Old News

October 26, 2003

This past weekend IBR rescue dogs - Billy, Pete, Alex, and Pixie- participated in American Field walking Trials. They all did a fabulous job! Illinois Birdog Rescue alumni swept both field trial days taking home at least 20% of the total placements!!! Way to go rescue dogs!!!

Saturday at East Central Illinois Pointer and Setter Club (ECIPS) Pete took 3rd place in Derby and Billy took 3rd place in Gundog. Both dogs had outstanding runs. Pete had about 3 finds in the Derby. Billy did not find any birds, probably due to the drizzling rain, but he handled better than he ever has.

On Sunday Alex, one of our newest rescues, creamed the competition in the Central Prairie Field Trial taking both 2nd place in Derby and 2nd place in puppy. Billy again took 3rd place in Gundog with an excellent bird find! Pixie was a little overwhelmed with excitement at her first field trial. While she didn't hunt as nicely as her mom would have liked, they both had a fabulous time walking.

Congratulations to everyone!!! We are proud to have you represent Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc.

Billy - 3rd place Gundog and Pete - 3rd place in Derby

Alex - 2nd place Puppy and 2nd place Derby

Billy - 3rd place Gundog

October 12, 2003

Buckwheat's first baby picture

Buckwheat earns his Junior Hunter Title

Thelmalou's Little Rascal aka Buckwheat finished his Junior Hunter Title on Saturday :O). Weeties came in with a litter of 6 Pointer looking puppies a year ago April from Connie Guthrie of Save Our Strays. He was the only one of the six to come down with Parvo and survived and I just couldn't let him go. One of my goals with him was to ILP, ( Indefinite Listing Privilege ), him as a Pointer and try and get an AKC Hunting title on him. On his way to his Junior Hunter Title he proved himself to be quite the little hunter and in many cases he out ran, and out hunted his Pure bred bracemates. His scores were always very respectable too. I am very proud of him and that we achieved this goal.

Wes did a fabulous job on Sunday. I entered him only that day because I knew the judges would appreciate my big running Pointer. He was braced with a young Weimaraner who gave up trying to chase him after a few minutes. Wes ran big but under control. As he entered the bird field he slammed on Point and I heard the judges say, "That's what I'm talking about!", commenting on his style. He continued to run big covering the trees lines surrounding the bird field and hit every edge always keeping an eye on me and cracking his happy long Pointer tail. He just handled beautifully for the short time he was on the ground. Both judges went out of their way to say how much they enjoyed watching him work and how flashy he is and of course they had to ask if he was altered...

They also LOVED Jessie's "Billy Bob" and gave him great scores and great compliments on his running, hunting and pointing style. I filled them in on how he was a rescue out of Knoxville, Tennessee and that he was surrendered because he was gun shy- NOT!! Jessie and Billy finished their JH on Sunday as the second Illinois Birddog Rescue to achieve that title. This is Jessie's first ever Pointer and Billy just ADORES her-he gives her googily eyes. WAY TO GO!!!!!!

We will be heading down to Leroy, Il for an American Field Walking trail the end of October to run with the Good 'OL Boys and the Pointer Birdawgs...Actually they are very nice and appreciate the work we are doing for Illinois Birddog Rescue.

Lisa Spakowski-President
Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc
Lucky Pets Petsitting/ Lucky Canine Agility

Billy Bob's first qualifying round

Billy Bob's second qualifying round

Wesleigh's qualifying Junior Hunter run