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Designed and illustrated by IBR Founder and President, these Pointer and Setter shirts are fun and say it all! Took me a while to figure out Adobe and Cafe Press--but glad I found some time to get some new designs out for the IBR fans!! Enjoy--Lisa

Thanks to IBR volunteer Carola Clark and some very photogenic adopted English Setters, Pointers, Puppies and Mutts and their friends we have fun birddog items such as greeting cards, mugs, mousepads, clothing and more at Cafe Press. All of these unique items feature Illinois Birddog Rescue alumni and friends. Proceeds from the sales will go towards treating sick and injured birddogs.

The IBR English Slip Lead Dog Walker

Bogie & Bronson with the 10 foot lengths
Petey, Rosa & Jules with the 10 foot lengths

The Mendota Big Dog Walker is the ideal way to humanely take your pet for an outing. For years, Illinois Birddog Rescue has been providing the 6 foot leash with every adoption. Now we have them available in 10 foot lengths for even easier walking or running with your pet. In the modified half hitch position, your dog will not strain with anything around their neck. As a rescue and leader in dog training, we feel the Dog Walker is a kinder method of walking your dog rather than the cruel pinch or choker collar methods. Also because it is not attached to the collar, there is no danger of the collar slipping over your dog�s head.

Buckwheat and Friends/ Lucky Pets Clients and the IBR Slip leads

Leetza & Breeze/Maltese
Bailey & Sarge/ Springer & BC
Jack/Super Mutt
Heidi/German Shepherd
Benton/Bernese Mountain Dog
Parker/Super Mutt
Sally/Super Mutt

royal blue
hunter green
pink chocolate

Lengths are available in 6 foot ($20) or IBR's custom 10 foot ($25). Please use our Paypal link for online ordering and state the COLOR, QUANTITY, and LENGTH in the comments section. Add $7 for Priority Mail shipping.

Thelmalou Demonstrating the English Slip Lead

Do your shopping at and support Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc. Shop all of your favorite stores and our homeless dogs will benefit!