Remembering the ones we've lost


When working at a local vet clinic I answered the phone. Who knows why. Maybe I was the closest. Maybe I was the only one there. Maybe it was destiny. All I know is that phone call changed my life, and the life of a little field setter named Rommie. Iím not going to talk about how sick, old ,and thin he was. I only wish to celebrate his life after he found his way out.

The first 3 months with Rommie were not easy. He wanted to run. He wanted to go home. He was gone for 10 days once and found 5 miles away in New Salem State park. We didnít give up. For various reasons, I wonít go into, we deemed him un-adoptable. Rommie was now ours. He was particularly attached to my husband who lovingly called him "the old geezer". After 6 months, he quit finding his way out and accepted our home as his. He didnít know what stairs were. He had no concept of "poddy training". He would sleep so deep that we could never wake him.ÖÖ.when he did wake, he would give us a look. A look that said "why did you do that? I was dreaminí of goin home!" Who knows where he came from or what kind of life he had. He could have been a country dog and a survivor. Itís so amazing that in his last days, and even with a cathider in his arm, he insisted on going poddy outside.

Rommie was our first foster for Il Birddog Rescue. As a first experience one would want to take the ball and run. But he made us want to rescue and foster even more.

Thankyou old geezer.
Weíll see you at the bridge.
Tom and Monica
Il Birddog Rescue

Rommie taking a nap.

Monica created a website in dedication of all the dogs in her life - her own four-legged family and her extended foster family. Please visit Monica's website to see all of the dogs she has helped.