows she has antibodies for Ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. We started treatment and so far-- the antibody levels for Ehrlichia have decreased quite substantially and coincidentally--Sera no longer wants to wear her pretty pink dog coat. Could she have been fighting these diseases the last 4 years and years before that on the Mountain in Arkansas--most likely.

Further testing on additional Boat Mountain survivors shows Rocky Mountain spotted fever (Ella--formerly Glady Hobbit) and Kimberley is still recovering from Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and RMSF. Sadly--we have lost a few of the Boat Mountain survivors to cancer and we suspect they were also sick for years.

We did test all with 4DX Snap tests and all were apparently negative--but 4 years later and hundreds of dogs tested--we know a 4DX can not catch dogs with low antibody levels and chronic illness.

Here is some recent video of happy Kimberley Hobbit. She is so much more outgoing and happy and healthy now that we caught and started treatment for all her tick borne illnesses. Her incontinence is gone now too!!

Valentine and the Sweathearts!!

Time to eat!!


Valentine and her Sweathearts (that were born around January 26th) were recently rescued from an overcrowded shelter in Oklahoma. So far Momma and babies are doing well, however tick panel shows Valentine also has Rocky Mountain spotted fever. We will begin her treatment once the pups are weaned. A transport via Pilots and Paws volunteers is in the works and we hope to move our new little family to foster care soon. We believe the puppies are most likely mixed with Border Collie, Australian Shepherd or Australian Cattledog--so Pointing dogs that herd! Mom could also have some herding breed mixed in her--hence long and short haired puppies!! The kids will be available for adoption after their first vaccination at nine weeks--so around the first weekend in April.

Our little Star Wars Sweethearts can be seen in the Dogs for Adoption section.

Here is some recent video of Valentine and her babies now in foster care after their long journey from Oklahoma on 2-25-10. Thanks to Sondra and family keeping them safe in foster care.

UPDATE 4-11-10 The Sweethearts are nearly 11 weeks old now and ready for adoption. So far only Eric and Pat are left and Valentine has moved to her new foster home. Here is some video from when they were younger.

Here is their video upon arrival into foster care after their long journey from Oklahoma 7 weeks ago.

The First Litter of 2010--Five Babies Left

Fannie Mae & the kids photos and on Youtube

We were contacted the week of January 18th about a pregnant Pointer-mix at the Sangamon County Animal Control located in Springfield, IL. As we have been on an incoming dog freeze--we just couldn't stand the thought of this little lady having a litter of puppies on the cold shelter concrete floor. Thankfully my puppy foster home felt rested enough to dive into another litter. On Wednesday, Jan 20th, two volunteers arranged her pull, rescue and transport to Camp Spanbauer. On the way into town, the foster dad brought her to our vet for an exam which included a fecal, tick panel and X-rays to see how babies Fannie Mae was expecting. Films showed 11 skeletons. On Jan 24th at about 12:45am, Fannie started to deliver. She had 11 puppies and 8 survived. They are all black with a few highlights. We do think Fannie is a Pointer maybe mixed with Border Collie and the pups probably have a little Rottweiler in the mix.

So far Momma and babies are doing well, however tick panel shows Fannie Mae has Rocky Mountain spotted fever and giardia. Sadly on January 26th, Fannie lost two more of her babies. She is so malnourished and dealing with so many health issues that she wasn't producing enough milk for all her babies. Attempts to supplemental feed didn't help either and the two littlest ones just weren't strong enough to survive. The foster family is devastated by the sad loss but are doing their best to help Fanny eat round the clock and get better and so far the remaining six puppies are hanging in there. She is a wonderful momma and is attentive as can be. We do welcome any donations to offset her care.

UPDATE 02-28-10 The Chocolate Candy litter is now 5 weeks old and sadly we lost little Truffle. She became ill during the week and while at the doggie ER, she had a seizure and needed to be let go. The foster family is incredibly sad about the loss of another puppy. The rest of the kids are thriving and can be seen in the Dogs for Adoption section.

UPDATE 3-26-10 Fannie's puppies are nearly 9 weeks old now and ready for adoption. So far Heath, Snickers, Pixie and Kit Kat are spoken for leaving baby Rolo as the last one left from this litter for adoption.

As you read about the other urgent dogs in our foster care program, you will read that Rocky Mountain spotted fever is an epidemic problem in Illinois and the Midwest. If only the vetting and rescue community was up to speed on the plague affecting our pets.


Brandon on point.

Donneigh on point.

On Valentine's day, IBR foster families and adopters met at Fermi Lab in Batavia, IL to do some upland bird testing. IBR volunteer and amateur photographer Yukiko McFarling helped get some amazing photos. Both boys featured above have battled some terrible health issues. Brandon, Field Bred Setter, is recovering nicely from Heartworm disease and is still undergoing treatment for Lyme disease. Donneigh, Field bred Pointer, recently completed treatment for Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF).

Both boys suffered neglect and were not protected against ticks with monthly flea and tick preventative. Monthly Heartgard or Interceptor would have prevented Brandon's heartworm disease. Both also had behavior issues due to their illnesses as both Lyme disease and RMSF causes brain damage, OCD behavior and hyperactivity, joint pain, anxiety and many other life threatening issues. Tick borne illnesses also affect dog's sensory capabilities and until treatment, both Brandon and Donneigh probably weren't able to smell the upland birds. We do believe that many infected birddogs are dumped in shelters across the country as they are struggling with tick borne illnesses and can't hunt at no fault of their own.

Sadly, Brandon and Donneigh both would have been euthanized in over-crowded shelters in Illinois had IBR not stepped in. What a waste that would have been...

Spring Fling Dog Wash Fundraiser

Where: All Things Woof...and Meow, Too- Pet Market & Spa, 29 E Main St, Roselle, IL 60172-2076

When: The first day of spring--Saturday, March 20th/ 11-5pm

Call Kathy for any questions at(630) 529-9663

Official Flier featuring Valentine and the Sweethearts!!

Last year's event!

Happy IBR volutneers, Anne, Dawn, Tina & John.

Cassandra getting a shampoo.

Check out a video montage of last years event by IBR volunteer Pat Malcor. Hope to see you there!!

Check out the fun from this years event in our Facebook photo album and our Youtube montage. Thanks to all the participants we were able to raise close to $400.

IBR Featured in The Pointing Dog Journal

We are honored to be featured in February's online issue of the Pointing Dog Journal. Photography from IBR volunteer and foster mom Yukiko Akimoto McFarling will also be featured. We are hopeful that telling a few of our success stories in this wonderful publication will inspire folks to consider adopting a homeless birddog.

Happy Thoughts for Baby Tambie

Sweet Tamborine

"I'm too cute to be sick!"

It's hard enough to see any dog in pain, but seeing a puppy suffer is heartbreaking. Baby Tamborine is the daughter of Mandilyn a pure bred English Pointer. She and her sisters were doing very well post being weaned until she started to develop some sores on her body while her lymph nodes became enlarged. Sadly, further testing shows she has puppy strangles. She is beginning treatment now and we are hopeful that she will make a full recovery--poor baby. While Tambie resembles a German Shorthair Pointer, she is 50% English and 50% Mutt--but a cutie pie for sure. Here are Mandi and her girls Tamborine, Harmonica and Clarinette in their Facebook photo album. We welcome any donations to help off set some of her vetting bills.

UPDATE 02-16-10 Tambie is responding well to treatment and should make a full recovery!!

2009 Another Ruff Year--Stats

Our 9th year of operations posed more fundraising challenges as the sick, injured, neglected and abused dogs and puppies came in one after the other. As we scrambled to find funding to help our current population of dogs and puppies in foster care, we were blessed with new enthusiastic help. Our tick borne illness diagnosis, treatment and research also continued as more and more dogs and puppies came into our care infected with Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma and Rocky Mountain spotted fever or the combination of two or three. At this point, when we don't get a positive serology for a tick borne illness--we are still suspicious. We tested 78 dogs in 2009 and 61 were positive (that's 78% or 8 out of 10) and we suspected a few more with odd behaviors had a false negative and we treated anyways. As most of our heartworm positive dogs also had tick borne coinfections, that posed more challenges for us to help these dog recover and find new forever homes. Sadly the hardest issues were our sweet girls with mammary cancer. Our vets only give these dogs a 50/50 chance of surviving beyond 18 months post surgery, but we feel that is a worth the extra time and expense to let these girls learn about how it is to be loved and cared for. If only they had been spayed...

Here are our statistics for our incoming dogs and puppies for 2009.

  • Dogs & Puppies Saved: 105
  • Dogs & Puppies Adopted: 80
  • Dogs diagnosed and treated for Heartworm disease: 13
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease: 8
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease and Anaplasma: 1
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease and RMSF: 11
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease, Ehrlichia & RMSF: 2
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for Ehrlichia: 3
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for Ehrlichia and RMSF: 5
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for RMSF: 25
  • Dogs & puppies diagnosed and treated for Anaplasma: 1
  • Dogs with Mammary cancer: 4
  • Deaf dogs or puppies: 2
  • Cherry eye surgery: 1

  • Poor Sweet Duckie (sleeping setter) is now in hospice care. She came to us in February of 2009 after her back leg had been amputated. Upon arrival she was diagnosed with Heartworm disease, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. She also has mammary cancer. After 11 months in foster care and with ongoing treatment, she is heartworm and Lyme negative but she still has chronic Ehrlichia and RMSF. She was too anemic to do any surgery until recently and during her spay it was discovered she needed her spleen removed because of a tumor. This is so sad and the doctor has given her 10 months to live. We are hopeful she will outlive his prognosis. Duckie's story

    Please read our Ticked Off! section to learn about this very important health crisis affecting our pets.

    Every month donates $200 worth of products to five rescue organizations listed in our Dog Rescue Directory. It's their way of supporting rescue.

    Illinois Birddog Rescue was one of the Rescue Organizations selected for the month of December, 2009 and Ohio Birddog Rescue was picked for January of 2010 to receive $200 in product donations from They have wonderful products and some Human Grade Quality dog food. Thanks a bunch!

    Click on their logo to get to their site!
    SitStay for Dog Supplies

    Dogtra 200NCP Electronic Dog Collar Raffle

    Congratulations to Miss Jan Burroughs of Iowa for winning the Dogtra E Collar!!

    Thanks to 2 wonderful adopters and their generous donations, we are able to raffle off IBR's favorite Electronic Dog Training collar.

    Dogtra 200 NCP Gold Features: � 1/2 Mile Range � Nick & Constant Stimulation � Pager non-electrical stimulation � Waterproof collar � 3/4 inch collar fits up to an 18" neck � Water resistant transmitter � Transmitter Weight: 3.9 oz. � Transmitter Dimensions: 3.6"L x 1"W x 1.7"H � Receiver Weight: 3.2 oz. � Receiver Dimensions: 2.3"L x 1.6"W x 1.2"H � No external antenna � FREE lanyard � Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries � 2 -Year Limited Warranty

    View Dogtra Raffle Flier.

    Tickets are $5 each, 10 for $35 or 35 for $100. Mail ticket requests, checks payable to Illinois Birddog Rescue, P.O. Box 364, Wood Dale, IL, 60191.

    Winning ticket will be drawn February 1st, 2010.


    Foster Home for the Howlidays 2009

    Mandilyn & daughters Harmonica, Tamborine and Clarinette

    Mandilyn is a beautiful Black and White American Field Bred English Pointer that was in danger of being put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter in Southern Illinois. A wonderful rescuer pulled her to safety and gave her a safe place to stay while she had her puppies on November 21st. On December 12th, Mandi with girls in tow, were flown via Pilots and Paws to Ohio for permanent foster care. Sadly, Mandilyn is heartworm positive and is full of tapeworms which is keeping her generally quite dehydrated as they are sucking the life out of her. Unfortunatly nursing momma dogs can't take the dewormer they need until the pups are weaned so her foster mom is doing her best to allow her to drink and eat as much as she can. We ran a CBC/Chem on December 14th and she does have a few red flags--but her foster mom is doing her best to feed iron rich foods to help with the anemia. Considering all she is struggling with, she is taking wonderful care of her three girls Harmonica, Tamborine and Clarinette. After her girls are weaned, we will start getting Mandi ready for her heartworm treatment and get rid of those awful tapeworms!!!

    Mandi is the 12th heartworm positive dog we have rescued in 2009.

    Monica, Tam-B and Clare will be ready for adoption the end of January after they have their first vaccination at about 9 weeks old. Once we have their adoption pages up we will be accepting adoption applications. Candidates MUST have some dog experience as these girls may have high energy needs. Adopters MUST also have safe fenced in yards and be non-smoking homes.

    We welcome any donations to help off set Mandilyn's medical bills.

    2009 Santa Paws Highlights!!

    Pluto's baby album on Facebook and Blog.

    Here is our latest rescue puppy--Pluto. He was pulled from an Ohio shelter on 11-11, Veteran's day, by the wife of an active member of the Navy. When the volunteer went to get Pluto from the shelter, she realized that he was in trouble. He was lethargic, dehydrated and his eyes weren't focused on her. He was also vomiting. She rushed Pluto to our wonderful Lancaster vet--Dr. Libby, and as we ruled out Parvovirus, Pluto was given a bag of IV fluids and further diagnosis found he was loaded with round worms and another parasite called Giardia. Pluto is only 21lbs at about 5-6 months old and his paws are flat like chicken feet due to malnutrition. He also has a slight case of Ringworm (fungus). Treatment seems to be working as he was playing with the volunteer's puppy a few hours later. While Pluto spent most of his young life in the shelter, he is adjusting slowly to the sights and sounds of an active household. We are hopeful that our newest little baby will make a full recovery, build his confidence and find his forever home soon!

    This one vet visit ran close to $250 WITH our rescue discount. Pluto' story is just one of many in 9 years of dog and puppy rescue.

    Please vote for IBR as we need all the help we can get.

    America's Favorite Shelter Contest!

    America's Favorite Animal Shelter Contest - help your animal shelter win $10,000 - vote today!

    Currently IBR is in 24st place--which is amazing considering how many wonderful organizations we are competing with. We need at least 2000 votes in the next few days to catch 5th place and get us back into the $1,000 donation range. As you can see in the paragraphs below--we put our hearts and souls into every rescue dog or puppy we bring in.

    The America�s Favorite Animal Shelter contest, sponsored by Care2 and, is a chance for animal lovers everywhere to raise awareness of the need to adopt shelter and rescue animals while helping their favorite shelter win a much-needed donation.

    The contest launches on Thursday, November 5th at midnight PT and ends on Wednesday, December 16th at 11:59:59 pm PT. Voting is open to anyone 18 or older in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec for legal reasons). Only one vote per person allowed -- but you can ask everyone you know to vote also!

    This is the third �America's Favorite Animal Shelter� contest sponsored by and, who aim to offer hope and help to shelters and rescue groups who work tirelessly to care for homeless animals.

    Care2 will donate a total of $25,000 to animal shelters and rescue groups: The 10 groups with the most votes at the end of the contest will win the following prizes: Grand prize: $10,000, Second place: $5,000, Third place: $3,000, Fourth place: $2,000, Fifth place: $1,000, and the groups that place 6th through 10th will each win $500. Also, every week, a randomly selected participating group (five or more votes that week) will win $500.

    As a bonus, the 20 contest participants who recruit the most friends to vote for their favorite shelter will receive a $50 gift certificate for pet products as special thank-you gifts for them and their beloved companions.


    for Illinois Birddog Rescue!

    We  Support Pet Adoption

    Facebook users--click on the link to vote for IBR in the Community Giving Contest!! Chase is giving 5 Million ($5,000,000)to the non-profit organizations with the most votes. Please help us receive the recognition we need to help us continue our work!!

    Iowa Hunting Fundraiser

    Enter to win a hunting excursion in Iowa. Download the flyer for more details. Download a map.

    Winner can bring his or her own dogs and join IBR volunteer Steve Morgan on a guided tour of some public and private hunting areas near Des Moines Iowa. Winner is responsible for obtaining a valid Iowa Hunting license.

    Congrats to our winners Mike Bytner and Rich Tremblay!!

    October 10th -- Birddog Balooza 5
    Hammel Woods Forest Preserve,Shorewood, IL.
    BB5 Photo Highlights!

    BIRDDOG BALOOZA 4 & Fall Photo Shoot

    View Yukiko's Photos from our Fall 2008 Photo Shoot.

    Photo Shoot: This year we want to give the folks that are coming out of town for BB4 the opportunity to work their dogs adopted or foster dogs on upland birds. Yukiko McFarling will be taking photos and these in turn may be used for Caf� Press fundraising items or will be added to the WHOA! Doggie. Coffee table book. To off set the cost of the birds- we are asking for a $50 donation per dog and we will be using pheasant, chukkar or both. No fire arms will be used and new dogs will work on the end of a check cord. Event will be held at the DesPlaines Wildlife Conservation area in Wilmington , IL on the 4th. We will start promptly at 11am CST and folks wanting to participate need to contact Lisa to reserve their brace or braces. We plan on working many dogs so folks coming in from later in the afternoon should still be able to play.

    Directions to the photo shoot: FROM I-55 North or South- exit Arsenal Rd. (1st Exit just after you go over a fun steel bridge over a river). This is south of 80 also. At the stop sign you turn LEFT and follow that road (curving south) past the Dow Chemical Plant. It�s about a mile or so. We will be on the right side at the first main gravel driveway. We will also have signs.

    Birddog Balooza 4: October 5th will celebrate our 8th year in operation with our infamous family reunion. The event will be held at the Hammel Woods forest preserve. We will be at the Crumby Recreation area. The entrance is right off of Black Road, (east of rte 59, north of Jefferson St). View this map to see the Crumby Rec area at the top and the dog park in the upper right side of the map. The event will start at noon. Folks can come early to let their dogs run at the dog park. This will be catered. As usual, we will have some demos and our big fundraising raffle. Please make your reservations early!! Download the Invitation!

    For hotel information, click here to see a listing of local dog friendly hotels.

    If you can�t attend but would like to contribute an item for the raffle- please contact Lisa. We are always looking for fun Pointer/Setter or dog related items.

    We would like to thank our SmartPak, Gun Dog Supply, and Wet Nose for donating towards our fundraising raffle.

    2009 Newsletter

    View our 2009 Fall Newsletter

    Take a look at our recent newsletter. Highlights include news about Abe's first Hunt Test qualifier!! WOO HOO!

    We also have more information on our very important Tick Panel research including the frightening data on the frequency of incoming infected dogs and puppies and also our latest colaboration with North Carolina State University's Vector Borne research lab.

    Fall 2008 Newsletter

    For all the latest news download Fall Newsletter in Word or Fall Newsletter as PDF file

    Minnesota Garage Sale to help Illinois Birddog Rescue

    Our MN garage sale was a big success. Thank you to all who helped out and shopped!

    The Minnesota group of IBR (Illinois Bird Dog Rescue) is holding a benefit garage sale to support IBR's rescue efforts in Minnesota, and throughout the upper Midwest. 100% of the proceeds will help IBR fund rescues, and medical costs.

    The sale includes many household items, but also many dog related products. Some pet food manufacturers have donated samples.

    Please come out and meet some of our adopted furry friends too!

    Sale Hours:
    Thursday, Sept 11th - 8:00AM to 5:00pm
    Friday, Sept 12th - 8:00AM to 5:00pm
    Saturday Sept 13th - 8:00AM to 3:00PM
    (no early birds please)

    19584 Evergreen Trail
    Farmington, MN

    *Follow signs to the Charleswood Neighborhood Sale* The IBR Fundraiser sale is located in the same neighborhood. Contact Bryan at if you have items to donate.

    Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum Raffle -- DRAWING JUNE 21st

    Announcing the Sweet Georgia Peach aka Reba and Sir Wallingford from Murfreesboro Dyson Raffle!

    Congratulations to the winner Margaret Alexander of Bloomingdale Illinois. Thank you to everyone who took a chance and helped the dogs!

    Win a Dyson DC14 Animal Upright (Steel/Lavender) NEW Vacuum!

    Brand: Dyson
    Type: Upright
    Classification: Bagless/Cyclonic
    Motor Size: 12 amp
    Cord Length: 37 feet
    Cleaning Width: 13 inches
    Tools On Board: Yes
    Headlight: No
    Weight: 18.6 lbs.
    Bare Floor Selector: Yes
    Filtration: Lifetime HEPA Filtration
    Suggested Retail: $549.00
    Warranty: 5 year warranty
    Allergy Rating (out of 5 stars): 5 stars
    Certified Asthma Friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

    Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Lifetime HEPA filtration, 12 amps, 0.71 gallon easy empty dust cup, Barefloor selector, 13 inch cleaning path, 18.6 lbs., 17 foot hose, 35.4 foot cord, Easy to reach on-board standard tools, 5 year warranty. Plus: Mini turbo tool, Low Reach floor tool, Zorb cleaning powder, Dysolv cleaning spray.

    This raffle will help with medicals bills generated by Sweet Georgia Peach aka Reba and Sir Wallingford from Murfreesboro. Reba, the pointer, has been diagnosed with mammary cancer and needs an immediate mastectomy. Wally, the setter, has many ailments including heartworm disease, Erlichea (a tick bourne disease), Spondylosis (spinal osteoarthritis), many intestinal parasites, and neurological issues from being kept in a small cage.

    Tickets are $5 each. The drawing will be held the last day of Spring- June 21st (spring cleaning tie in).


    Garage Sale Fundraiser

    Who?: All proceeds benefit Illinois Birddog Rescue

    What?: Annual Spring Garage Sale

    When?: Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th 9am to 4pm

    Why?: To help raise funds for the medical needs of the many homeless dogs in our organization.

    Download the flyer here!

    2008 IBR Spring Newsletter

    Check out the latest birddog news by downloading the newsletter here.

    3rd Annual Photo Shoot

    On March 15th we hosted our 3rd annual hunt and photo shoot near the Des Plaines Conservation Area off of Arsenal and Blodgett Roads in Wilmington, IL. View photo album 1 and photo album 2. We hope to use photos for the 2009 IBR Calendar and other items created for our Caf� Press Store. View more photos from previous events featuring the work of Yukiko McFarling.

    Garage Sale Fundraiser

    Who?: All proceeds benefit Illinois Birddog Rescue

    What?: Annual Spring Garage Sale

    When?: Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th 9am to 4pm

    Why?: To help raise funds for the medical needs of the many homeless dogs in our organization.

    Have items you'd like to donate?:

    Download the flyer here!

    Quilt and Christie Print Raffle to fund Elton's surgery

    Congratulations Sharon Cisna of Maryland, winner of the prints and Nance Ceccareli of Idaho, winner of the quilt! Thank you to everyone who helped us raise funds for Elton!

    We are putting a Raffle together for our wonderful foster boy Elton. Elton is an approximately 6 year old setter boy that has an acute Hiatel Hernia which prevents him from leading the good life he should be. We have tried to alleviate his discomfort with chiropractic adjustments, however, the hernia is so bad that those alone will not take care of the issues. Elton is in constant distress from heartburn, which causes him to drink water excessively, pant constantly, at times throw up his food and due to the excessive drinking causes him to have some accidents in the house. We have sought medical advice from a specialist and Elton is going to need surgery to to restore his quality of life.

    We have been blessed with the opportunity to raffle off two very special Items!

    John Good has graciously donated a hand made quilt to raffle off.

    And the artist Robert Christie donated two of his beautiful English Setter prints. Robert Christie is one of the leading artists who paint wildlife and birddogs. (Please note the frames pictured are not included.Actually photos of the prints will be uploaded soon.)

    "The Runners" by Robert Christie

    "Point and a Dunk" by Robert Christie

    1 Ticket FOR $2.00
    6 Ticets FOR $10.00
    12 Tickets FOR $20.00
    20 Tickets FOR $30.00



    Drawing will be held MAY 5, 2008.


    2008 IBR Spring Newsletter

    Check out the latest birddog news by downloading the newsletter here.

    3rd Annual Photo Shoot

    On March 15th we hosted our 3rd annual hunt and photo shoot near the Des Plaines Conservation Area off of Arsenal and Blodgett Roads in Wilmington, IL. View photo album 1 and photo album 2. We hope to use photos for the 2009 IBR Calendar and other items created for our Caf� Press Store. View more photos from previous events featuring the work of Yukiko McFarling.

    Bronson's Big Day!

    Bronson, aka IBR's Rugged Vigilante, is on the road to his Junior Hunter Title! He earned his first qualifying ribbon on Labor Day. Bronson came into rescue extremely scared. Read the story of his transition under Rescue Dog Brags and follow his progress by checking out Bronson's Blog. Bronson is still looking for a home! If you are interested in adopting this special boy, please submit an online adoption application.

    Hobbit Family Reunion

    On Sunday, September 16, we held the first annual Hobbit Family Reunion! It was a blast!
    Check out the photos from the event on the Hobbit Family Reunion Blog

    In March of 2006, Illinois Birddog Rescue took in over 20 dogs from The Boat Mountain Tragedy in Arkansas. These dogs became affectionately known as "The Hobbits" because of their smaller stature. We will be holding the first annual Hobbit Family Reunion for our adopters this September.

    View the Hobbit Blog. WARNING**Graphic Photos**

    Serafina Hobbit

    2007 English Setter Association of America National Specialty

    October 6th and 7th, All Breed Dog Agility Trial in Sharonville, Ohio.
    Stop by and visit the Illinois Birddog Rescue informational booth. Also be sure to catch some of our adopted rescue dogs competing in agility at the event.

    View Thelmalou doing agility at the ESA National Specialty in 2005.

    2007 English Setter Association of America National Specialty

    October 8th, English Setter Only Hunt Test in Wilmington Ohio.
    Come out and watch some of our adopted rescue setters show off their bird-finding skills in the ESA National Specialty Hunt Test.
    View Rocky�s Juniors Highlights from 2005.

    Pheasant Fest 2007

    Illinois Birddog Rescue will be attending the 2007 National Pheasant Fest in Des Moines, Iowa January 19 thru 21. Stop by our booth, say hello, shop our promotional merchandise, and meet a couple of our adoptable dogs.

    Birddog Balooza 2 Recap

    Our second annual Birddog Balooza was held on Oct 15. What an awesome event! We had dog park fun, agility and pointing demos, food, raffles, and lots of fun! Many alumni and volunteers turned out to visit. Thanks to all who came out to support our rescue and show off their doggies.

    Check out some of our volunteer photos: Photo Album 1, Photo Album 2, Photo Album 3.

    Special thanks to Brown's Chicken and Catering, Happy Jack, Inc., Dr. Herilhy, Dr. DeStefano, Christy Currano, Pointing the Way dog training, and Dog Wares for their kind donations to our event.

    What's the Point?

    View the Fall/Winter IBR Newsletter for a re-cap of 2004. Click here.

    Garage Sale Success!

    The first annual IBR Garage Sale was a huge success! Thanks to Barb and her family and friends for the fabulous set up! Also thanks to everyone who donated items, came out to help, and shopped for those hidden treasures! All proceeds benefit the dogs in our rescue. If you couldn't make this year's sale...stayed tuned for details about our next sale!

    Petshow Pictures

    < Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc. was represented at the Chicagoland Family Petshow. Checkout some pictures from the event!

    Warning! ProHeart 6 could be dangerous to your pet!

    If you are using, or plan to use ProHeart 6, please read this news report from CBS 2 Chicago. The FDA addresses concerns about the safety of the 6 month heartworm prevention shot.

    January 4, 2003

    Today we launched our new website! We will be adding more information and features in the weeks to come. Please check back frequently!

    Old News

    Click here to view old news items.